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Caution to Lending Apps, Road Ahead – from Reserve Bank of India

Caution to Lending Apps, Road Ahead – from Reserve Bank of India - Corpseed.png


Most of Non-Banking Finance Company, since last few years are working excessively with Digital Partner to excel their business at large. In fact the Digital Platform are inevitable to existing and new Non-Banking Finance Company to do their business across the India. Technology is now inevitable to run any business at large scalability level. The way technology has leverage the process and being widely cost efficient to run the business, almost all the Non-Banking Financial Institution are molding their operation digital. Regulator Reserve Bank of India is aware of this progress in market hence has published the notification to all the existing Non-Banking Finance Company dated 24th June, 2020 over Digital Lending Platform, adherence to fair practice code and outsourcing guidelines [Refer:]


However the market player are not much aware regarding the adherence and implementation of issued notification and in the other hand, the pure technology company are doing lending business without having valid certificate of registration from Regulator Reserve Bank of India or backed by any License Entity as guided on the above notification. Even though they are doing finance business like Non-Banking Finance Company []  to disburse the loan at market with high interest rate and other charges, where so many people been trapped by debt which ultimately even force individual to kill themselves and several complaints are been registered at several police station regarding loan cases of particular company and their means of sanction, disbursement, management and recovery itself been unfair and malpractices, creates the problem at large to public.

Though the recent outburst of cases at Hyderabad, Bangalore and even Gurugram, Delhi NCR and other small location has created market buzz precisely negative image of entire Digital Lending Platform irrespective of backed by Non-Banking Finance Company or not. In fact, the false player need to be penalized and punished undoubtedly however genuine player on this market should be supported to scale much more so that unbanked and under Banked can feel and exercise the delight lending facility. 


On regulatory perspective, Reserve Bank of India has decided to scrutiny all the available Digital Lending Platform to ensure the fair practice code. Reserve Bank of India vide press release dated 13th Jan, 2021 inform the market participant about constitution of working group on digital lending including lending through online platform and mobile apps. The working group is mandated to submit their report within 3 months. Actually Reserve Bank of India praise the development of financial products been served through leverage of available technology to increase the user experience at optimum level, however bad practice or malpractice need to be removed from the market so that the clean and fair market can exist is due consideration of this committee. 


Digital lending has great potentiality to make affordable access of financial products and services more fair, efficient and inclusive as internet penetration and smart phone users are rapidly increasing to support the tech driven financial products and services however balanced approach needs to be followed so that regulatory framework inspire innovation as well as ensure data security, privacy, confidentiality and consumer protection. Earlier tech is at supporting role but now a days it is been prime instrument to design, pricing and delivery of financial products and services. At no case, regulatory wish to stop this progress however bad player need to be kicked out so that the industry will not be polluted. 

Regulator Team

On the chairmanship of Mr. Jayant Kumar Dash, Executive Director of Reserve Bank of India, followed by Mr. Ajay Kumar Chaudhary, Chief General Manager-in-Charge, Department of Supervision of Reserve Bank of India, Mr. P. Vasudevan, Chief General Manager, Department of Payment and Settlement System of Reserve Bank of India and Mr. Manoranjan Mishra, Chief General Manager, Department of Regulation of Reserve Bank of India are core members of working committee whereas Mr. Vikram Mehta, Co-founder of Monexo Fintech and Mr. Rahul Sasi, Cyber Security Expert and founder of CloudSEK are external members of Working Committee. The working committee will work broadly on evaluation of digital lending activities and assess the penetration and standard of outsourced digital lending activities in Reserve Bank of India regulated entities, identify the risk posed by unregulated digital lending to financial stability, regulated entities and consumer, suggest and recommend regulatory changes and fair practice code, enhanced customer protection and so on. The committee is mandated to provide the report within 3 months. [Refer:] 


This is being welcome step by Reserve Bank of India to remove the unwanted and unauthorized market player from market to place authorized and fully regulatory compliant can stay in market to provide fair, efficient and inclusive financial products and service to public at large.

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