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Easy Way to Convert Plastic Into Bricks


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One cannot ignore the fact that how useful plastic material is and has become an inseparable part of human life. Just like the coin has two sides so does plastic and therefore getting rid of plastic is no easy task since it is non-biodegradable in nature. After it has been used it is ready to wreak havoc in the environment.

Plastic is an engineered material that invites the attention of the researchers and scientists since it carries the potential to be employed in numerous uses. The properties of plastic material are such that they are indistinctive. Possibly, plastic is a material that can be mixed with every kind of other material. 
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Plastic enjoys being a synthesis of synthetic and semi synthetic compounds that are organic in nature. It beautifully showcases being malleable and ductile in properties. It entails a wide range of applications like in furniture, plastic utensils, bottles etc.

In order to put a stop on the menace created by plastics, we must readily employ the methods and ways that must be technically advanced. Otherwise the situation would take a u turn and create problems.

In our country India, incinerators are used majorly for the purpose of disposing the plastic waste which is subjected to high temperatures. The gases released as a result of this process pollutes the environment in a ridiculous manner. Moreover, the harmful gases don't spare the humans, causing them respiratory and other problems.

The underlying problem is that the plastic is endowed as being a necessity and the government might think twice before putting a ban on its use. Hence we must find ways to reuse it again and again.

Nowadays innovative ways have come up that make use of plastic like in the construction and transportation sector. Mainly in the construction field plastic is now seen to be used as bricks which in itself a lucrative way of reusing plastic.

Plastic Bricks: Required Materials

In order to give birth to plastic bricks following materials would be required:

  1. Requirement of plastic waste in the form of polythene bags or other materials.
  2. A brick mould is required.
  3. Heat of approximately 100 to 500 degrees Celsius is required which can be fulfilled by having an electric oven.
  4. A jet sprinkler must be kept handy
  5. Further, a metal plate for covering would be required.
  6. And last but not the least, a compressing rod would be needed.

Process to Convert Plastic to Bricks?

The very initial step is to collect and sort the plastic waste from the pile of other accumulated waste. This shall ensure that what we get is only plastic material. Following it, make sure that the waste plastic is totally dry and moisture-free.
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Thereafter, with the help of a crushing machine, plastic is broken into small particles. Subsequently the waste plastic is further crushed until it is reduced to being fine in nature.

The ratio of the plastic used and the stone dust can be maintained to be 3:7. The stone dust to be used can be sieved upto 4.75 mm by employing sieve analysis. Further the stone dust is heated with the help of the furnace. Also the fine particles of plastic are subjected to high temperatures up until it converts into liquid form.

Now here comes the interesting part, the stone dust and melted plastic are mixed together in a proper fashion. The mixture is then pounded into moulds which is left for drying for almost a day. After it has dried, demould it.

The brick is prepared and is ready to be used in the construction process. The average weight of each brick will lie to approximately 2.5 kgs.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Bricks?

Plastic bricks which are also called eco bricks enjoy many advantages over the traditionally used materials for construction. The major advantage lies in the fact that they entail zero cost. Also they are light in weight and work wonders when it comes to absorbing shocks caused by loads. It ensures that the waste plastic is being repurposed in a useful way.

The advantages might be many in numbers but we cannot be deaf and blind to the downsides. Considering the fact that eco bricks are made up of plastic and that in turn makes it susceptible to being non-biodegradable. Also it presents difficulty when it comes to sticking of mortar.

Plastic bricks present a false appearance of being sturdy but the reality check is that they tend to deform on application of pressure. This would put a cap on its use.

Another disadvantage is that it can become soft due to UV radiations. Also it is flammable so care must be taken.

Plastic bricks product: An analysis

The product that comes out in the form of plastic bricks, which are popularly called as eco bricks when put to analysis give us the inference that they are quite light in weight and can be moulded into desired shapes.


Plastic bricks fill us with faith and hope that if engineered in the right direction every problem seems to have a solution. This is certainly a brilliant step that might help in protecting the environment from the plastic hazards.

The manufacturing of eco bricks is confined to areas usually where the plastic waste accumulation is seen to be rising and where enough funds are not allocated for pickup facilities for trash.

In the truest sense, it has become evident that only when such innovative ways are put to use, that shall secure the health of our planet.



Get help from an experienced legal adviser. Schedule your consultation at a time that works for you and it's absolutely FREE.

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