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The Burning Issue: The Economic Loss Due To Air Pollution in India


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Air Pollution doesn’t need any description. Air pollution has been a concern to the human health and environment for a very long time now. Air consist of mixture gases, mainly oxygen, nitrogen and argon and other compounds as well. Clean air is one necessity for the presence of humans and environment. It is because of the atmosphere on Earth that life is possible on this planet. Air pollution means air is contaminated by the pollutants that deplete the substance in air requisite for growth of environment and human health. Air pollution is caused by acts of human beings only and has become a serious concern for the humans. People have understood the concern that air pollution will bring to their presence in the future but there is very little they can do about it. It seems that now it is almost next to impossible to bring back the environment it was when all this air pollution started. Only we can do is stop the air pollution that will cause depletion of atmosphere in the future.

To think, it is really ironic that act of humans caused the depletion of atmosphere or air pollution by their acts and now, air pollution is causing loss to the economy and lives of people. Humans never thought that the pollution they are adding to the atmosphere would someday come back to haunt them as well. Acts of humans that contribute to the rise of economy are the same acts that contribute to the rise in air pollution as well.

Air pollution has caused many harms to the environment and human health. Global warming is one concern that arose in the past decades because of the air pollution. To list out the harmful effects of air pollution, it would take a million pages. But humans seems to be ignorant about all the things and is worried about the other result of air pollution i.e. depletion of their economy. Economy is one thing that humans worked hard to build and in lieu of this, have been ignoring the fact that the pollution they are adding to the air will one day become a reason for depletion of the economy they worked hard for.

Air pollution has caused some serious damage to the humans, which has increased with the time and in the present times, it has become a threat. To tackle air pollution, one step in the power of government is to ban the industries and increasing number of vehicles, but that would also cost the economy.

It is the most popular universal debate that Government is caught up between. That is to choose a route to save the environment or the economy. Human nature over the years have become so selfish that doesn’t care about anything but its own luxury. Growing industries and vehicles and other acts of humans have been known to cause air pollution. This air pollution in furtherance causes damages to humans and humans, since came to known about the harmful effects of air pollution, have been trying to find ways to combat air pollution and keep the economy booming while enjoying the luxuries that contribute to the air pollution. But everything has failed and condition of the air is getting worse day by day and no one seems to care about it. This was a pre-emptive try to save the economy as the activities that push the economy to top are the same activities that cause the air pollution. It is certain that no one cares much about the environment as the number of industries and vehicles and other acts that add to the air pollution continue to increase with time. On the other hand air pollution has caused so much damage to the atmosphere that the events that the environmentalists predicted to happen as a result of air pollution some time ago, are beginning to happen.

Keeping in regards these events and other harmful effects that contribute largely to the air pollution, major steps had to be taken to save the environment or else the conditions would get so much worse and as predicted air pollution will be the major cause of the end of the earth. And these major steps would eventually lead to depletion of economy. If not done anything to safeguard the environment, it will have catastrophe effects and so would be the effects on the economy if these steps are enforced. But it is necessity to safeguard the environment at any cost and that cost is depletion of the economy. Government has been implementing rules and regulations on the industries that build the economy. Because of these steps, economy has faced catastrophe effects. People have to get rid of the growing number of luxuries that lead to depletion of economy. It is necessity and in furtherance of this, economy has been facing a lot of damage but there is no other way.

Not only this, the effects of air pollution on the human health have been causing a lot of damage to the economy as well.    

According to the reports, flammable gas, coal and oil lead to three times as many deaths as road accidents worldwide and an estimated air pollution costs $ 2.9 trillion, equivalent to 3.3 percent of the world's GDP. It is estimated that it links to 4.5 million deaths and PM 2.5 million deaths and that accounted for 1.8 billion days of unemployment, 4 million new cases of asthma in children and 1 million births.

It can have an impact on the economy in many ways such as high levels of asthma, diabetes or chronic respiratory diseases leading to a decrease in working capacity and levels of employee participation. Children affected by asthma also miss school days, which affects their learning while health care needs can lead to caregivers taking longer to work. Chronic diseases cost the world economy $ 200 billion by 2018, with sick leave and premature births costing $ 100 billion and $ 90 billion respectively.

The total annual cost of air pollution in China is estimated at $ 900 billion each year with U.S. costs to $ 600 billion a year. Indian cities have had negative effects on air pollution indicators for years and this problem costs the country $ 150 billion a year on average. For example, in the year 2018, greenhouse gas emissions accounted for 6.6 percent of China's GDP, 5.4 percent of India's GDP and 3 percent of U.S. GDP. India is the second country that suffers the most depletion of its economy. Countries like Russia, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil and France also face the problems of depleting GDP because of the air pollution.

Economy and GDP suffers a heavy loss as a result of air pollution. Air pollution strikes the economy from both the sides. That is, humans have to control the act that contribute in rise of the economy as these acts have been causing depletion of atmosphere which could ultimately lead to situation not competent for living. And as the conditions become worse for living, the diseases and loss of lives would also affect the economy. This is the biggest dilemma of the century, to choose better living conditions and safeguard of environment or the economy. Choosing of economy will also lead to death and destruction as it will cause catastrophe effects to living conditions.  


To conclude, air pollution has caused depletion of economy to the extent that it has become a problem to make the economy boom without hurting human health. And even if the government ignores the moral and ethical way of choosing human health, and helps the industries in booming causing air pollution, it becomes a problem as well because pollution causes damages to the economy by way of manpower and worse conditions of living as well. Biggest enem


Get help from an experienced legal adviser. Schedule your consultation at a time that works for you and it's absolutely FREE.

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