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Noida News: 1,19,000 Cars To Be Seized From Feb 1; Beware If Your Car Number Starts With...


Noida: Beginning February 1, 2023, old vehicles with registrations older than 15 years for petrol engines and 10 years for diesel engines will be seized in the Noida area. The administration recently made the decision. Previously, the Transport Department began canceling registration for vehicles that are more than 15 years old with a petrol engine and 10 years old with a diesel engine on October 1, 2022. The transport department will now launch a special campaign that will allow the confiscation of those vehicles beginning in February 2023.

The decision was made because people did not show interest in or respect for the government's scrappage policy for those old vehicles. The Transport Department has formed six teams to seize such old vehicles.

The government implemented the scrappage policy in 2021 in order to control the number of old vehicles on the road. According to the policy, private cars can only be driven for 20 years, while commercial vehicles can only be driven for 15 years.The policy's goal is to cancel the registration of 20-year-old private vehicles and 15-year-old commercial vehicles. The transport department has canceled the registration of 1,19,000 vehicles in Gautam Budh Nagar that are more than fifteen years old in response to the NGT's order. On February 1, 2023, a special campaign will be launched to confiscate vehicles older than 15 years if they are seen anywhere.

Vehicles with license plates ranging from UP 16 to UP 16Z will be confiscated in the district. Some of these vehicles are also owned by government agencies. The seized vehicles will be stored in a dumping area. The scrap yard for seized vehicles will open by the end of February as well. According to the Assistant Divisional Transport Officer, all vehicles older than fifteen years have been given two months' notice. Such vehicle owners are exempt from the scrappage policy or can obtain a letter of authorization from the Transport Department to transport the vehicle to other districts. This has been done due to such vehicle owners' lack of interest in the Scrap policy.

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