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DLT Registration: Process, Approval for SMS & TRAI Guidelines?


Overview: Distributed Ledger Technology

The Bulk SMS business has just received a notification from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). According to the most recent regulations, a business needs to register on the DLT platform before sending Bulk SMS to its consumers and customers. Before delivering bulk SMS, a business entity must register on the DLT portal, register sender IDs, submit message templates, and receive their approval. If you don't finish the DLT registration process right away, your messages might not be delivered and will fail.

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This new notification will have a significant impact on all major firms' marketing efforts. All entities must now register on the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform according to a requirement from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). To reduce Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) and enhance mobile subscriber privacy within the nation, this has been done. Visit Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulation 2018 to learn more about the new rule (TCCCPR 18). To keep track of all transactions done between network participants, the DLT platform is a block-chain based registration system. Its objectives are to increase transparency and lessen spam and fraud.

Type of DLT Registration

There are two types of DLT registration: entity registration and telemarketer registration. In order to register on the DLT platform, you must select the appropriate type. Below is a detailed description;

  • As Entity: An organization, firm, or individual engaged in business or providing a service who wishes to communicate with consumers or other intended receivers through phone call or SMS must be a registered telemarketer. The links for (DLR Registration) Entity Registration are provided below.
  • As Telemarketers: Those who are engaged in the SMS business, such as aggregators or resellers, must select the telemarketing option. 

How to Register on the DLT Platform?

Businesses can sign up directly on the DLT platform by doing the following actions:

  • Primarily Applicant has to visit the website of the DLT Platform.
  • Then applicants have to Sign-up by choosing an enterprise.
  • After that, Applicant has to enter his Business PAN details.
  • Then, Applicant has to enter the email address and password you would use to log-in in the future.
  • Then Applicant has to wait for the OTP verification code.
  • Now, Applicant has to verify your business Email by clicking on the link sent to your mailbox.
  • After completing the sign-up process. The applicant has to log in to the portal of DTL registration.
  • Now applicant has to start filling and Completing the form with the required details and documents. 
  • Now applicants have to pay the registration fee for DLT registration. 
  • Following the completion of the registration process, a temporary registration number will be generated.
  • Your account will be enabled 48 hours after the supplied documents have been reviewed.
  • Once your account has been activated, you can use your login information to access the DLT panel.

Why DLT registration is mandatory?

A Blockchain-based registration system called distributed ledger technology keeps track of the transaction records that are sent between network users. In order to stop SMS spam from various marketing companies, a platform has been created. Telemarketers in India are required by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to register with the DLT platform. Prior to this, in order to send clients promotional messages, only bulk SMS providers were required to register with the TRAI requirements. However, under the revised regulations, anybody or anything wishing to promote to a customer must first register with DLT. Maintaining communication transparency and reducing SMS-based SPAM are the key goals of introducing DLT registration. It improves mobile customers' domestic privacy and reduces Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). Customers exclusively using SMS services in India are subject to these laws and restrictions. 

Actually, Unsolicited Commercial Communication is avoided by customers thanks to TRAI's implementation of DLT registration (UCC). It will prevent companies from calling customers on the spur of the moment and making unauthorized calls. To continue offering worthwhile telecom services, bulk SMS providers must register with DLT, per TRAI's standards. To put it briefly, DLT registration is required to stop any fraudulent activities.

DLT Registration is mandatory Corpseed

Register the content template

All of your templates must be registered with DLT in their system. Once a template has been made, it remains your property on all platforms. Every template receives a distinct template ID that is shared over several DLT systems.

On the DLT site of any telecom operator, you can register. Here are a few telecom providers for your company registration. Each DLT portal has offered a step-by-step registration procedure. Fill out the necessary information and documentation to register on any of the DLT platforms and to receive a temporary ID. Following operator document verification, you will be given your special entity ID (Entity Id). To register the headers on the DLT site, proceed after that.

DLT URLs of Different Companies

  • Vodafone Idea Ltd DLT URL:
  • Videocon DLT URL:
  • Jio DLT URL:
  •  Airtel DLT URL:
  • Tata Teleservices DLT URL :

How Does DLT Registration Help Enterprises and Customers?

According to TRAI requirements, businesses who undertake SMS marketing campaigns are required to register on the DLT platform. This has been put in place to start off enterprise functional transparency. Additionally, it aids TRAI in locating the users of the SMS/voice service so that they can utilize the service openly and distrustlessly. Since all operators have adopted this, telemarketers and businesses can now register on any operator's DLT platform by following the steps above. In accordance with your registration as a telemarketer or business during the first phase of DLT registration, you will receive a special registration number.

1. Customer Benefits

  • The elimination of spam and fraud has long been a priority.
  • Security is guaranteed by the use of blockchain technology.
  • Separate registration for businesses and telemarketers increases openness.
  • Prior to delivering the SMS, client approval is required, even though customers choose the time slot.

2. Enterprise Benefits

  • Improved consumer outreach that is more focused.
  • Every template and header is registered on the platform.
  • Improved communication with clients who genuinely want to hear from you.
  • Better marketing techniques to reach your target market.

Role of SMS Marketing in DLT

SMS marketing is growing more and more common among companies of all kinds since it is quick, inexpensive, and tailored. An SMS is delivered directly to your customer's pocket when you send one. Since cell phones are so common, it is simple, handy, and incredibly engaging when it comes to dealing with customers. Additionally, SMS technology is supported by all mobile phones, not only smartphones. To learn everything there is to know about SMS marketing and how it may improve your digital marketing approach, keep reading. Businesses can effectively sell their goods and services utilizing SMS technology or Short Messaging Service by using bulk SMS marketing, commonly referred to as mobile marketing. Only by adhering to a comprehensive set of rules outlined by network providers is it possible to send bulk SMS in India. You may run marketing campaigns, and contests, notify staff members of promotions, and more with bulk SMS. You may boost client education, strengthen public relations, and eventually produce leads using efficient bulk SMS marketing software.

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