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CPWD Vendor Registration


Introduction: Central Public Works Department Vendor

In order to support the general development of our wonderful nation, every government organization has a specific mandate or function. The Ministry of Urban Development's Central Public Works Department (CPWD) constructs and maintains public structures. It takes on projects linked to the government's infrastructure needs and maintains existing government structures.

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When Lord Dalhousie established a central agency for the execution of public works and established the Ajmer Provincial Division in July 1854, the CPWD was born. CPWD has a long and illustrious history. It constructed Rashtrapati Bhawan and the Indian Parliament building...Most recently, it constructed the Afghan parliament building, which India offered to our neighboring country as a gift. The Indira Paryavaran Bhawan in Delhi is India's first 5-star GRIHA-rated building, and it was built by CPWD. There are other projects that add to this organization's qualifications and engineering expertise.

The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) is India's primary government department. CPWD is in charge of developing assets and providing comprehensive services, such as planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining office and residential buildings, as well as other structures for various ministries and departments of the Government of India, as well as other autonomous bodies and public sector enterprises.

  • Planning
  • Maintenance
  • Construction

Planning:- It entails project planning and funding allocation. It's mostly an office job, and you'll most likely be based in New Delhi's Nirmaan Bhavan. You will not be able to obtain a vehicle or a home in the first few years because both are in high demand and have long waiting lists.

Maintenance:- The CPWD is responsible for the upkeep of all existing Central Government offices in New Delhi and elsewhere. As a result, you may be assigned to a zone to maintain the same.

Construction:- It entails the development of new structures and projects as the federal government announces them from time to time (such as IISER new IITs etc.). If you're assigned to a project, your primary responsibility is to monitor the contractor's progress and quality of work. You can ride around in a government car and get a lot of respect from the contractors. However, because there is a lot of work going on in the North East these days, you may get assigned there, so be prepared. 

It has also been reported that CPWD is currently competing for projects with PSUs such as NBCC and NPCC. Because PSUs are held to a higher standard of financial accountability than CPWD, the government is delegating more and more work to them.

I hope I've answered your question to your satisfaction. If you have any further queries, please post them in the comments area.

Eligibility criteria for enlistment in CPWD

The status of an applicant for enlistment as a contractor in CPWD may be one of the following. 

(a) An individual, who is a citizen of India. 
(b) Sole proprietorship 
(c) Partnership firm 
(d) Limited liability partnership 
(e) Private limited company 
(f) Public limited company

  • No individual or firm, limited liability partnership, a private or public limited company with such individual as one of its partners or directors, who is a dismissed government servant; or demoted to a lower class of enlistment; or removed from the enlistment; or having had business banned by any government department, public sector undertaking, local body, or autonomous body in the past; or convicted by a court of law, shall be eligible for enlistment. Enlistment, on the other hand, may be considered where the contractor was subjected to disciplinary action for a set length of time and that term has now passed.
  • No engineer or other official employed in engineering or administrative duties in any engineering department of the Government of India/State Government/Central and State PSUs is permitted to work in CPWD as a contractor or as an employee of a contractor for a period of one year after retirement from service unless he has obtained prior permission from his employer Government.
  • A partner or director of a firm or company that has been enlisted as a contractor in the CPWD cannot be a partner or director of another firm or company in that category.
  • Enlistment in more than one category is permitted, but not in more than one class within the same category.
  • A contractor may not enlist under more than one name in the same category.
  • Engineers and architects who are unemployed have a chance. Unemployed engineering/architecture graduates from a recognized institution or university can apply for enlistment in the Class V Buildings & Roads category as individuals. If they are seeking to enlist for the first time, the work experience and financial soundness criteria will not apply to them.
  • After one year of retirement or voluntary retirement from service, retired Central Government/State Government/Central PSU engineers or architects seeking enlistment for the first time as individuals may be considered for enlistment in any class in the Buildings & Roads category without work experience but with prescribed financial soundness, subject to Vigilance Clearance from their cadre controlling authority.
  • Unemployed people have a chance to work as a horticulturist and agronomists.  People with a BSc (Agriculture) or BSc (Horticulture) from a recognized institution or university can apply for enlistment in the Class IV Horticulture category as individuals. If they are seeking to enlist for the first time, the work experience and financial soundness criteria will not apply to them.
  • After one year of retirement or voluntary retirement from service, retired Central Government/State Government/Central PSU agriculturists and horticulturists seeking enlistment for the first time as individuals can be considered in any class in the Horticulture category without work experience but with prescribed financial soundness, subject to Vigilance Clearance from their cadre controlling authority.
  • For the duration of their first enlistment, persons enrolled under Rules 6, 7, 8, and 9 are unable to modify their status. They must meet the prerequisites of the appropriate category, including experience, in order to re-validate. They can modify their status during revalidation if they follow the rules.

Work Experience   

  • The criterion for work experience shall be completed works of the prescribed nature and quantity done on an independent contract basis during the previous seven years, as specified in Rules 6.2.7 and 6.2.8 of these rules (works executed on labor rate contracts will not be considered). The value of works completed in the previous seven years will be brought up to date by increasing the actual cost of work at a simple rate of 7% per year from the date of completion to the date of application submission. Unless specific conditions are specified in these guidelines, the works should have been completed in the same name and style as the applicant's request for enlistment.
  • Labor experience earned from back-to-back contract work is permitted. Work is granted by the owner to the first agency and then by the first agency to the second agency in a back-to-back contract. The following requirements must be met in order to receive the value of experience.
  1. As part of a tripartite agreement, the work should be carried out by the second agency with the owner's approval. It should be backed up with a genuine agreement and a certificate of experience.
  2. Payments received from the second agency should be recorded in bank accounts and tax returns.
  3. The project owner and the first agency should both sign the experience certificate.
  • Work from a petty contractor or a labour rate contractor will be rejected.
  • Experience in respect of an associate contractor, subcontractor, or those performing work on subletting may be allowed for the purposes of these rules only if the conditions of the subcontract/subletting have been incorporated in the original agreement between the client/owner and the first agency, and the experience certificate is jointly issued by the first agency and the owner/client.
  • Work experience on foreign soil is not acceptable.
  • In Annexure III, the applicant must include a list of completed works. He must also provide award letters as well as a copy of the final invoices for the works listed in Annexure-III. Completed works with a time overrun (TOR) of more than 1.0 will not be considered for enlisting, where TOR refers to the actual time of completion divided by the time of completion of the job indicated in the agreement plus an additional time period without compensation. After a physical inspection, the contractor's performance on the completed works will be evaluated using the metrics listed in Annexure-IV. For each category and class of enlisting, the nature and amount of work experience required are listed below.

List of Documents Required (As per Enlistment Rule, 2020)

  • Applicant must have Proof of Date of Commencement of Business like MOA (memorandum of association, AOA (article of association), COI (certificate of incorporation and Partnership Deed.
  • If a contractor wants to register himself for the contractor enlistment then he must have at least 2 work orders (PO) and those work orders must have a higher value (Completion Should Not be Older than 5 Years from getting registered for CPWD). (Work contract agreement with BOQ, completion certificate, Final Bill, TDS deduction details (26AS), and certificate if any.)
  • Applicant must have the KYC documents of the company like Pan Card, Adhere card, and Photo of Directors/partners or proprietor as per the registration.
  • Applicants have to submit the Board Resolution signed by all the directors of the organization and the Authorisation letter as per the registration.
  • Charted accountant of the organization also of submitting the CA Certificate about the turnover of at least the last two years.
  • Another major document is the Bank Solvency certificate applicable to the class of the organization.
  • Applicant must have shown the working capital of the organization.
  • Total movable and immovable assets details of the organization, all those assets should be free of discrepancies and should not be mortgaged, the current market value of the property ( that should be by name of the company only, 80 % of minimum reserve/assets shall be in the shape of immovable property)
  • Organizations must their GST certificates which they can obtain from the GST portal.
  • T/P information of the organization.

Procedure for Registration of C.P.W.D. Contractor:

  • Before applying Online, the Applicant has to download the Annexure -I and Annexure II forms from the download link given below.  And fill it out properly and check it and then apply it Online through this system. 
  • Online Entry of Annexure-I and Annexure-II may be done for applying this online Application.
  • Only JPG/JPEG format images (photos and signatures) of the Partners / Directors will be accepted by the system. Each image should not be more than 80 kilobytes in size (KB).
  • All supporting documents (e.g. Annexure-III, Annexure-IV) must be sent in PDF format. Each PDF file should not be more than 5 megabytes (MB).
  • In the Annexure-II form, press the option DRAFT to generate the DRAFT report for rechecking your entries after entering the details in Annexure-I and Annexure-II. This system generates a unique application number on its own. You should keep track of your Application Number and Password in case you need to make any changes or print the completed online application.
  • The Application Number and Password should be kept private. In any future discussions with CPWD, you must include your Application Number.
  • To complete your application, pick the option FINAL after reviewing the Draft.
  • Before submitting your application as FINAL, use the MODIFICATION option in the Main Menu to modify your application and make any necessary changes in Annexure-I and Annexure-II.
  • Once you've marked the application as FINAL, you won't be able to make any more modifications.
  • The application will be handled only after it has been marked as FINAL.

Offline Procedure:

All other classes and categories must send an offline application in Annexure-IA, along with all supporting papers in ORIGINAL or Self-attested form, to the authority mentioned in the above eligibility conditions by Speed Post only.

Validity of Registration: 

  • Enlistment is valid for 5 years
  • Required to apply for Renewal before 6 months of Expiry 

The candidate must pay the enlistment cost listed in Table 7 below online in the name of "AE (Cash), CSQ, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi." It is not possible to get a return on the enlistment cost. As a result, applicants should double-check that they meet the enlisting eligibility standards before submitting and making the online payment. The enlisting authority is not liable for refunding enlistment fees that have been paid multiple times due to multiple transactions. The "Instructions for applicants" section explains how to pay the online processing enrolment cost.

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