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How To Start Manufacturing Of Wire Fencing In India


Overview: Wire Fencing Manufacturing

If someone wants to start with a relatively little start-up capital expenditure, a barbed wire production business can be started in a small or medium size. There are three types of galvanized barbed wire: Class I, Class II, and Class III. Class I coatings are the thinnest and have the shortest lifespan. In 8 to 10 years, a wire with a Class I coating will begin to rust, whereas a wire with a Class III coating will rust in 15 to 20 years. Aluminium-coated wire is used on occasion and has a longer life. Barbed wire is commonly employed as a security measure. Barbed wire is also often used for fencing in the construction industry.

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Barbed wire is required for the protection of restricted areas such as residences, gardens, forests, nurseries, and defense sites, as well as aerodromes, railways, warehouses, and other government facilities. These lines are established in all of these locations to ensure the safety of the properties that are present. Aside from that, even in rural regions, it is used to protect plants in their fields from animals, ensuring that the animals do not harm their crops. The need for barbed wire has risen dramatically in recent years, and producing barbed wire can easily earn you millions of rupees each month.

Types of Wire Fencing

There are various varieties of wire fencing to choose from, including welded wire, woven wire, barbed wire, and electric fencing. Each form of wire fence has its own set of pros and downsides. Each is also more suited to particular applications than others. When it comes to picking the best form of fencing for a home renovation project, wire fence construction is an important factor to consider. Welded wire fences are made by arranging wires in squares or rectangles in horizontal and vertical orientations. After that, the wires are joined together using a spot-welding procedure. This results in sturdy, featureless sheets of fencing that are also less flexible than traditional woven ones.

Barbed Wire Production Market Potential

Houses, gardens, woodlands, nurseries, and defined restricted areas belonging to the defense installation, aerodromes, railways, warehouses, and other government and private properties all require barbed wire. They're necessary for establishing and maintaining international borders. These are also the most cost-effective materials to use for these varied applications. The increasing need for barbed wire is due to a growing population, an increase in the number of structures and development, and an increase in security challenges in the current socio-economic zone. 

Barbed Wire Production Business Registration

To start a barbed wire manufacturing business, you'll need to apply for many government registrations and permissions-

  • It is recommended that you establish your business as a sole proprietorship if you are starting a small-scale operation. Otherwise, you can form a limited liability partnership (LLP) or a private limited corporation (PLC).
  • Obtain a trade license from the municipal government.
  • Submit an application for Udyog Aadhaar MSME Registration.
  • Apply for GST registration.
  • Obtain a no-objection certificate from the State Pollution Control Board.
  • Submit an application for BIS certification. In addition, during the production process, you must adhere to the IS 278-1978 certification criteria.

Cost & Investment for Barbed Wire Manufacturing Business

The cost of land, building, and machinery are included in the fixed capital investment for barbed wire production facilities. With a rental unit shade, you may start the manufacturing process. As a result, your project's fixed capital investment will be reduced. You can either invest your own money or take out a term loan to buy machines. Purchase of raw materials, rent, human resources, transportation charges, and other operating expenditures are all included in working capital costs. Cash credit can be used to fund working capital investments. You can also apply for funding for the complete project. In any case, you'll need to set up collateral security in accordance with the bank or financial institution’s requirements.

Machines & Raw Materials for Barbed Wire Production Business

You'll need a few simple machines to establish a barbed wire manufacturing business.

  • A machine that makes barbed wire automatically
  • Grinding machine for the bench
  • A tensile testing machine that can be used on any material
  • Torsion testing machine for wraps
  • Scale for weighing
  • Equipment for testing

Galvanized iron wire 12/14 SWG is the only raw material required.

Barbed Wire Production Process

An automatic machine can be used to make the barbed wires. You'll also need 12/14 SWG MS Galvanized wires for the fabrication process. While two mainline wires are put into the machines via its axis, another wire is fed across into the pair of line wires to generate barbs at the proper intervals. After producing the necessary barbs strands, the line wire automatically twines the point wire with the line wires at the desired distance, forming the entire barbed wire. Because the machine is autonomous, you can use gear motions to control all of the feeding and wire cutting mechanisms. Essentially, it transmits power from the machine's main electric motor.

Market Opportunities

Over the forecast period, rising demand for residential fences is expected to provide significant market opportunities. According to Coherent Market Insights, the residential fence segment accounts for over 40% of worldwide fencing demand and is likely to continue to increase in the future. This opens up a lot of possibilities for new development and remodeling in the market. Furthermore, privacy fences are expected to see a significant increase in the near future. In the near future, the development of creative and appealing fences is expected to create new and exciting prospects. For example, APL Apollo Tubes (APL Apollo) announced the launch of the 'Apollo Fencing Solution' in June 2020, an unparalleled innovation that provides any property with the much-desired safety fencing. The 'Apollo Fence' product is a collection of H-shaped Fence Posts. The 'Apollo Fence' is a low-cost, long-lasting fence that can even be used to replace a concrete boundary wall.

In the foreseeable future, the fastest-growing segment is expected to be border control and security in the energy and electricity sectors. Increased demand for anti-cut and anti-climb perimeter fences and partitioning in the energy and power industry, owing to increased security concerns, is expected to drive fencing market expansion. Furthermore, the rise of online distribution around the world is expected to boost the fence market growth over the forecast period. A prominent trend in the market is the growth of strategic alliances and agreements among key manufacturers for market expansion. For example, in June 2020, Eldaas Technologies India Pvt Ltd announced a distribution relationship with D-Fence Electronic Fencing and Security Systems Ltd, Israel, for security and surveillance solutions. Various customers in India use Eldaas Technologies' D-Fence product.

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