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Details of Ayushman Yojna launched by the Indian Government

Details of Ayushman Yojna launched by the Indian Government-corpseed.png

The Indian Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley mentioned a new programme called Ayushman Bharat Program. Under this scheme, two major health sector initiatives have been announced, which are-

  • Establishment of health and wellness centres
  • National health protection scheme

Key points of Ayushman Bharat scheme:

  • Under Ayushman Bharat or national health protection scheme, every eligible family will be given rs.5 lakh insurance coverage benefit per year
  • Benefits under this scheme are not limited to any individual hospital or branch. The patient can avail benefit from any empanelled hospital across the country.
  • The patient can visit any public or private (empanelled) hospital for treatment.
  • Cashless treatment facilities for patient.

Good health care is essential for well being. But the large numbers of people in our country are fighting against various types of diseases. Financially sound people reaches to top class private hospital and get rid of the health problem quiet easily.

But the poor people have to struggle a lot. They don’t have that much money to take treatment in high cost private hospital, they have to do the arrangement of money and go for the government hospital for treatment.

Many time poor people are unable to buy medicine because of sky high price of medicines. So overall it can be said that the condition of poor people in respect of poor in respect of good health is very poor. For long the need for policy was felt that could help such people.

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Features of Ayushman Bharat Scheme:

  • Under this scheme insurance coverage of Rs. 5 lakh will be given.
  • Expected premium will be not more than 2000 per year out of which 60% premium will be borne by Central government and 40% premium will be borne by State government.
  • Almost 100 million poor family will be covered under this scheme.

Objectives of Ayushman Bharat programme 2018-2022

  • Focus on wellness of poor families.
  • Providing the medical benefit to poor families.
  • Establishing health and wellness centers at nearer distances, so that patients will not have to travel a long distance.

Ayushman Bharat yojana- two major health initiatives
Under the Ayushman Bharat Program, Mr.Arun Jaitley has mentioned two major health sector initiatives that could help in eliminating the problems that poor people face. Lets discuss both of these-

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Health and wellness centers

While explaining the Ayushman Bharat programme, Mr.Arun Jaitley Mentioned that “health and Wellness” centers will be established. These centers will provide comprehensive health care. These centers will also be responsible for providing free drugs and diagnostics services.

National Health Protection Scheme

This scheme is also a part of Ayushman bharat yojna. The national health protection scheme will cover 10 crores, poor families. The approximate number of benificiaries under this scheme will be 50 crore.

Under this scheme, medical coverage of Rs.5 lack per family, per year will be given. This is going to be the world’s largest government funded health care scheme.


First of all, let’s make it very clear that “Ayushman Bharat” is not a single scheme; it is collection of two major health schemes which are

  • Health and wellness centers establishment
  • National health protection scheme

The establishment of health and wellness center will be done by the government directly.

But the second scheme, which is National health protection scheme, will be launched for poor families. On 15th august 2018, the government will share all the guidelines related to applying for this scheme.

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