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E-Waste Management Authorization, License| Procedure| Eligibility

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Introduction: E-Waste Management Authorization

A Waste Management Authorization certificate in Delhi. The E-waste rules apply to every manufacturer producer consumer bulk consumer collection centers dealers a retailer Refurbisher dismantler and recycler involved in manufacture sale transfer purchase collection storage and processing of e-waste or electrical.

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Electronic equipment listed in schedule one including their components consumable spots and spares which make the product operational but shall not apply to

  • Used lead acid batteries as covered under the batteries management and handling rules2001 made under the Act
  • Micro-enterprises as defined in the micro small and medium enterprises Development Act 2006 27 of 2006, and
  • Radioactive wastes as covered under the provisions of the Atomic Energy Act 1962. 33 of 1962 and rules made thereunder

 E-waste management rules 2016 has been notified by the Ministry of Environment forests and climate change on the 23rd March 2016. Which are effective from the 1st October 2016.

According, to the E-Waste Management, rules 2016 every producer of electrical and electronic equipment listed in schedule:

  • One can apply for extended producer responsibility EPR inform one and obtain authorization from CPC be as well as maintain records informed to and shall find returns of previous year inform 3 -CPCB be an hour before 30th day of June every year.
  • Dismantler or recycler can obtain authorization from concerned State pollution board committee but according to master plan of Delhi 2021 recycling is not allowed in NCT of Delhi
  • Dismantling and recycling of e-waste is not allowed in NCT of Delhi as of now refurbishers of e-waste only can apply in form 1 and obtain authorization from state Pollution Board (i.e DPCC)

E-waste Management overview

E-waste management and handling rules 2011 has been notified by more EPS this rule will be effective from 1st of May 2012.

Two categories of electrical and electronic equipments namely information.

Technology and telecommunication equipments consumer electricals and electronics have been covered under this rule for reduction of hazardous substance in the electronic components the rules specify maximum concentration value of 0.1percent by weight in homogeneous materials for lead mercury chromium poly brominated biphenyl openly dominated diphenyl ethers and 0.01 percent by weight in homogeneous materials for cadmium generators of e-waste have to dispose this wastes only to register to recyclers who has the environmentally sound facilities for recycling of e-waste presently 47 recyclers have been registered across the country by different SPCB for recycling of e-waste.

Procedure to apply for a waste management authorization

  • Download the application in form-1 of e-waste management rule 2016.
  • Create complete waste management plan along with channelization system for targeted collection.
  • Selling of form-1 of e-waste management rules 2016.

Application can be filled up with the help and guidelines of expert consultant.

Documents required to obtain authorization certificate for E-waste Management in Delhi.

  • Name and full address
  • Contact person with designation and contact details such as telephone news fax no and email.
  • Authorization required for (please Tick mark appropriate activity).
  1. Generation during manufacturing or refurbishing
  2. Treatment if any
  3. Collection transportation storage
  4. Refurbishing
  • E-wastes details
  1. Total quantity erased generated in MT/A.
  2. Quantity refurbished (applicable to refurbisher)
  3. Quantity sent for recycling.
  4. Quantity sent for disposal.
  • Details facilities for storage handling treatment refurbishing

In case of renewal of authorization previous authorization no and date and details of annual returns.

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