Responsibilities of a Food Business Operator (FBO)


All the Food Business Operators in India have to ensure that the constituents of his food product satisfy the requirements of Food Safety & Standards Act 2006. The rules and regulations specified in the FSS Act 2006 or the Food Safety & Standards Regulations 2011 have to be adhered to in all the stages of food production and also in production, processing, import, distribution and sale of food products.

Procedure to FSSAI | Food License
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An FBO must stay at an arm’s length from hiring any person who is suffering from any infectious or contagious disease.
An FBO cannot sell any food product to any other FBO unless he also gives a guarantee, in writing in the form specified by FSSAI, about the nature and quality of the product. The bill, cash memo or invoice of the food product is to be preserved for future references. When any food product which is found to be unsafe is part of a batch,lot or consignment of food of the same class or description, then it is presumed that all the food in that batch, lot or consignment is also unsafe. Unless it is followed by a detailed assessment within a specified time, the food consignment would be considered unsafe and it is to be destroyed as per regulations.


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