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EPF Balance Check - PF Balance Check With and Without UAN Number


Introduction of EPF

The Indian Government created the Employee Provident Fund for private-sector workers as a retirement benefit scheme. The main objective of EPF is to offer financial stability and security after retirement to employees in the organized sector.

Established in 1951, the EPFO (Employees' Provident Fund Organisation) is an independent body that motivates employees to save for their retirement, operating under the Government of India's Ministry of Labour and Employment. The institution's schemes cater to both Indian workers and international workers from nations with bilateral agreements with the EPFO.

Each month, every employee makes contributions to their PF account, which consists of contributions from both the employer and the employee. The UAN is a specific number assigned to all employees enrolled in EPF as a unique identity marker.

Nevertheless, in case an employee cannot retrieve or has forgotten their UAN, there are other options to verify their PF balance without relying on their UAN. You have the option to check your PF balance without a UAN number using these methods.

Why is EPF Balance Check Important?

  • Monitors your Retirement Funds: The EPF is a savings plan that ensures financial security in your later years, alleviating concerns about future expenses. Checking your balance is a method for controlling your savings, enabling you to determine your available funds and establish a savings plan. If your EPF account falls short of meeting your retirement goals, you might need to adjust your savings plan or explore alternative investment options.
  • Recognizes the Discrepancies: It is crucial to regularly monitor your EPF balance to verify the accuracy of your contributions. Incorrect or misinformed results might be produced by your employer's end regarding the EPFO. Detecting the issue early ensures that a quick solution is given, restoring your account to its correct balance.
  • Plans for significant expenses: In certain situations, the EPF scheme permits withdrawals to cover major expenditures. Being aware of the balance allows you to determine if you will set aside enough money regularly to cover unexpected expenses, purchase a home, or fund other significant purchases.
  • Decides Loan Eligibility: You can access loans based on your EPF balance whenever needed. Understanding your balance is crucial for calculating your loan eligibility and determining the maximum borrowing limit available to you.
  • Oversees Account Activity: Keeping an eye on your EPF balance allows you to track both your and your employer's contributions. It lets you keep all your EPF account information organized. This is the reason why it is important to check your EPF balance regularly.

How to Check PF Balance Using EPFO Portal

To check your EPF balance, ensuring that your employer has activated your Universal Account Number (UAN) is important. The UAN acts as a unique identification number for employees participating in the EPF scheme, enabling convenient online access to EPF services such as checking balances, making withdrawals, and applying for loans.

Once your UAN is activated, follow these steps:

  • Go to the EPFO portal and choose "For Employees" under the "Our Services" tab.

EPFO portal For Employees

  •  In the "Services" section, choose "Member Passbook."

Member Passbook

  • Login using your activated UAN number and password.

Login uan number

  • Pick the relevant "Member ID" and click on "View Passbook [Old: Full]."

FP Member ID

  • The screen will show your PF details.
  • Use the "Download Passbook" option to print the passbook and keep a record

PF Download Passbook

What Exactly is a UAN number and how can it be Acquired?

The EPFO assigns a 12-digit number called a Universal Account Number (UAN) to every individual worker in India. It acts as a container, where all the PF contributions from different employers during your career are collected.

The importance of having a UAN in checking EPF balance is explained here.

The account number provided by the employer changes with each job switch, ensuring portability. Nevertheless, your UAN remains constant. This will enable you to manage and track all your PF contributions from different employers in one place easily.

With your UAN, you can easily manage tasks such as the online processing of your EPF account through the EPFO portal or UMANG app. It is convenient for you to monitor your balance, and contributions, and begin utilizing services such as transfers, claims, and more.

What is the Process for checking an EPF balance using a UAN number?

There are several possible methods to check your EPF balance if you possess a UAN number

Using the EPFO e-Passbook Portal;

  • Access the EPFO Member e-SEWA portal by going to (
  • Provide your UAN number and captcha code followed by your password.
  • Press the button labeled "Sign In".
  • Select which specific "Member ID" you wish to inquire about from the options provided, considering that you have numerous UAN accounts associated with it.
  • To check your current balance and transaction history, simply click on "View Passbook".
  • This also allows you to print your electronic passbook to have a physical copy for your records.

Using the UMANG App

  • Get the UMANG app by downloading it from either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, and proceed to install it.
  • The app allows registration with either a mobile number or an Aadhaar, giving you the option to use either for logging in.
  • Go to the "Social Security" category in the service menu and select "Social Security".
  • Select the "EPFO" option from a list of different services.
  • In the "Employee Centric Services" section, select "View Passbook."
  • Input your UAN number and choose the "Get OTP" selection.
  • Enter the one-time password (OTP) that you occasionally receive on your designated mobile number into the designated field on your UAN.
  • Once you have chosen your desired PF account, click "Submit" to finalize your selection of EPF passbook.
  • You can choose to either download it onto your phone or print it out in order to have access to it in any situation.

Missed Call Service:

  • This approach is fast and can be done offline.
  • Dial 011-22901406, but remember to use the mobile phone linked to your UAN when calling this number.
  • The phone will ring two times and then no one will answer.
  • Shortly, you will receive a text message containing your account balance.

SMS Service:

  • You can send the SMS to 7738299899 from your registered mobile number.
  • For typing in the message body, enter EPFOHO UAN (e.g. EPFOHO UAN 123456789012).
  • You will get a text message containing your EPF balance.

How can you check your EPF balance if you don't have a UAN number?

Regrettably, checking your EPF balance using mobile apps or online portals requires a UAN number. But if you do not possess one, there is still an alternative.

Get in touch with your employer.

  • This is the top choice for individuals without their own UAN.
  • Your employer has access to your PF account details and can quickly view your current balance.
  • Moreover, they can guide you through the process of UAN registration if necessary.

Here are some additional considerations to bear in mind:

Insufficient Information: Without your UAN number, accessing detailed transaction data or using online services like the EPFO portal and UMANG app may not be possible.

UAN Benefits: Creating a UAN provides the applicant with numerous lasting perks. It covers the latest advancements in online balance checking and allows you to monitor your EPF account. Furthermore, it acts as a single destination for the consolidation of all your PF contributions.

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Guidelines for Checking EPF Balance

For optimal utilization of your EPF funds, think about applying the following tactics and advice:

  • You have the option to raise your contributions by voluntarily contributing over 12% of your basic salary and dearness allowance to your EPF account. This will assist you in accumulating more funds for retirement and experiencing the advantages of compound interest.
  • Just like mentioned before, aim to limit early withdrawals from your EPF account so your savings can increase in the long run.
  • Consider putting your money into EPF's schemes with better returns as they offer various investment options. Conduct research and select the strategies that match your financial objectives and level of risk acceptance.
  • Keep an eye on your EPF account by logging in to your UAN member portal from time to time. This will aid you in identifying any inconsistencies or problems early and addressing them promptly.
  • Ensure that your KYC details, including Aadhaar, PAN, and bank account information, are current in your EPF account to prevent any delays in claim processing or transfers.

By adhering to these tactics and keeping yourself up-to-date on your EPF account, you can boost your retirement funds and ensure a financially secure tomorrow.

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It is essential to keep track of your PF balance as part of your financial planning, particularly for your retirement. Regardless of whether you have a UAN or not, you have the option to easily verify your PF balance using the EPFO portal. It is also important to keep your nomination details current and ensure that your mobile number is connected to your PF account to safeguard your PF savings and facilitate a seamless process for your beneficiaries in the future.

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