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How to Set Up Jewellery Shop/Showroom in NCR


Overview: Jewellery Shop/Showroom

Since ancient times, jewelry has been regarded in India as a mark of appreciation for feminine beauty. During occasions like weddings, festivals, and ceremonies, women are seen wearing rich jewelry composed of gold, silver, and valuable stones. India accounts for over 29% of worldwide jewelry consumption. This makes the Indian market an excellent place to open a jewelry store. Get a sense of how the jewelry industry works if you're interested in it. When it comes to a franchise outlet, the danger factor is lower, but it still demands foresight to look over all the facts. Before launching a franchise jewelry store, a thorough examination is required.

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The gems and jewelry industry is important to the Indian economy, accounting for roughly 6-7 percent of GDP. It is heavily trade-driven and labor-intensive, as it is one of the fastest-growing segments. The Government of India has declared the Gems and Jewellery segment to be a vital part of the export sector due to its potential for development and future expansion. The government has recently tried a variety of steps to boost investments and improve innovation and skills to promote 'Brand India' in the global market. Because of its low costs and easy access to highly skilled artistic work, India is usually regarded as the global gems marketplace's focal point. India is the world's largest cutting and polishing center for precious stones, with the industry being heavily encouraged by government initiatives. Furthermore, according to the Gems and Jewellery Export Advancement Council, India exports 95 percent of the world's precious stones (GJEPC). In 2015-16, the company generated $38.6 billion in revenue, making it the second-largest exporter behind petrochemicals. India's Gems & Jewellery sector has been a major contributor to the country's foreign exchange profits (FEEs).

Jewellery Shops and Establishment License

Each of these company structures has its own set of registration requirements, but the Shops and Establishment License, which is issued by the local inspector, is a prerequisite for all three. Under the Shops and Establishments Act, all firms must be registered with the local inspectorate. This must be completed within a month after starting the business, after which a statement must be submitted to the inspector.

This statement that you send to the inspector will contain-

  • Name of the employer,
  • The name and address of the business including the Postal Address,
  • Category of business,
  • Number of employees employed,
  • Date on which the establishment commenced business.

Documents for Registration under the Shops and Establishments Act are:

  • Commercial Address Proof,
  • Identity Proof,
  • Pan Card,
  • Fee paymelicenselan.

The processing charge for this license ranges from 125license500 rupees, depending on the number of employees and manpower you hire for your company. If all of the facts in the alicenseion are accepted, a jewelry store license will be granted licenseately.

Registration of Jewellery Store (Or Venture) In Retail

For a physical store, you must register your company under the Shop and Establishment Act.

If your annual turnover exceeds 5,00,000 rupees, you must register for VAT or CST (between the states) with your local sales tax office. If your annual turnover exceeds INR 20,00,000, you must register for GST begjewelryril 1st.

For those selling retail jewellery, a sales tax jewelry is required. It can be obtained by contacting the sales tax division of your department of revenue. This number also allows jewelry store(s) or venture(s) to purchase jewelry at wholesale prices and avoid paying sales taxes.

To avoid fines, businesses must file monthly or quarterly VAT returns on time once they have secured VAT registration.

Opening a Current Account and Tax Registration

Open a separate bank account for your jewejewelryre to organize your financial information independently (or venture). This aids in obtaining bank or financial institution cash credit or loans.

Before you can receive your sales tax registration, you must first create a bank account with any private or public bank, as your venture's bank statement is a required document for registration with the sales tax department.

As a sole proprietor, a partnership firm, or a private limited company or LLP, you can open a retail jewelry store. Your company's structure is determined by its size. You can also start as a sole proprietorship or partnership and subsequently convert to a private limited company once your business turnover improves.


  • A service tax registration number and a VAT/CST number, as well as a letter from a CA describing your business, letterhead with the firm's name and address, and a stamp in the proprietor's name.
  • You can open a current account for your business after submitting all of these documents and registration copies to the bank. You must have a minimum bale in this account ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 to participate.

Permanent Account Number or PAN

There is no need to apply for a separate PAN card in the name of your business if you started as a sole proprietor. However, if your jewelry store (or endeavor) is not a sole proprietorship, you will need a separate PAN card in the name of the company.

For example, if you created a private limited company or a partnership business under the name Silver Palace private limited or Silver Palace, you will need to obtain a tax registration number or PAN from the tax department in both circumstances.

BIS License for Selling Hallmark Jewellery

The precise determination and official recording of the proportionate quantity of precious metal in precious metal products are owned as hallmarking. Hallmarks are governmental marks that guarantee the purity or fineness of precious metal goods in several nations. The Hallmarking Scheme's major goals are to protect the public from adulteration and to compel manufacturers to adhere to regulatory fineness standards. Two precious metals, gold, and silver have been brought under the jurisdiction of Hallmarking in India. A jeweler who wishes to sell Hallmarked gold jewelry/artifacts must first obtain a BIS license for each location of their jewellery store (or business). A jeweler is awarded a license for a certain location if the application, along with all required paperwork, is deemed to be in order, and the required fees are paid, as well as the jeweler signing a joint agreement with BIS to operate the license. If the jeweler also wants to sell Hallmarked silver jewelry or antiquities, he or she must apply for a separate license from BIS and sign a separate agreement.

BIS's Product Certification System

The BIS Hallmarking Scheme adheres to international hallmarking standards. Under this scheme, BIS grants jewellejewelersered status under the Hallmarking Scheme. Any of the BIS accredited Assaying and Hallmarking Centres can have their jewelry hallmarked by BIS-certified jewelers. An Assaying and Hallmarking Centre is recognized by IS 15820:2009. Following the grant of a license, the jeweler must adhere to the agreement's terms and conditions. The license may be revoked if there are deviations in precious metal purity (gold/silver) or if activities are not carried out by stipulated specifications. BIS has the authority to launch penalty proceedings.

Corporate Licence for Jewellery Store

Jewelers are obliged to get a license for the sale of Hallmarked articles from each jewelry store (or venture) under the BIS Hallmarking Scheme for Gold and Silver. A jeweler with multiple stores under the same management can obtain a corporate license that covers all of its sales outlets. There will be some terms and conditions that apply. There is also a possibility for corporate license prices to be discounted.

List of Documents to Be Enclosed With the Application

Self-certified copy establishing the Firm:

  • Applicants have to register with a state ee-government authority/Trade License.
  • Certificate of Registration issued by Company Registrar Or
  • Registered Partnership Deed in case the applicant is a Partnership Firm Or
  • Certificate from a Chartered Accountant if the applicant is a Proprietorship firm.

Applicant must have a self-certified copy authenticating the Firm’s premises which should not be older than 3 months.

  • Applicants have to register with a state government Authority/Trade License.
  • Sales Tax/ VAT registration OR
  • Income Tax Assessment Order OR
  • Insurance Policy OR
  • Property tax receipt OR
  • Rent agreement with last rent receipt OR Sale/ Lease Deed agreement.

Documents and identity proof of signatory on the Application:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving Licence
  • PAN card
  • Voter Identity card
  • Passport
  • Photo Bank ATM card
  • Photo Credit card
  • CGHS/ECHS photo card

The additional documentation required to be submitted with the application is as follows:

  • Agreement on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs 100/- in the prescribed format.
  • Documents required a location map of premises from some nearest prominent landmark (illustrative only).
Hallmark Registration

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BIS Registration

Team Corpseed will help your organization to draft and file application to BIS for grant of registration/certification. BIS has been providing safe reliable quality goods, minimizing health hazards to consumers.

BIS Certification

Bureau of Indian Standards is involved in different activities like standards formulation, certification of products, system certifications, hallmarking, laboratory services, registration scheme and more

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