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Business Activity list of UP State Pollution Control Board

Business Activity list of UP State Pollution Control Board-corpseed.jpg

Pursuant to direction modified under section -18(1)(b) of water (prevention & control of pollution) act, 1974 & the Air ( prevention & control of pollution) Act, 1981 regarding harmonization of classification of  industrial sectors under RED/ORANGE/GREN/WHITE categories vide letter no. B-29012/ESS (CPA) / 2015-16 dated 07/03/2016 circulated file final report on revised categorization of industrial sectors under RED/ORANGE/GREN/WHITE has been evolved on basis of  range of pollution potential of the industrial sector and grouping of the industrial sector based on the use of raw material, manufacturing process adopted and pollutants likely to be generated.

  • Industrial sector having pollution index score of 60 and above – Red category
  • Industrial sector having pollution index score of 41 and 59       -  orange category
  • Industrial sector having pollution index score of 21 and 40       -  Green category
  • Industrial sector having pollution index score of incl. & upto 20- White category

Whereas based on relative pollution index, the number of industries under various categories is as under:-

  • The Red category of industrial sectors – 60
  • The orange  category of industrial sectors- 83
  • The Green category of industrial sectors- 63 &
  • The newly introduces White Category- 36

Further CPCB issued directions  under section-18(1)(b) of water (prevention & control of pollution) Act, 1974 and the Air (prevention & control of pollution) Act,1981 vide its letter no. B-29012/MSMEs/ IPC-VI/2017-18/ 12189-12230 dated 02/11/2018 that “SPCBs/PCCs shall issued the expanded list of green and white categories of industries incorporating new/left over industrial sectors, which are being operated in their state/UT within a month.

Table I,Green category Left out sectors in the CPCB categorization

S.No. Industry Sector W1 W2 W A1 A2 A H W+A+H Tentative Category REMARK
1. Gas Genset of capacity> 1MVA but <5 MVA -- -- -- 10 -- 10 -- 25 G DG set of capacity> 1MVA but<5 MVAhas been scored 20 in A1 (i.e A1C) in CPCB categorization while a score of A1 to  be 10 (i.e A1E) in case of gas generator is provided & accordingly may be categorize in green category
2. Bakery and confectionery units with production capacity > 1 TPD. (with gas based oven/ furnaces or based on electricity) 20 -- 20 10 -- 10 -- 37.5 G  
3. Chanchur and ladoo from puffed and beaten rice (muri & shira) using gas fired / electronic oven 20 -- 20 10 -- 10 -- 37.5 G  
4. Flakes from rejected PET bottel using gas as fuel 20 -- 20 10 -- 10 -- 37.5 G  
5. Foods and food processing including fruits and veletable processing based on gas based boiler 20 -- 20 10 -- 10 -- 37.5 G Normal air & water polluting. Boiler based on fuel other than gas have been scored 15 in A1 (i.e A1D), while gas boiler it is 10 i.e A1E
6. Manufacture of tooth powder, toothpaste, talcum powder and other cosmetic item based on gas boiler 20 -- 20 10 -- 10 -- 37.5 G  
7. Synthetic detergent and usng formulation only, not manufacturing LABSA -- -- -- 15 -- 15 -- 37.5 G  
8. Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicine based on gas fuel 20 -- 20 10 -- 10 -- 37.5 G  
9. Ceramic and refactories based on gas fuel -- -- -- 10 -- 10 -- 25 G  
10. Dairy and dairy products 20 -- 20 10 -- 10 -- 37.5 G  
11. Fish food, poultry feed and cattle feed mixing only -- -- -- 10 -- 10 -- 25 G  
12. Ice cream based on gas fuel boiler 20 -- 20 10 -- 10 -- 37.5 G  
13. Modular wooden Furniture from particle board, MDF< swan timber etc, ceiling tiles/ partition board from saw dust, wood chips etc and agricultural waste using synthetic adhesive resin, wooden box  making (no washing) -- -- -- 10 -- 10 -- 25 G  
14. Paint blending and mixing (ball mill) vesel mixing (no washing) -- -- -- 15 -- 15 -- 37.5 G  
15. Industry or process involving foundry operations (based on gas fuel) -- -- -- 10 -- 10 -- 25 G  
16. Small petha manufacturing unitsbased on coal coke/ wood/gas as fuel 12 -- 12 -- -- -- -- 30 G Industries in which the daily consumption of coal/coke/wood/gas less than 12 MT/day
17. restaurent (36 seating capacity) having gas fired tandoor 12 -- 12 -- -- -- -- 30 G This score is applicable for resturants having discharge less than 10 KLD
18. Manufacture of tooth powder, toothpaste, talcum powder and other cosmetic item based on gas as fuel 20 -- 20 10 -- 10 -- 37.5 G  
19. Aluminium & copper extraction from scrap using gas fired furnace (dry process only) -- -- -- 10 -- 10 10 33.5 G  
20. Ferrous & Non-ferrous metal extraction involving different furnances thriugh melting refining, reprocessing, casting, & alloy making based on gas fuel -- -- -- 15 -- 15 -- 33.5 G 1- this categorisation is applicable fro secondary production of ferrour & non ferrous metals (excluding lead up to 1 MT/ hour production . 2this categorisation is valid for units having coal/ fuel/ gas less than 12 MT /day. 3 this categorisation is not valid for metal extaction 4. this categorisation is not valid for AOD furnaces
21. Ply-board manufacturing (including Veneer & laminated) with gas fired boiler/ thermic fluid heater (without resin plant) -- -- -- 10 -- 10 -- 25 G  
22. Rolling mill (Oil orcoal fired) 10 -- 10 10 -- 10 -- 25 G  
23. Hotels (up to 20 rooms and without boilers) and having waste water generation <10 KLD & no hazardous waste generation 12 -- 12 -- -- -- -- 30 G  
24. Steam calendaring/ Zero finishing/ centering etc. (without washing process or having gas fired boiler) -- -- -- 10 -- 10 -- 25 G  
25. Hoisery/ Garment manufacturing with washing only (without bleaching and dying) with discharge less than 10 KLD and is connected to public sewer 12 -- 12 -- -- -- -- 30 G  
26. Stand alone sand/ slot blasting with inbuilt bag filter -- -- -- 10 -- 10 -- 25 G  
27. Washing and cleaning of seeds eg. Sesame using gas fired boiler upto 12 MT/hr 20 -- 20 10 -- 10 -- 37.5 G  
28. Bedded HCE's having beds less than 30 & discharge less than 10 KLD & connected to public sewer leading to STP and not having no laundry 12 -- 12 -- -- -- -- 30 G  

Table II, White Category Left out sectors in the CPCB categorization

S.No. Industry Sector W1 W2 W A1 A2 A H W+A+H Tentative
1. All types of toys & doll making electrical without wet process                 W
2. Aluminium, stainless steel, brass vessel, marking units having only process, spinning without use of buffing, polishing and pickling, washing, hot/cold rolling annealing furnance and annodizing processes                 W
3. Bee keeping                 W
4. Belt fastner units without wet process                 W
5. Bio gas                 W
6. Biscuits, pastries, cackes, confectionery, bread, Bakery upto 100 kg/day                 W
7. Black smithy shop                 W
8. Book building                 W
9. Candle manufacture                 W
10. chewing tabacco packing                 W
11. coated electrode manufacturing                 W
12. Dairy farming (rural area focal point periphery of 1/2 km)                 W


DPC coating  of copper and aluminium weir without any wet process                 W


Dry grinding of spices                 W
15. Embroidery                 W
16. Fabrication units connected with animal drawn vehicals, trailers without any heat treatment, furnance use i.e with no emission                 W
17. Finishing leather goods, conversion of finished without wet process                 W
18. Fish ponds                 W
19. Floor polish, tooth powder, hair oil, shampoo and tooth paste with blendung only                 W
20. fuel dispensing only (without automobile servicing, repairing and painting)                 W
21. general wire industries like wire drawing, barbed wire, chain links, making units without wet process                 W
22. Gold/Silver smithy shops with no water or chemical use.                 W
23. Green House/Floriculture under Mechanized process under controlled temperature .                 W
24. Hand Tools without casting                 W
25. Handicrafts by assembling only                 W
26. Household appliances and kitchen equipment, without wet process                 W
27. IT industry having discharge less than 10 KLD                 W
28. Jobbing and machining                 W
29. Manufacture of cement block etc                 W
30. Manufacture of Steel trunks/boxes/drums/shutters                 W
31. Mechanical clock/watches etc                 W
32. Mfg. of Transformers without polychlorinate hydrocarbon                 W
33. Mosaic tiles,cement pipes.Spun pipes manufacturing units                 W
34. Motor and pump making without foundry and wet process                 W
35. Mushroom cultivation under controlled conditions/temperature and its compost making                 W
36. Musical instrument with no wet process                  W
37. Oil extracting by kohlus or expellers without boiler                  W
38. Optical Frames and glasses without wet process                 W
39. Orthopaedic equipment's without casting/wet process                  W
40. Packing and processing of items using Mechanized process                 W
41. Packing of Agriculture/Forest produce under controlled temperature                 W
42. Paints and varnishes                 W
43. Preparation of photo identify card by using video camera-laser printing                 W
44. R.C.C bricks                 W
45. Seeds processing units/hybrid seeds-mechanized process                 W
46. Sericulture units                 W
47. Small resturants coffee/tea shops and Snack bars(<36 siting capacity)                 W
48. Sports good without leather tanning & other wet process                 W
49. Tying centre/Xeroxing                  W
50. Tyre rethreading(only cold processing)                 W
51. Umbrellas,Raincoats,tarpaulins without wet process                 W
52. Weigh Bridge                 W
53. Weighing machines with no wet process                 W
54. Welding Electrode                 W
55. Wooden and corrugated crates and boxes                  W
56. Zip fasteners                 W
57. Atta chakkies,chilly & masala powder, powdering of spices                  W
58. Body building of wooden boats & trawlers                 W
59. Fish net manufacturing without dyeing                 W
60.  Gutka packing units                 W
61. Laboratory ware including glass blowing                 W
62. Maize flake & maize grit manufacturing                  W
63. Optical frame without electroplating                 W
64. Re-packing of finished product(dry products)                 W
65. Safety match sticks                 W
66. Silk twisting(excluding dyeing & de-gumming)                 W
67. Sports goods                 W
68. Honey processing                 W
69. Diesel Generator sets upto 15 KVA with acoustic enclosures alongwith adequate stack height                 W
70. Gas generator sets up to 1 MVA with acoustic enclosures alongwith adequate stack height                 W
71. Pickle manufacturing                  W
72. Import and storage of edible oil only                 W
73. Non-beeded HCE's(clinics,dispensaries,clinical establishment,health camps,vaccination centres,medical or surgical camps,blood donation camps,forensic laboratories,diagostic centre,Imaging centre)                 W
74. Building and construction projects less than 5,000 sqm. Built up area and connected to public sewer leading to STP                 W
75. Bamboo and cane production(only drying)                 W
76. Scientific insulation and other coated paper(only dry process)                 W
77. PVC goods moulding through electrical extrusion process                 W
78. Railway slippers(only concrete)                 W
79. Mineralized water                  W
80. Earthenwares/potteries of electrical heating                 W
81. Dry cleaning without wsing water and boiler                 W
82. Paper lamination                 W
83. Milk collection centre and cream separators                 W
84. Ice-cream,kulfi with freezer                 W
85. Noodles,dough products,ban mango,papad(cold process)                 W
86. Syrup(sharbat)                 W
87. Rice husking                 W
88. Gazak,Gurdani,Revadi,Namkeen(using electric heating only)                 W
89. Manufacting of bidi,cigar, charoot,zarda, chewing tobacco,allied products (manually)                 W
90. paper stamp, paper cones,paper napkins paper pins,'U' clips, pen Holders, paper product, ststionary, cone ,cups ,saucers,plates, envelope,dolls, toys, printing and publishing of books, computer stationary, card printing (only dry process)                 W
91. Washing powders (manual mixing)                 W
92. Wooden carpentry work, doors, windows, frame boxes, packing cases and furniture, fixtures, trays, rolls structral and allied products                 W
93. Niwar tape,lade and other yarn products (weaving only)                 W
94. Sheet metal fabrication                 W
95. Metal wire drawing wiremesh conduit pipe (cold process only)                 W
96. Beltes, nuts, acrown (machining only)                 W
97. Balances (assembling)                 W
98. Steel furniture,sofas,vaults, almirahs, trunk,drum, tanks, container, rolling shutters (sheet metal work)                 W
99. Electric motors & alternators (assembling work )                 W
100. Calculating machine and computers (assembling )                 W
101. Bags ,briefcase suitcase, beddings, purse,beltes (stiching)                 W
102. Wear (with finish raw material )                 W
103. Optional and photographic instruments (assembling)                 W
104. Pen, pencils, eraser and shrapner                 W
105. Plumbering and fixtures (job work)                 W
106. Precision instruments (assembling)                 W
107. Manufacturing of rickshaws, tanga, bullock carts (hand drawn vehicles assembly only                  W
108. All types of household and agricultural items repair and manufacturing servicing (job work )                 W
109. Imitation jewellery (without electroplating polishing )                 W
110. M.S. Storage tanks                 W
111. Hand locks                 W
112. Screw drivers                 W
113. Seat cushions                 W
114. Seed bins                 W
115. Storage bins -steel                 W
116. Tin trays                 W
117. Wheat and paddy threshers                 W
118. Wheel chairs for invalids                 W
119. Wire gauge , wire netting (metallic)                 W
120. Drinking straws                 W
121. Dry distampers(without klin furnace)                 W
122. File coated, file board and letter pads                 W
123. Wax coated paper                 W
124. Toilet paper rolls & sheet                 W
125. Paper napkins including facial tissue napkins                 W
126. Blew and compression moulded plastic good                 W
127. Latex rubber balloons                 W
128. Plastic bottle caps                 W
129. P.P.Film and all types of co-extruded films for packing                 W
130. P.P. HDPE box strapping                 W
131. Polyster sheets (manual fabrication but not manufactring surgical gloves)                 W
132. Cable drum for ACC & ACSR coductors                 W
133. Wood seasoning plant                 W
134. Teak sheet plywood                 W
135. Teak fabricated mould block                 W
136. Wooden beats (including mechanized)                 W
137. Cotton belting and belt lacing                 W
138. kural mats                 W
139. Measuring tapes cotton                 W
140. Sanitary towels                 W
141. Shoe-laces, file tags, and racking materials                 W
142. staple machines                 W
143. Cuffe links, tie pins                 W
144. Sewing machine (assembly)                 W
145. Printing press                 W
146. Boot polish                 W
147. Coir mattresses (without boiler)                 W
148. PVC pipe , cable and wire                 W
149. Gum tapes                 W
150. Canvas goods                 W
151. Safety pins                 W
152. RCC pine & fittings                 W
153. Perfumes (only formulation )                 W
154. Diesel engine assembly                 W
155. Pen,pencils,eraser and shapener                 W

Note No.1

The exemption from obtaining consent of the Board under the provisions of the water (preventing & control of pollution) act, 1974 & air (prevention & control of pollution) act, 1981 and hazardous waste management rule, 2016 for the above mentioned 156 white category of industries, if the unit satisfies the following conditions:

  • that the industry is established/ being established in the demarcated industrial estates/zones classified by the state authorities viz UPSIDC, department of industries, avas vibhag under draft master plan or in mixed category area of predominantly industrial areas within municipal limit or a town/city after classification of the area by other concerned departments.
  • That the investment of the industry is not more than INR 5 crore on plant and machinery.
  • That there will not be any discharge of trade effluent from the industry into steam or well or sewer or onto land &/or that industry will not discharge any air pollution including noise into the atmosphere.
  • That the industry will not discharge any toxic/hazardous wastes & will not handle any toxic/hazardous chemical.
  • All such units identified as “Producers” under the provisions of the plastic waste management rules, 2016 i.e that is persons engaged in manufacture or import of carry bags or multilayered packaging or plastic sheets or like, and includes industries or individuals using plastic sheets or like or cover made of plastic sheets or multilayered packaging for packaging or wrapping the comodiy shall comply with Extended producer’s responsibility for environmentally sound management of the product unit the end of his life.

In case industry is found to create conditions that generate any type of pollution or if there is any objection form the surrounding community & if on verification, it is found that such objection has some substance, the board shall be at liberty to take legal action against the industry under prevention of the water (prevention & control of pollution) Act, 1974 & air (prevention & control of pollution) Act, 1981.

Note2: The industries which falls under white category of industries and have installed DG set of capacity more than 15 KVA & less than 1MVA, such industries shall obtain consent only for the DG set under green category.

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