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New Technology to Set Up a Recycling Plant in a Day!

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Waste is generated at an alarming rate on daily basis globally. The waste that is discharged of is a mixture of organic and non-organic constituents. For a simple man, sorting recyclable waste is a daunting challenge. In contrast, new techniques by various companies are being employed to effectively dispose of waste. Transforming large amount of garbage into a viable commodity is a good gesture while simultaneously being a profitable venture. 

How to go About a Waste Managing Business?

In modern times entrepreneurs are the driving force behind setting up a positive example in the society through indulging in innovative ideas to manage waste. There is surge in the revenue generation as well, and it’s like mining gold from the waste. In particular, there are many potential opportunities in the waste management sector. As a result one must try hands in starting up a waste management business.

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In order to build upon a solid footing entrepreneurs must get familiar with the associated underpinnings. Some of the strategies are jotted down below:

Choose a Field
One must be conscientious in selecting a niche under which the business can begin its operations. Chalk out a plan pertaining to overall budget and the potential scope of the business which would aid in selecting the right field. Waste management business entails varied fields as following:

  1. Business-related to managing construction waste
  2. Chemical waste
  3. Medical waste
  4. Green waste
  5. Electronic waste or E-waste
  6. Toxic waste
  7. Nuclear waste
  8. Industrial waste
  • Investment of Capital

Capital is needed at every step of business, be it in transportation, promotion or setting up a factory etc. Be ready to entail all these expenses.

  • Research Analysis

This is a crucial step before initializing the business. It is deemed utmost important that proper research regarding market variables, existing competitors and corresponding pricing must be carried out. Compile this data and compare it to your expenditures to get a good estimate of how much money you'll be making. Try making connections to local junk and waste dealers to garner waste.

  • Chalk Out a Business Plan And its Promotion Strategy

Any undertaking necessitates the development of a business plan. In the overview, state your intention of initializing the business, your target market, why your business is unique, and the business's additional features. Thereafter decide upon costs entailments, strategies and plan out a way to raise funds.

Waste Plant That Can be Installed in One Day

Kiverco has worked upon bringing out a revolution in technology pertaining to waste industry. The ‘Ks series' is a straightforward but highly efficient waste recovery plant that comes in modules and produces at least six recycled materials from a variety of combined waste streams. The most intriguing aspect of the modern system is that they will offload, deploy, and work all on the same day, which will undoubtedly help many businesses around the world.

The plant entails a lot of options ranging from trommel to air separation unit. Kiverco's latest offering is patent-pending since it is unique in the world to build a whole plant on a single skid frame chassis. 

The system is so easy to set up that it can be shipped, unloaded, commissioned, and ready to use in just a few hours. The plant setup entails a plug-and-play electrical link that can be powered by mains electricity or generator power, depending on the needs of the consumer.

The Ks sequence is a unique and basic idea that has never been promulgated before. This extremely durable ‘static facility' enables waste companies to quickly extract essential materials from the waste stream that can be recycled at a low rate, while avoiding landfill. It has been planned, constructed, and manufactured with materials that are durable in order to ensure that it lives up to its name while supplying customers with a better, user-friendly waste collection and recovery solution.

The apparent advantages of getting a plant completed easily and operational within a few hours are clear. Finance firms would be interested in this sort of plant because it is simple to decommission, sell, and regain a healthy return on investment owing to the reduced price point set by entry-level consumers.

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Further, Kiverco, has launched a new recycling plant. This new plant has facilitated the company in:

  • Increasing recycling output
  • Creating additional Revenue
  • Establishing new business line
  • Attracting new customers

It has been an incredible invention so far that has rendered cost reduction, created better working environment and lead to profit generation. It was made possible through the collaboration of Fresh Start Waste Services and kiverco. The company has been able to recycle new goods, many of which have a resale value, thanks to the new plant. The recycling plant developed by Kiverco has also provided a whole new investment line, as well as assisting local communities in coping with the problems raised by the COVID-19 lockdown, such as recycling household waste.

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Further the new plant has helped to refine and recycle more materials while also allowing to extend business operations and provide residential skips to the general public. The plant is inclusive of the following:

  • Feeder
  • Conveyor
  • Trammel 
  • Picking station


It can be said that the technological innovation is setting a trend and creating more opportunities in waste management industry. Recycling has altogether taken a u-turn in itself.

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