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What Is Internal Financial Control


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As per section 134 internal money controls mean policies and procedures adopted by the company for ensuring:

• Orderly and economical conduct of its business, together with adherence to company’s policy and procedure.
• Safeguarding to company’s assets.
• Prevention and detection of frauds and error
• Accuracy and completeness of accounting records and
• Timely preparation of reliable money info
It includes policies and procedure adopted by the corporate for making certain the orderly and economical conduct of business, together with regulative compliance and bar and detection of frauds and errors.

Internal management= control over money reportage + operational control reportage + fraud bar reportage.

Internal controls over money reportage (ICFR): regulative mandate below firms act 2013

Relevant clause



Director’s responsibility statement : section 134

Board confirms that ICFR’s is functioning adequately and effectively

Listed company

Board report

Board report back to state the small print in respect of the adequacy of ICFR with relation to the money statements

All firms

Independent Directors Code: Section 149(8) and Schedule IV

Independent Directors to satisfy themselves on the integrity of financial information and that financial controls are robust and defensible

All companies having  Independent director

Section 177 Audit Committee Terms of Reference:

Evaluation of ICFR

All companies having an Audit Committee

Auditor’s report: Sec. 143(3)

Auditors to report if the company has adequate ICFR systems and that they are operating effectively (from 2015-16)

All companies having an Audit Committee

As from higher than {we can|we will|we square measure able to} see UN agency are accountable

• Directors responsibility statement (section 134)
• Auditors Report (section 143)
• Audit committee (section 177)
• Independent director (Schedule v & section 149)

Section 143(1) each auditor of a corporation shall amongst alternative matters comment on the subsequent matters, namely:— 

a) Is any loans and advances created by the corporate on the premise of security are properly secured and whether or not the terms on that they need been created square measure harmful to the interests of the corporateor its members; 
b) Is any transactions of the corporate that square measure painted simply by book entries square measureharmful to the interests of the co; 
c) Is associate degreey the corporate not being an investment firm or financial organisation, whether or not mostof the assets of the corporate as comprises shares, debentures and alternative securities are oversubscribed at a value but that at that they were purchased by the co; 
d) Is any loans and advances created by the corporate are shown as deposits; 
(e) Is any personal expenses are charged to revenue account; 
(f) Is any it's explicit within the books and documents of the corporate that any shares are assigned for money, whether or not money has really been received in respect of such allotment, and if no money has really been therefore received, whether or not the position as explicit within the account books and also the record is correct, regular and not deceptive

Sec 143(12) - reportage of frauds 

• If associate degree auditor of a corporation, within the course of the performance of his duties as auditor, 
• If associate degreey reason to believe that an offence involving fraud is being or has been committed against the corporate 
• By officers or staff of the corporate, 
• He shall right away report the interest the CG inside the time prescribed. 

Benefits that may be derived from IFC:

• Enhance governance framework 
• Defines clear responsibility and transparency 
• Controls automation 
• Reduction in range of surprises 
• Streamline/standardise controls 
• Opportunity to plug leakages/potential frauds


Get help from an experienced legal adviser. Schedule your consultation at a time that works for you and it's absolutely FREE.

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