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Eco-Friendly Startups in 2021 That Have Inspired People

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Introduction: Eco-Friendly Startup

Eco-friendly start-ups are the need of the hour, given the present times. The climate and the atmosphere is changing, and the nightmares of the environmental advisors are turning into reality. People have got to stand up for the cause, which is, saving the environment. And doing business is also a necessity for survival. This being said, it is absolutely necessary for people to start their business, or mend their business in an eco-friendly way. Eco-friendly start-ups are not only morally and environmentally good also but also are eye-attracting customers nowadays. The big-shot industries have also adopted certain ways in which they can reduce the depletion of the environment. Start-ups have to have a policy that does not cause any harm to the environment. Start-ups are a new era. People over the years are inclined toward this concept of business. 

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A start-up means a project or a company taken on by an entrepreneur in order to validate or develop a scalable economic model. Unlike entrepreneurship, which means new businesses and businesses having the intention not to become registered and self-employed, start-ups are businesses that aim to grow much larger and bigger, beyond the solo founder. These start-ups face a lot of problems at the beginning like high uncertainty and truth to be told, only a handful of start-ups grow to become successful and influential as they have high rates of failure. But when they do, there is no stopping them. It becomes a page from rags to riches story.

Our planet desperately needs environmental protection, rapid industrial growth has left small green spots on the earth's surface. So the new generation of retailers thinks it's time to minimize the damage.
India's Bureau of Energy Efficiency has identified the retail industry as an energy-efficient industry. The central government has strong plans to curb the demand for power by enforcing stricter laws on the Company.

According to Sameer, Deputy Secretary-General, Retail, at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, there is an urgent need for Indian traders to think green but the idea is still flourishing in the country.

According to Shubadra Saini, India, informal retailers do not prioritize environmental sustainability, even if it is possible to reduce costs by 20-25% by adopting raw practices in their stores.

Sales are the leading industry in India, accounting for 14-15% of the country's GDP, it is the right time to think, make and sell raw materials to create better living conditions for the future. Organizations can also receive benefits in green. Here are some interesting and useful business ideas for aspiring start-up owners

Organic Food Product Store

The new generation is surprisingly a lot more concerned about consuming organic food products. And this pandemic has added a lot to it. There is no difference between vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Everybody wants to use products made from organic raw materials and consume organic food products only. India was vastly famous for its usage of organic food products already and the new generation that was seen inclined away from this is now coming back to the heritage and is way more concerned about consuming organic food only. This is one idea of a start-up that will certainly boost, the Organic Food Product Store. A store where all the organic food products are available. I believe that stores will all the time see a crowd coming in. Covid-19 pandemic has made people more and more concerned about their health and immunity and organic food products are believed to contribute to that. And people are going crazy to adopt a routine and eating habits that include just organic food products. Consumers will definitely go towards the products that are being made available directly from the farms. If any store of such type is established that will bridge the gap between consumers and the farms, such a store undoubtedly will reach 100% turnover within no time. This store or start-up is the need of the hour for the people of India. Every household kitchen in India right now is filled with all the organic food products, as much as they can procure from the market. And that is never enough, which can never be enough. This start-up will help the people and in turn, will help the growth of the start-up to become a unicorn in no time.

Solar Power

Given the crisis the environment is in right now due to the consumption of energy resources, it is of utmost importance to find an alternative for that. Scientists have been researching to find that alternative for decades and most close they got to it was solar power energy. Other energy sources lacked in some parts of the other. Solar power generates energy from the radiation of the sun. It would be one great idea for a start-up to make devices that generate electricity from solar energy and establish them on rooftops of homes and buildings. This would be one step ahead in preserving the environment as well as reducing electricity costs. Given the theory of this idea, it seems like it would definitely boom. And so has happened in reality, there is one start-up in the city of Gurgaon which have started this same concept and has started earning a lot more than expected. People are inclined towards the preservation of the environment and have started to adopt a lifestyle where they use a routine that doesn’t harm the environment at all. The use of solar power energy is one of them. People want to install a device like this. People would rush to the companies building these devices to install a solar power generator on their rooftops. Using less paper, maybe a long shot but again would be a step forward to the preservation of the environment. Creating a start-up for setting up devices for solar energy would be a fruitful start-up.

Jute Bags

Given the known harmful effects of plastic, and obeying the guidelines issued by the government, people are avoiding plastic usage as much as possible. It is worldwide appreciated when a state, district, or country is announced to be plastic-free or has banned plastic. It is a lifestyle that people are advancing for nowadays. But it isn’t that easy, leaving the plastic bags out of the routine. People are used to plastic bags now. As much as they are aware of the effects of plastic on the environment and eventually on the health of their own, removing plastic bags from their lives is going to be quite difficult. If we can’t, then we must replace it with a better choice. Smart people would look at this as an opportunity and come up with a start-up to replace these plastic bags. One idea to replace these plastic products is jute bags. Bags made out of jute. Jute is not harmful to the environment, it is recyclable, and it is efficient as well and the production of jute bags doesn’t cause any harm to the environment at all. People might take some time to get used to jute bags, but eventually, they had to. Replacing plastic bags isn’t a choice, it is a compulsion and these jute bags are the next big thing after plastic bags. It is about time people start producing these jute bags, and selling them would be quite profitable undoubtedly. A company can make a fortune out of this idea, plastic bags are going to be banned in the entire country any day now, and when there is a company already selling alternatives for their one need that will be banned overnight, that start-up would turn into a unicorn in no time.  

Producing Essential Oils and Organic Cosmetics

A company that makes and sells essential oils would be a big hit in the present times. People use essential oils big time now, people are using them in salons, at home, for medicinal purposes, for therapy purposes, and whatnot. Extracting oils from fruits or flowers doesn’t cause harm to the environment as well. It is completely eco-friendly as packaging could also be done using eco-friendly raw materials. Then overall, it would be 100% eco-friendly, and the product ready for sale would be the oils that people are going crazy for these days. The start-up might not even have to use marketing to sell those products, they will sell themselves given the description of how they are made and their uses. Salons these days prefer to use essential oils only as their customers aim for essential oils. People don’t mind paying a few extra bucks but they want products that are completely organic and they have this integrity to promote the products that are made with the techniques that don’t harm the environment at all. Covid-19 has impacted a lot of the minds the people and people now are using essential homes as part for medicinal purposes also. It has become a worldwide practice now to use essential oils as a part of medicines in case of any illness. Essential oils have been used for therapy for decades and it has progressed in recent times. Therapy and massage techniques are now used worldwide and have become more popular than before. Growth in this field would bring growth in the sale of essential oils and it is estimated to become bigger in the upcoming years and so would the start-up selling essential oils.

The beauty industry is a large sector with a large target market. However, more and more people are turning away from synthetic products and going to other natural alternatives to stay healthy and lose weight at the same time. This is one of the reasons why entering the beauty industry by introducing natural cosmetics is a viable business for emerging entrepreneurs. Without much need, you will have the opportunity to give back to your community by using local women to make your own cosmetic products.

Organic or Recycled Apparel

It means a start-up that would engage itself in producing apparel that isn’t made out of animals. Or apparel apparently made out of costumes which earlier were used to be thrown away. A company making apparel and accessories from organic waste without losing their organic value is an excellent idea for people who have their heart set on the preservation of the environment and soon, it would be a necessity for other people given the limit of dump environment can take is exceeding at a faster rate. This is a boon for the environment as a great amount of clothing thrown away would turn into a problem for the environment. There is this worldwide practice, fashion, or choice of people to wear products made out of animals. They justify calling them as comfortable or help in protection from cold but there are animals being cut for it. That is absurd as well as harmful to the environment. Outraging global warming and different attributes indicating the depletion of the environment had arisen the need for protection of the environment and that eventually would lead to the banning of the products and apparel made out of animals. Environmentalists have been debating this for decades now and we also have seen protests against the companies engaged in making apparel like these. Moreover, the conscience of people has added to all these factors and selling of these apparels will see diminishing low or total ban in the upcoming years. Moreover, when this ban or low happens to the animal-wearing industry, these start-ups would definitely come in handy and that day is already here given the countries are taking every step necessary to preserve the environment from any further depletion.

Event Management

Another business to consider as a start-up entrepreneur is planning a green event. Come to think of it, there is a lot of garbage dumped every time people celebrate parties, whether it is a birthday, a wedding anniversary, graduation, or any other event. It would be a great idea to set up an event management company that would plan and promote zero waste from planning to operating until after the event. People having a conscience set on the preservation of the environment would like this more than anything.

Along with a little experience, the only thing a start-up would need is to be equipped with the knowledge of sustainable practices that will complement your business. Like start-up might choose not to have paperwork in all your business transactions and that would be really helpful. Using materials that are considered as waste such as empty plastic bottles, in creating the decoration of the events.

Bottom line

The importance of sustainable measures is not limited to the home. Instead, it is very important for businesses to ensure that their production processes are environmentally friendly in order to ensure the life and availability of the raw materials they need to produce their products. So, as a budding entrepreneur, make sure you participate in the sustainability of your business, and of course, you will be able to open the doors to your success.

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