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Design Clinic Scheme for Design Expertise


Introduction: Design Clinic Scheme

The Digital MSME scheme was developed to boost the MSME sector by incorporating Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools into their business and manufacturing processes, hence broadening the business platform. The Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises has also introduced the Design Scheme for the Financial Year (FY) 2019-20 as a component of the CLCS-TUS initiative to connect the MSME sector and design knowledge on a shared platform and to provide expert advice and solutions on design difficulties. The objective of the Design Clinic scheme is to bring the Indian manufacturing sector and Design Expertise/ Design fraternity to a common platform and to provide expert advice and cost-effective solutions to real time Design problems, resulting in new product development, continuous improvement, and value addition for existing products including new products.

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The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore has been designated as the scheme's implementing agency (IA), which is responsible for administering the scheme across the country. More IAs are being enlisted on a need-basis, such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), National Institute of Technology (NIT), Tool Rooms, and so on. In the event of a Microenterprise, the grant might be up to 75 percent of the total authorized project cost or Rs.15.00 lakh, whichever is less. For Small and Medium Enterprises, a design work grant of up to 60% of the total authorized project cost or Rs.40.00 lakh, whichever is less, is available (SMEs). Funding support of up to Rs 2 lakh (Rs 1.5 lakh as per the Government of India) would be given for final-year student projects involving MSMEs. The Project Monitoring and Advisory Committee (PMAC) is based in the AS&DC (MSME) office, and it is in charge of planning, screening, and identification, among other things. PMAC examines all proposals submitted by IAs and approves those that are eligible, along with its suggestions.

Policy formulation, Scheme implementation, and monitoring are all under the purview of the PMAC. It has the authority to make all major decisions pertaining to the Scheme and to approve minor adjustments to the guidelines for operational purposes. Credit for working capital is made available under the ISEC Scheme at a low rate of interest of 4% per year, depending on the needs of the institutions. The difference between the actual lending rate and 4% is paid to the lending banks by the Central Government through KVIC.

The Government of India has authorized a unified version of the scheme for Khadi and Ployvastra to promote the seamless release of interest subsidies to the institutions while sanctioning the scheme's continuation for execution during the XII plan period. Design Awareness and Design Projects are the two key components of the scheme.

Design Sensitivity

Seminars and workshops (Need Assessment Survey) for participating MSMEs are used to accomplish this.

Seminars and Workshops on Design Awareness

A one-day seminar covers design-related subjects in a lecture-style format with the goal of educating MSME about the use of design in many aspects of their sector. A workshop denotes a more focused research design with a clear 'take-away' for MSMEs. Each session will be held for a total of 5 days.

Project Design

Through design interventions and advice, to assist MSMEs in developing innovative design strategies and design-related products.

Scope of Design Clinic Scheme

All registered manufacturing MSMEs under the MSME Act 2006 as amended from time to time and also MSMEs which are included as per executive orders issued by the Office of DC (MSME) are eligible. The scheme is open to all units which qualify as Micro, Small, or Medium as per the definition of MSMED Act-2006. The manufacturing MSMEs may be profitable entities preferably in the last 3 years of their operation.

  • As an applicant, the local industrial designer, academic institution, Design Company, and local MSME are eligible to apply for design clinic scheme funding support.
  • An MSME that has consented to the designs Companies or academic institutions can submit an application as primary candidates if they meet the following criteria:
  • The industrial designer, academic institution, Design Company, academic, and applicant MSME must all be Indian enterprises with active operations.
  • The industrial designer/academic institution submitting the application will be in charge of completing the design project.
  • Before submitting a project application, neither the applicant design, design firm, nor the applicant MSME must be associates, associated persons, Consultants, or employees of the other.
  • Directors, stockholders, and management team members of the applicant MSME make up the project team, which represents the industrial designer/design company.

The following are the requirements for MSME candidates to be considered for the Design Clinic Scheme:

  • In the last three years of business, the MSME should be profitable.
  • The MSME must show that it has either performed well in exports or has the potential to do so.
  • For this purpose, PMAC can specify the relax criterion.

The requirements for qualifying an applicant's Design, Design firm under the Design Clinic Scheme are as follows.

  • The Acclaimed Designer institute should have demonstrated knowledge and qualifications in the problem area that the applicant MSMEs are trying to solve.
  • It is the designer's or design firm's job to complete the project on schedule and within the agreed-upon scope.

Objectives of the Scheme

Design Clinics are a program that gives design expertise to small and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial sector.

  • Through ongoing learning and skill development, create a sustainable design ecosystem for the MSME sector.
  • Bring the industrial design community closer to the small and medium-sized business sector.
  • Establish an institutional foundation for the design requirements of the sector;
  • Raise awareness of the importance of design and develop design learning in small businesses.
  • Using the design, boost the competitiveness of local products and services.

Documents Required For Design Clinic Scheme for Design Expertise

The documents required for the Design Clinic Scheme for Design Expertise in MSME Sector are listed as follows:

  • Applicant must have a Quotation document for the registration of the design clinic scheme. 
  • Applicants have to submit all Project brief details for the registration of the design clinic scheme. 
  • Applicants have to submit a specific Contract document for the registration of the design and clinic scheme. 
  • The grant agreement is also required for the registration of the design and clinic scheme.

Registration Process for Design Clinic Scheme Registration

  • Primarily, the Applicant has to access the home page of the design clinic scheme internet portal. Then, click on the page and open the online project Application.
  • After opening the online project application, a new page will be displayed. Then applicants have to click on the register button for availing all the benefits of the design clinic scheme for design expertise in the micro, small, and medium enterprises sector.
  • After clicking on the registration page, applicant has to select the registration option. Then a new registration page will be displayed.  
  • Applicants have to fill in all the required details on that new registration page.  
  • After filling up all the details on that new registration page applicants have to click on the register now button.
  • After clicking on the register now button, the applicant will receive the login credentials and now he can proceed further and fill out the other part of the registration application.
  • Now the registration process is completed.
  • After the verification process of this registration, the application will be approved. 

Application Fees of Design Clinic Scheme

There is not any application fee for the registration process for the design and clinic scheme for design expertise in the MSME sector. This application process is free for any enterprises which come under the MSME sector. 

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