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Liquor License in India - Get Liquor License in Delhi, UP, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand

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Introduction: Liquor License

Liquor or spirit (also hard drink, or distilled alcohol) is an alcoholic drink created by distillation of grains, fruits, or vegetables that have already more experienced alcoholic fermentation. The distillation method concentrates the liquid to extend its alcohol by volume. As liquors contain considerably more alcohol (ethanol) than different alcoholic drinks, they're thought of as "harder" – in North America, the term hard drink is typically accustomed to distinguish distilled alcoholic drinks from non-distilled ones, whereas the term spirits is employed within the UK. samples of liquors embrace hard liquor, vodka, absinthe, gin, rum, tequila, and whisky.

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As alcohol is often high in demand during a state like city, on the opposite aspect it helps in generating a serious part of revenue for the city government. On 29 March 2021, the city cupboard had declared a brand-new excise policy for a brand-new Liquor search License, aspiring to amend the sale and consumption of liquor. It's meant to revise the minimum age for consumption of liquor by reducing it from 25 years to 21 years.

Need for the License

In India, the foundations and rules regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol vary among the states. This is often as a result of the topic of alcohol being mentioned within the state list beneath the Seventh Schedule of the Indian Constitution. The excise department in the city administers the liquor head.

The legal age for consumption of alcohol has been specified in every State. Legal age is also the Consumption Age in this context. Under Section 23 of the Delhi Excise Act, 2010 and Delhi Liquor License Rules, 1976, the legal age for alcohol consumption is 25.

Types of Liquor

Two varieties of liquor are accessible within the Indian market:

  • Indian-made Foreign Liquor (IMFL): This kind of liquor refers to the hard drink factory-made in India.
  • Imported Foreign Liquor (IFL): This kind of liquor is manufactured outside and later imported from foreign to India. These liquors are sometimes higher in the rates than Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL).

Liquor Law in India

Article 47 of the Indian Constitution in short states that “The State shall endeavour to bring on a prohibition of the consumption apart from the healthful purpose of intoxicating drinks and of medicine that are injurious to health.” It's significant that 5 states within the country are prohibited from the sale, purchase and consumption of alcohol.

Types of Liquor Licenses

The city license Rules, 1976 pronounce the kinds of licenses that serve liquor within the State. Besides this, the act additionally ensures to provide safe and quality liquor to its customers.  The classes of licenses that usually sell the various variants of liquor are several. some of the liquor brands, which needs special mercantilism licenses, are below:

  • Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL).
  • Country Liquor.
  • Denature & Special Denatured Spirit.
  • Rectified Spirit.
  • Wholesale Retail Merchant for Indian Made Foreign Liquor.

Granting of License

Licenses during this domain are of varied types. The granting provisions for few of them are below:

  • Grant of L-1 License

The L-1 license is for wholesale retail to companies; societies; partnership companies or proprietary companies subject to the condition that the person owns distillery/breweries/manufacturing units/bottling plants. Moreover, he/she must abide by the terms and conditions ordained by the involved authorities.

  • Grant of L-6 License

The L-6 license is for retail sales of foreign liquor/beer. Issuing of this license is to decide on undertakings of the city government, particularly DTTDC, DSIDC, DSCSC and DCCWS.

  • Grant of L-9 License

The L-9 license is for the retail sale of varied brands of Indian liquor and foreign liquor. This license was antecedently called L-52 D. to achieve this license, and also the human needs to abide by the terms and conditions ordained by the involved authorities.

  • Grant of L-10 License

The L-10 license is for the retail sale of varied brands of Indian liquor and foreign liquor. However, the terms associated with an L-9 license don't apply to L-10 licenses.  The annual fee for the L10 license is Rs 8,00,000/- which is to be paid by the licensee in the  favour of the Deputy Commissioner.

  • Grant of P-10 and P-13

These licenses are temporary licenses for serving liquor in parties, functions and conferences. The terms and conditions ordained for these licenses vary for residents, hotels, clubs, restaurants and different premises.

  • Grant of L-15 and L-16

These licenses are to star hotels that are approved by the Department of commercial enterprise to accommodate tourists. The edifice management must abide by the terms and conditions ordained by the authorities.

  • Grant of L-17 and L-18

These licenses are for the star hotels that are approved by the Department of commercial enterprise. These institutions should be situated in an industrial space with adequate houses for parking.

  • Grant of L-28

The L-28 license is for clubs that are registered with the registrar of firms/ registrar of cooperative societies to supply services of foreign liquor to its club members. All clubs that conform to the desired terms and conditions will apply for this license.

  • Grant of L-29

The L-29 license is for clubs or messes that have liquor or brew completely for presidency Servants; that doesn't seem to be subject to industrial rates and rules. The appliance procedure and also the needed documents for the associate L-29 license are almost like that of the L-28 license.

Application Procedure

The city Government has launched a web license program to issue licenses to its voters.

  • Step 1: Go online to the Website: To start with, the applicant must visit the official portal.
  • Step 2: Go online to the Portal for license: The retail merchant must enter the username and password. candidates for the primary time should click on the ‘Register’ choice to enter the main points.
  • Step 3: Click on the application form: The retail merchant must choose the appliance type and enter all the desired details.
  • Step 4: Submit the form: After getting into the main points, the retail merchant will submit the shape by getting into the ‘Submit’ choice.
  • Step 5: Issue the liquor license: Based on the request for the type of license, the officers will conduct proper verification, after which the certificate will be issued for license.

Renewal of liquor license

To retain a license, renew per annum by remitting the suitable fee.

Cancellation of License

A liquor license can be cancelled if the licensee violates any rules which are made by the authority. In addition to this, the cancellation will be enacted on those licensees who sell alcohol on dry days or to minors which is not allowed according to laws.

Guidelines for Liquor look Interior as per city Government Rule:

The successful applicant must submit the inside arrangement of their projected look insertion the given following points.

  • The shop floor should be set up in such a way that liquor brands can be displayed alongside their price tags.
  • The interior of the shop should be designed in a manner to ensure proper lighting, flooring and hygiene.
  • A licensee should ensure that the shop should be fully insured against fire and natural hazard.

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