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EPR Authorization for Notepad Computers

The producers of Notepad Computers also require to comply with all EPR-related regulations. They need to get EPR Authorisation for Notepad Computers.

EPR Authorization for Notebook Computers

Notebook computers are similar to those of laptop computers. The name denotes a notebook-like shape and reading experience.

EPR Authorization for Laptop Computers

Laptop Computers are portable counterparts of personal computers while personal computers are the more user-friendly counterparts of mini computers.

EPR Authorization for Personal Computers

These are the central processing units with the input and output devices. These devices are Personal Computers and codified as ITEW2 under the E-Waste Management Rules.

EPR Authorization for Mainframes and Mini Computers

Centralised data processing units are classified as e-waste. Mainframes and Mini Computers are part of this category. The producers need to recycle these products as per the established procedure.

EPR Authorization for Electrical and Electronic Typewriters

EPR  for Electrical and Electronic Typewriters is compulsory and the producers shall get the EPR Registration from the CPCB. The E-waste Management Rules prescribe these compliances.