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Fire Extinguisher Service For Medical Facilities


Introduction: Medical Facilities

Hey Corpseed readers, today we are going to talk about the fire extinguisher service for all types of medical facilities. In healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes, there is typically a constant flow of patients. They almost all run around the clock. In addition to providing medical care, hospitals are expected to put patients' safety first. No one should have to flee for their lives due to a fire in a medical facility. The capacity of medical facilities has been exceeded ever since COVID-19 first surfaced. In the midst of the pandemic, when hospital workloads were at an all-time high, there have been a number of hospital fires across India that have resulted in catastrophes. All States were given instructions by the Ministry of Home Affairs to make sure that nursing homes and hospitals adhere to fire safety regulations.

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Fire safety is as important for a hospital as its other services because it ensures the safety and security of the hospital. Most of medical facilities such as hospitals has many functions of diagnostic and treatment function, clinical laboratories, imaging, emergency rooms and surgery facilities, etc. and to ensure there fire safety is really important for every medical facility. There are many hospitals that also consist some hospitality facilities such as food service and housekeeping and these types of facilities could become a reason for fire emergencies and prevent that, hospitals have to ensure the fire safety of all the heat-dissipating equipment, combustible gases and fuels, chemicals, electrical wiring, etc. 

What Is The Importance Of Fire Extinguishers In A Medical Facility? 

Every nursing home and hospital or any other medical facility must have fire extinguishers safety system. Although some people think that fire extinguishers are not worthy for their organization but they must know this fact that fire extinguishers are an essential part of any fire safety strategy. They works as a first possible resource to prevent fire and they will save the hospital property with lessening damage and provide fatalities as they are a first preventive response to a fire.

According to the healthcare laws of India, all medical facilities are responsible for providing appropriate firefighting equipment on the medical facility premises if the medical facility is own by a private company or a piece of real estate. This fire safety law also mandates that you maintain the fire extinguishers and conduct regular inspections of them to ensure the proper working of fire extinguisher.

What Are The Types Of Fire Extinguishers?

Here is list of different types of fire extinguisher used for dire safety: 

  • Class A of fire extinguisher:- The class A type of fire extinguisher can only be used to prevent the fire from some commonplace items like paper, wood, and cloth. These type of fire extinguisher can’t be used to prevent fire of electricals, oil, or grease fires.
  • Class B of fire extinguisher:- You can prevent fires causing due to liquid and gas containing items such as gas and oil through class B type of fire extinguisher. You can also apply class B type of fire extinguisher to grease and fat fires in the kitchen. This type of fire extinguisher cannot be used to prevent electricals fires. 
  • Class C of fire extinguisher:- You can use class C type of fire extinguisher to prevent electrical fires. 
  • Class AB of fire extinguisher:- You can use class AB type of fire extinguisher to prevent fire from liquid and gas fires which also include the fire from cooking grease and fat fires. You can also use class AB type of fire extinguisher to control fire from paper, wood, and textile fires and all types of items comes under class A and B. 
  • Class BC of fire extinguisher:- The class BC of fire extinguisher can use to prevent electrical fires, liquid and gas fires and all items comes under class B and C. 
  • Class ABC of fire extinguisher:- The class ABC of fire extinguisher is considered as the best class of fire extinguishers because it can prevent a place from all kinds of fires. These class ABC fire extinguisher can be used on any type of fire emergency condition and that’s why class ABC type of fire extinguishers are highly recommended for every medical facility such as hospital and nursing home. Every organisation can brought them to ensure there fire safety at a very reasonable cost.

Every owner of extinguishers have to make sure that all fire extinguisher are properly checked on a regular basis to make sure that they are fully charged and ready to use in any type of emergency situation. 

What Is The Procedure To Use A Fire Extinguisher?

User just need to remember PASS method while operating a fire extinguisher:

  • how to use a fire extinguisherPull: Primarily user need to pull the pin to break the tamper or safety seal of the fire extinguisher.
  • Aim: Now user need to aim the fire, user need to point the nozzle or hose of the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire to control it. 
  • Squeeze: After aiming the fire from a low angle, user need to squeeze the handle of fire extinguisher to release the extinguishing agent from it.
  • Sweep: User need to sweep the nozzle of fire extinguisher from side to side at the base of flames and user need to perform this until the fire gets extinguished completely. 

(Note: User must not touch the horn on a CO2 extinguisher because while releasing the extinguishing agent, horn on the fire extinguisher becomes very cold and it can cause skin damage)

How To Get Fire Extinguisher Service For Medical Facilities?

The installation of the fire extinguishers covered by the standards that occurs after construction of the medical facility is complete, with the exception of specific conditions such as it may be required for the extinguisher IS 2190: 1992 3 to be installed in specially prepared places. Therefore, the basic order of the building construction procedure is typically unaffected by the installation of fire extinguisher services and when the work is being done, provisions should be made where a particular recess in a wall is required. 


In this article, we talked about the complete process to get fire extinguisher service for every type of medical facilities and we have shared the complete methodology use for all classes of fire extinguisher services. This article talks about the importance of fire extinguisher services and help you to understand the procedure of using a fire extinguisher in emergency situation. We talked about the guidelines of fire safety department of India and how one can avail the fire extinguisher services to ensure the fire safety of their medical facility. We have share the complete information about different types of fire extinguishers. You can learn the procedure of using and getting the fire extinguisher services through this blog. If you want any help regarding the procedure of getting fire extinguisher service or other safety compliances of your organisation then you can visit our website Corpseed. We shall be glad to help you. Thank you for reading this blog, goodbye.

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