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Understanding FoSCoS FSSAI: Regulations, Objectives, Services, and Procedures


Introduction: FoSCoS FSSAI

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India( FSSAI) was established under the Food Safety and Regulation Act of 2006. All Food Business Drivers( FBOs) must get an FSSAI enrolment or license. 

The enrolment process begins on this platform.  The Food Safety and Compliance System shortened FoSCoS, which surfaced in 2012 to ensure the food assiduity's continued expansion. It's in charge of awarding FSSAI licenses and enrolments across India, which are governed by the FSSAI. 

The transition from FLRS to FoSCoS was a substantial transformation. The licencing approach has to change from registration throughout India. The antiquated and slow FLRS system, which was criticised, inspired the development of FoSCoS. As a result, FoSCoS continues to evolve, improve, and innovate while being constantly monitored and controlled. This article provides complete information on the FoSCoS FSSAI registration process.

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Understanding FoSCos FSSAI

FoSCoS is a  design launched by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of the India( FSSAI) to  insure the food safety and compliance throughout the country Here are some important aspects of FoSCoS and FSSAI:
(Food Security and Standards Authority of India)

  • FSSAI was founded under the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006, which consolidated different legislation and regulations dealing with food-related issues from various Ministries and Departments.
  • The major goal of the FSSAI is to control and supervise the manufacturing, processing, distribution, sale, and import of food to guarantee that it is safe and wholesome for human consumption.
  • Functions: It establishes food product standards, conducts surveillance and inspections, and regulates food enterprises to ensure they follow food safety regulations.
  • FoSCoS( Food Safety Compliance System) was launched by FSSAI to replace the former Food Licencing and Registration System( FLRS).  
  • Objective FoSCoS( Food Safety Compliance System) was launched by FSSAI to replace the former Food Licencing and Registration System
  • (FLRS).  Ideal the system’s thing is to make it easier for food business drivers (FBOs) to get food licences and enrollments by furnishing a simpler and more effective platform. 
  • Features: Online Applications: Allows users to apply for food licences and registrations online. Helps FBOs adhere to food safety standards and laws.
  • Inspection and Audits: Makes it easier to schedule and conduct inspections and audits.
  • Renewal and Changes: Licences can be easily renewed and modified.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be more user-friendly and intuitive than the prior system.

Types of FSSAI License

The FSSAI issues several sorts of food licences or registrations. Each FBO should apply for an FSSAI licence based on their type of business, sales, and production capacity. 

The various licences awarded by FSSAI are as follows basically there are only three types of FoScoS FASSAI license mentioned below

  • FSSAI Basic Registration: FBOs with an annual revenue of less than Rs. 12 lakhs must apply for FSSAI Basic Registration. It is applicable to small and petty food businesses.
  • FSSAI State Licence: FBOs with an annual revenue is more than Rs.12 lakh also but less than Rs.2 crore it must apply for an FSSAI State Licence. It firstly apply to the FoSCoS (Food Safety Compliance System) which was launched by FSSAI to take place the last Food Licencing and Registration System (FLRS). medium-sized food businesses.
  • FSSAI Central Licence: FBOs with an annual revenue of more over Rs.2 crore must apply for the FSSAI Central Licence. It regulate to large number of food firms, including exporters and importers.

Main objective of FoScoS FASSAI License

The main  pretensions of FSSAI's FoSCoS( Food Safety Compliance System) are to ameliorate food safety compliance, streamline nonsupervisory processes, increase  translucency, and make it easier to do business for food business drivers( FBOs). Then is a full explanation of the  objects of the objectives:

  • Efficient Compliance Management: FoSCoS seeks to ease the process of obtaining, renewing, and monitoring FSSAI licences and registrations for FBOs. It streamlines compliance with food safety laws by offering an online platform, lowering regulatory  walls and  executive burdens for enterprises.
  • Enhanced Transparency: FoSCoS encourages transparency in licencing and regulating processes. It offers FBOs with clear criteria and conditions for carrying licences and enrollments , as well as updates on the status of their  operations. This translucency promotes confidence between FBOs and nonsupervisory agencies, promoting responsibility and fairness in the nonsupervisory terrain. 
  • FoSCoS the monitoring and enforcement: The food safety standards by allowing for better tracking and management of compliance operations. The system's features, similar as expedited examinations and  checkups,  help nonsupervisory agencies in more effectively  relating noncompliant enterprises and taking applicable enforcement  conduct to  alleviate public health hazards.
  • Facilitation of Digital Transformation: FoSCoS is an important step towards digitising regulatory processes in the food business. By employing technology and online platforms, it enables the digital metamorphosis of nonsupervisory compliance, making it easier for FBOs to connect with nonsupervisory authorities and  gain nonsupervisory services. 
  • Ensuring Food Safety and Consumer Protection: FoSCoS's main goal is to ensure food safety and consumer health. By streamlining nonsupervisory processes, perfecting compliance operation, and strengthening monitoring and enforcement, the system helps to achieve the overarching thing of guarding public health and well- being through better food safety norms. 

Benefits of New FoSCos FSSAI Registration User Identification

Gathering primary and secondary contact information will allow us to send messages and retrieve forgotten OTPs to both the food business and the persons that assisted with the application.
In addition, the new way will make it easier to change user ID passwords. FBOs can update their passwords by providing their application, licence, or registration number. When you enter this information, both the primary and backup email addresses, as well as the phone numbers, will receive a password reset OTP.
A widget called "Know your new user-id" was recently added to the FoSCoS login business website. This update is intended to make it easy for FBOs to recognise their freshly minted user IDs. Users can input their current user ID to access the programme.

Service offered by FoSCoS- FASSAI

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the Indian government body in charge of warranty food safety and manage food determinations in India. Some of the services handed by the FSSAI include  

Some of the services given by the FSSAI include:

  • Licencing and Registration the FSSAI subventions licenses and enrolment instruments to food businesses, which are needed for them to serve in India.
  •  Norms and Rules the FSSAI establishes food safety norms and rules for numerous feathers of food products and marketable operations.
  • Surveillance and Enforcement FSSAI inspects and checks food enterprises to ensure compliance with food safety laws and regulations.
  •  Adjudication and Penalties the FSSAI has the governance to put penalties on food enterprises that fail to misbehave with food safety rules and regulations.
  •  Capacity Structure and Training the FSSAI offers training programs and shops to help food safety officers and business possessors ameliorate their chops.  
  • Public Mindfulness the FSSAI works in a variety of sweats to raise public mindfulness about food safety.
  • Scientific Research and Development the FSSAI fosters and supports R&D sweats related to food safety, technology transfer, and knowledge operation. 
  • International Cooperation The FSSAI collaborates with other countries and transnational organizations to give food safety information and stylish practices. 

Regulation of FoSCos FASSAI 

The FSSAI( Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) regulates FoSCoS( Food Safety Compliance System). It provides a comprehensive frame for  icing food safety and compliance throughout the food determiniation

Licencing and registration

  • Mandatory Requirement: Under the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006, all food business operators (FBOs) must get a licence or registration with FoSCoS.
  • Online Application: FoSCoS simplifies the online application, processing, and renewal of these licences, making it easier for businesses to meet legal obligations.

Compliance Management

  • Periodic Inspections: FoSCoS arranges and manages periodic inspections of food enterprises to ensure they meet the necessary safety and hygiene requirements.
  • Audit and Monitoring: The system enables frequent audits and ongoing monitoring of compliance status, assisting authorities in identifying non-compliant enterprises and implementing corrective actions.

Standards & Guidelines

  • Food Safety Standards: The FSSAI establishes comprehensive standards for food items, including additives, pollutants, pesticide residues, biological hazards, and labelling regulations.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices( GMP) FoSCoS advocates the use of GMP and Good Hygiene Practices( GHP) to assure food product safety and quality throughout the  force chain.

Traceability and recall

  • Traceability Systems: FoSCoS incorporates methods for tracking food items along the supply chain, hence improving traceability and accountability. 
  • Recall Procedures: In the event of a food safety issue, FoSCoS facilitates effective recall procedures to quickly remove dangerous items from the market. 

Training and awareness

  • Capacity structure: FoSCoS provides training programmes for FBOs to help them better grasp food safety norms and stylish practices.  
  • Mindfulness programmes: The FSSAI runs mindfulness programmes to educate stakeholders, including consumers, about food safety norms and the need of compliance.

 Customer Protection

  • Complaint Redressal: FoSCoS offers a forum for guests to file complaints regarding food safety issues, which are also delved by nonsupervisory agencies.  
  • Translucency and Responsibility: The system improves translucency and responsibility in food safety norms, icing that enterprises act responsibly. 

Data Management and Reporting

  • Digital Records: FoSCoS keeps digital records of licences, inspections, audits, and compliance reports to improve data management and reporting.
  • Analytics: The system employs data analytics to discover patterns, potential dangers, and areas of improvement.  

Procedure for Acquire FSSAI Registration Online

  • BOs can get FSSAI registration online by completing and submitting Form A (application for Registration) or Form B (application for State and Central Licence) through the FoSCoS portal. FBOs can also register offline by submitting Forms A and B to the Food and Safety Department. 
  • The FSSAI registration form must be accompanied by all essential papers. The documentation must be uploaded electronically to the FoSCos portal during the application process or physically presented to the Food and Safety Department with the application.
  • The FSSAI registration form can be accepted or refused by the Department within 7 days of receiving an application, either physically or online via the FoSCoS site. Still, it must be communicated to the aspirant in jotting, If the operation is rejected..
  • The Department will review the documents supplied.
  • If necessary, the Department may perform a food premises inspection prior to issuing the FSSAI registration certificate.
  • If the Department is satisfied that the FBO meets all of the requirements, it will issue an FSSAI registration certificate containing the registration number and a snapshot of the applicant's email ID. The applicant can also obtain the FSSAI registration certificate by logging onto the FoSCoS portal.
  • FBOs should publicly display their FSSAI registration certificate during business hours.


FoSCoS, as adopted by the FSSAI, represents a huge step forward in guaranteeing food safety and compliance in India. This system streamlines the licencing and registration process for food business operators (FBOs), encouraging efficiency, transparency, and responsibility. 
By switching from the older FLRS to the more efficient FoSCoS, the FSSAI increased compliance management, enabled digital transformation, and improved food safety monitoring and enforcement. Ultimately, FoSCoS aspires to protect public health and create trust in the food supply chain, making it easier for businesses to comply with regulations while assuring food safety and quality for customers.

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