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How to Obtain Gun License in India


Preface to Arms license/ Ordnance license

First of all, what's a license? A license from an authority to enjoy or use a commodity to do a particular thing or carry on a trade. When we talk about a gun license, it's a permit issued by a government authority (generally by police) that allows a designee to buy, enjoy, retain, or carry an arm frequently subject to a number of conditions or restrictions, especially with regard to storehouse conditions, completion of arms course, background check-up, etc.

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The arms/ ordnance in India is rigorously regulated by the laws. The Arms Act 1959 along with the arm rules 1962 provides for all the vittles’ regarding the trade, manufacture, possession, accession, import & transport of arms, and security unless a license is delicate to gain.

What kinds of Arms can be held by the general public in India?

The Arms Act of 1959, divides arms licenses into two types.

  • Banned Bore (PB): It includes automatic & semiautomatic arms which are banned for use by the civil public and only issued by the Government. Its specified group of persons is allowed to use similar.
  • None Prohibited: Bore It includes the remaining type of arms that don't fall in the below order and are permitted to be issued to the general public by Federal & state governments. Still, section 14 of the Act provides that the government may refuse to give a license if it thinks that granting a license will be against public policy or contains a threat to public safety. Therefore, it isn't obligatory upon the State or Civil Govt. to issue gun licenses compulsorily.

What makes you eligible for holding a gun license in India?

  • Every state has its own rules & regulations regarding permitting a gun license. Still, the following are some common factors among them.
  • She/he must be a citizen of India and must show the identification documents while applying for an arms license.
  • She/he should have completed at least 18 times of age (16 times of age in case of firing sports)

The Purposes for which a gun license could be granted are limited, which include:

  • Tone Defence: This is one of the most common reasons for carrying a gun – license currently. But, the aspirant needs to show a strong reason for tone defines should have an FIR lodged previously to the operation of the license.
  • Sports Training: For carrying a license under this order, one needs to be a full-time sportsperson and gets a gun for only sports purposes.
  • Crop Protection: This is one of the reasons for the gun license handed in by the arms act of 1959.
  • Security Agencies: Though this also comes under the trouble to life and property rules regarding this are stricter than the first order and the ordnance could be used for limited purposes only.
  • Training in Gun handling: Now it's obligatory for every person to suffer training that involves introductory training in introductory arms & security practices, safe running and carrying procedures, carrying & storehouse of arms and security, and their transportation, before presenting their operation.
  • An Overseas Citizen of India can apply for a gun license in India if he gives evidence of his endless place of hearthstone & satisfies the authority's reason for carrying a license.

Arms Act of 1959 allows citizens of India to get Non-Prohibited Drag (NPB) ordnance. NPB licenses can be issued to anyone of the Indian Nation who can claim a designee status under the following:

  • Self Defence Individualities could be prone to be attacked for reasons including being fat, being in trouble, etc.
  • General Security: This includes the provision of security for Banks, Institutions, etc. This can also cover the markswomen and protection teams of VVIPs and politicians.
  • Crop Protection: Those who have agrarian or analogous lands which need protection from Non Scheduled pests and vermin, like boars, etc.
  • Sports Firing: Those under sports firing discipline who need ordnance for sports purposes.
  • Returning NRI: Any Indian, who's returning to India and has possessed a gun in his foreign hearthstone over 2 times, can apply for an Indian license and bring back the gun they possessed abroad.
  • Foreign National Status: Any foreign National is allowed to enjoy and bear arms for a maximum period of 6 months during their stay in India, given valid reasons.

Eligibility Criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria for getting a gun license in India.

  • The aspirant shouldn't have any historical records of any kind of felonious exertion. Police will gather a lot of information about the aspirant similar to asking the people in the surroundings or neighborhood if they see any kind of vicious treatment or if they've seen the person getting involved in fights due to wrathfulness or bursting out.
  • An interview will be conducted with the aspirant to check if the person is mentally or physically ill or not.

Documents Needed

The following are the documents needed for getting a gun license in India.


  • Attested dupe of Land Revenue record/ Registry
  • Attested dupe of Khationi/Khasra


  • Area of operation of the business. He has to give details of the Branches and their address.
  • Attested photocopy of evidence of fiscal transition in the form of Bank Draft or Cheque/Damage etc.

Private Company Workers.

  • The address of the branches with talkie evidence.
  • An instrument of the MD/ Proprietor/ GM of the company certifying the below information.

Government Menial

  • Nature of the Service i.e. whether All India etc.
  • Photocopy of the identity card and the instrument of the hand.
  • Certificate of the Head of Office/C.O. (in case of the Armed Forces)

Apply for Gun License

Follow the below way to get a gun license/ arm license in India

  • Submit an operation to the quarter supervisor of the police of your state. The operation form is handed then.
  • Police will do necessary due industriousness to check the background of the aspirant. Once it's cleared, police will shoot the reports to both the crime branch and the public criminal record office.
  • The report will be transferred to the separate manager of the Police. If the report is satisfactory and the aspirant is considered also the license will be granted.
  • After getting the gun license, the aspirant has to communicate with the dealer for the procurement of the gun. For this, the client will have to bespeak a reorder to get the gun from any certified shop of their choice.
  • The aspirant should also fill in the operation form for NDAL (National Database on Arms License) as well. Submit it to the Arms Act
  • Department for uploading in the National Database and inducing Unique ID. You can also fill it out online.

Documents Needed for Getting the Gun

The following documents are needed for getting the gun from the certified shop.

  • Issued license with valid date and place and should be either in English or in Hindi.
  • A photocopy of the Gun license.
  • One dupe of the NOC for the plant proprietor and one dupe of the NOC for Police Authorities. 

NOC is the No Objection

Certificate (in case the gun license is valid across India also, there's no need to give it with NOC Instrument).

  • There's also a need for a transport license for the place where the plant is located.
  • One cannot issue letters just on the base of the authorities but, the delivery can be permitted to the retainer only on behalf of the client. Now, this also requires some fresh information including the name of the retainer along with the passport-size picture and an authority letter inked by the retainer himself.


A gun license is valid 3 times from the date on which it's granted (unless abandoned before) and needs to be renewed one month of the expiry. The license may be granted for a shorter period as well if the person by whom the license is needed solicitations or if the licensing authority decides. License is renewable from time to time Indeed the authority can ask for renewal in between the renewal period for recording purposes.

Apply for Renewal

Follow the below way to apply for the renewal of the gun license in India.

  • Operation for renewal of Arms License in the specified format should be submitted one month before the date of expiry of arms license
  • Apply for renewal using this form.
  • The designee should produce his/ her armament and license for examination at the time of renewal and pay the renewal freights.
  • If the Licensee is an elderly citizen, the competent authority may corroborate physical fitness and internal alertness.
  • Renewal will be done incontinently and the necessary thing about renewal will be made in the license

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