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Incorporation of Corporation in Wyoming

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Incorporation of Corporation in Wyoming

Wyoming Corporation Highlights

  • Delaware favours big, publicly held businesses

  • More than 60% of Fortune 500 companies are filed in Delaware
  • Angel and VC investors prefer to invest In Delaware Corporations
  • Delaware has a history of over 100 years addressing shareholder rights
  • Delaware is largely regarded as "pro-management"
  • Delaware offers exceptional flexibility in terms of corporate structuring and the broadest privacy protections
  • The current minimum franchise tax is $350 (if you use Par Value Method)
  • Delaware is best for large companies where the stock is traded on an exchange
  • Ownership information is not reported to the state of Delaware

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Common Features of Wyoming Corporation

Many well-known companies are Corporations. Any individual can own shares at one of these companies without having any responsibility for working there. Features of a Corporation include:

Corporations provide limited liability because shareholders are generally not individually liable for the debts and obligations of the company.

  • Corporations must pay corporate taxes on their own profits (and have extensive filing obligations). Shareholders are taxed separately if the company distributes dividends to them (or if it pays them a salary, in the case of employee owners).
  • Corporations are most suitable for investments/investors because their structure is designed to distribute ownership. Corporations adhere to a standard structure for the distribution of options to buy that stock, which can then be used to attract, retain, and incentivize key talent, contributing to the success of the business.

Our Wyoming Corporation Incorporation Package Includes

  • State filing fees
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • EIN number (Tax ID)
  • Bylaws for your corporation
  • Stock purchase agreement
  • Initial resolutions
  • Bank account opening
  • First-year of registered agent fees
  • U.S. address + mail forwarding

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What Corpseed Offers in Corporation Package

  • Assistance in Incorporation/Registration of a Corporation
  • Filing Fee for State of Wyoming
  • Complete signed documentation to establish corporate rules and protect your intellectual property
  • For C Corporation (C Corp) online Tool to issue stocks to founder(s)
  • It also includes Wyoming registered agent fee for the first year
  • Employee Identification Number (EIN) filing, which is the TAX ID for your newly formed company
  • US online Bank Account Opening
  • Post incorporation legal templates
  • Post incorporation liaising with US legal team for amendments in Optional (package starts from $199) - Optional

Advantages of Wyoming Corporation

  • Low cost, manageability, flexibility, and a focus on small business are extremely desirable
  • Wyoming has no franchise tax
  • Wyoming has no state corporate income tax
  • Wyoming has no state personal income tax
  • Wyoming has minimal annual fees
  • Wyoming does not require listing the members of an LLC
  • Wyoming LLC rules are easy to understand
  • American LLC structure as we know it today was created in 1977 in Wyoming
  • Registered Agent Service cost is $25/year and included with a new company

Why Choose Corpseed for Corporation Incorporation in Wyoming

We have an experienced team that gives you step-by-step consultation to be incorporated online in the United States of America plus your own online managed US Bank Account. We can assist you in choosing the right business entity between Limited Liability Company (LLC) and C Corporation (C Corp) as per the business requirements. Get registered today in the state of USA and preferred by Startup & entrepreneur in the Delaware Silicon Valley.

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