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MSTC Registration


Overview: Metal Scrap Trade Corporation

MSTC Limited is a Mini Ratna Category-I PSU under the Ministry of Steel, the Government of India’s administrative supervision. With an Rs. 6 lakh investment, the firm was established on September 9, 1964, to operate as a governing authority for the export of ferrous scrap. The investment was made by the Government of India, members of the steel Arc Furnace Association, and members of ISSAI.

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In 1974, MSTC became a subsidiary of SAIL. It was delinked from SAIL in 1982 and became a separate corporation under the Ministry of Steel. It was a canalizing agency for ferrous scrap imports until 1992.

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Activities of MSTC Registration

MSTC Limited has endeavored to become one of the nation’s steel industry’s stalwarts since its creation in 1964, under the administrative direction of the Ministry of Steel. It is now classified as a Mini Ratna Category – I PSU.

MSTC was the Government of India’s canalizing agency for the import of scrap and ships for breaking until 1991. MSTC became a prominent role in importing bulk raw materials for numerous industries after decimalizing. It has established itself as India’s sole public-sector e-commerce company.

Improving Electronic Commerce in India

MSTC has recently emerged as key role in the country’s e-commerce promotion. It has launched an e-Auction portal,, which has quickly become a popular instrument for conducting business over the internet in a transparent and fair manner. The portal serves as a virtual market place for domestic sellers and buyers of metal scrap (ferrous and non-ferrous0, surplus shops, machineries, obsolete spares, cars, minerals, agriculture and forest goods, and other items. The methodology which adopted contains are public auction, open tender and e-auction.

Recently, MSTC has developed an e-Procurement Portal and it is ready with end-to-end procurement services.

Procurement of Raw Material

The Marketing Division is in charge of procuring industrial raw material in bulk for its principals. Sourcing takes place from either overseas manufacturers/traders or domestic producers.

HMS, HR Coil, Billets, Wire Rods, LAM Coke, Coking Coal, Naphtha, Crude oil, Thermal coal and other items are among the items procured, and are manly consumed by the petroleum, steel and power industries in the country.

Initiatives taken by MSTC

MSTC’s new initiatives demonstrate our strong belief in and dedication to new venture investments, as well as our capacity to form productive collaborations with national, regional, international and local government.

  • E-commerce in Mineral products for example Iron Ore, Imported thermal coal, chrome, manganese ore etc.
  • E-commerce in Agricultural and forest products are like tendu leaf, timber, tobacco etc.
  • Auto-shredding Plant for supply of shredded scrap to various secondary steel industries in India.

Customer Registration Procedure For e-Auction

Customers who wish to register for an e-Auction should do so as follows:

Customers must first register onto MSTC’s website and then complete the offline process by providing the documents listed below to MSTC. 

  • Customers must register online by heading to “new user,” clicking on “Buyer,” fill out the Buyer Registration form (Customer’s email address and income tax, PAN number are required), and accepting the General Terms & Condition (GTC) and Buyer Specific Terms & Condition (BSTC). During the online registration process, customers must also create unique User ID and Passwords. But the password of the customer will activate after the completion of Offline Registration by the Customer.
  • For Hazardous waste products, for example such as Batteries, Waste Oil or Specified Non-Ferrous Metal Wastes, Customers must have Valid Registration Certificates from the state pollution control board and Central pollution control board and they should select and register the relevant Hazardous Waste products on the website during online registration.
  • An auto e-mail confirmation Letter will be delivered to the Customer upon successful online registration, confirming the Buyer Registration Details and advising him to complete the remaining Offline registration processes. While completing the offline registration procedures, the client should download a copy of this confirmation Letter, Countersign it, and submit it to MSTC.

Documents of MSTC Registration

After completing the online registration process, the Customer must finish the Offline registration process by providing the following documents to MSTC Offline:

  • Income TAX PAN Card (Original & Photocopy- Original will be returned back after the verification)
  • Copy of Latest Income Tax Return
  • Sales Tax Registration (state & central) Certificates (Original & Photocopy- the original will be returned back after the verification).
  • The above documents will be provided by the customer for verification. 
  • Signature of the proprietor/ partner verified by Bank (If proprietorship/ partnership firm) on Bank’s Letterhead. If such verification is done on the Customer’s letterhead, then the full address of the branch of the Bank must be mentioned.
  • Two color passport-size photographs of the proprietor, partner, or director (for MSTC to issue a Photo ID Card) – The Customer's Firm's Proprietor / Partner / Director (or a person authorized by the Director in the case of a Public / Private Limited Company) will be required to sign the ID Card with his specimen signature. In the case of a proprietorship or partnership, the proprietor or partner must personally visit MSTC's office to sign and present the Photo ID Card. This can be done in the case of a Public/Private Limited Company by requesting MSTC to transmit the Card by mail for his signature and return to MSTC.
  • Notarized copies of Valid Registration Certificates from CPCB & SPCB for Hazardous Waste Items (If applicable) It should be noted that upon receipt of the said Certificates, MSTC will record the Validity Period of the Customer's CPCB Certificate in the Buyer Registration Form on the Website, and only then will registered Customers be allowed access to the Live e-Auction floor for bidding on Hazardous Waste Items, provided that their CPCB Certificate is valid on the e-Starting Auction's Date. However, the Special Terms and Conditions of the specific e-Auction will govern this, and it will always be the Customer's responsibility to ensure that both his SPCB and CPCB Certificates are kept valid or duly re-validated within the prescribed time for the purpose of participating in the e-Auction in accordance with the particular e- Auction's Special Terms and Conditions.
  • Copy of email confirmation letter received from MSTC after the successful completion of online registration and contains the customer's Buyer Registration Details- this should be counter-signed by the customer and returned to MSTC for verification along with his office documentation.

MSTC Registration Fees

Registration fee of Rs. 10,000/- +12.36% Service Tax(Non-Refundable) by PO/DD favoring MSTC Ltd. Payable at respective region and branch.

Notes for Customers:

  • MSTC will activate the Customer's Password once when he has successfully completed all of the Online and Offline registration processes.
  • For Hazardous waste (HW) items, Customer’s password will be activated for the specific HW Item if he submits valid SPCB Certificates and CPCB Certificates to MSTC within the timeframe specified in the Special Terms & Conditions of the particular e-Auction.
  • Following the activation of the Customer’s Password, he/she will begin receiving the frequent notification about all the upcoming MSTC e-Auction on a pan – India basis via his/her registered email-ID.
  • Customers must ensure that their e-mail address is up to date at all times, as all correspondence will be sent to the Customer's registered e-mail address (or as per the Special Terms & Conditions of a particular e-Auction)
  • On the Live e-Auction floor, Bidders must be exceedingly cautious while placing their offers. The system will not take bids in decimals. Bidders must check their bids after typing them but before sending them to the Live e-Auction floor. Bidders shall be completely liable and responsible for the bids they submit, including any errors they make, if any, and MSTC / Principal will not entertain any complaint or representation in this regard.
  • If a bidder submits a bid that is equal to or greater than five times the current highest bid, a warning will be flashed on his screen before he submits his bid in the live e-Auction floor. In such instances, bidders are urged to double-check their bid before sending it to the live e-Auction floor.
  • It will be the bidder’s responsibility to personally view the e-Auction result by viewing and downloading the “Auction Lot Status” from the website immediately following the e-Auction closing, which will be available for 7 days from the date of the e-Auction closing (excluding the date of closing of e-Auction). The “Auction Lot Status” will indicate whether a Bidder has won a Lot on a confirmed or STA (Subject to Approval) basis. Although the highest successful Bidder will receive a Sale Intimation Letter via email after the e-Auction closes, bidders should be aware that the date of payment of the EMD / Security Deposit will be counted from the date of the e-Auction closing, regardless of the date of issue of the Sale Intimation Letter.
  • Only the special Terms and Conditions (STC) posted on the “Live” e-Auction Floor will govern the sale, and bidders can download a copy for their records.

Registration of Buyer

How to register as Buyer with MSTC

  • Login to the website at MSTC E-commerce Portal
  • After that click on the button “Register”. After clicking the General Terms and Conditions of e-Auction will appear on the screen. Just scroll it down to the bottom of the page where you can find two options on both sides: a) Register as Buyer and b) Register as seller.
  • Click it on “Register as Buyer”.
  • On the next page Buyer, specific terms & conditions will appear on the screen. Just scroll it down to the bottom of the page where again two options will be shown: Agree & Disagree
  • Click on the Agree button.
  • Form will be displayed on the screen, select Domestic under Buyer Origin and General Auction in the drop-down box. Just fill up the information. 
  • Fields marked with (*) are mandatory and must be filled out.

Form mstc registration

  • Please double-check that the email address provided is correct and active. When giving the postal address, no special characters should be used. Also, in the user id and password, no special characters other than @ should be used. When submitting the buyer registration form, be sure to add your digital photo and signature.
  • After filling out the form click on the submit button.
  • The following page may or may not be of interest to you. Only necessary fields should be filled in, and the 'Preview' option should be clicked. You will be able to see all of the information you entered in the form and double-check it. If all of the information is correct, click the 'Submit' button. On the following page, you will be asked to fill out some information. After you have successfully registered, the system will give you an email with your unique buyer registration number as well as instructions on how to submit the 'Registration Fee' and the necessary papers.
  • The above documents must be given to the MSTC office and the registration fee can be paid online at
  • Once the documents and fee submission done, your account will be activated and you will be issued a “Photo identity Card”, which has to be get from MSTC offices. “Photo identity Card” was issued also in the same MSTC office.
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