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EPR | EPR Certificate | EPR License | EPR Authorization | EPR Online Documentation

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Introduction To Extended Producer Responsibility EPR Authorization India :

Extended Producers Responsibility Authorization is a Permission related to e-waste management of electrical and electronic products given by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) after verification of required document, it is mandatory for producers dealing in Electrical and Electronic Products. Electronic waste contains hazardous substances which are harmful to the human body. To protect the environment, Central Pollution Control Board compels the producers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment such as computers, Mobile, refrigerators, TV, CFL, and other related products to take corrective measures.

Online Application Procedure For Extended Producer Responsibility EPR Authorization India:

The producer or manufacturer, dismantler, recycler, refurbisher of the Electrical and Electrical Equipment can make online application at Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) web portal, State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) web portal, respectively,  along with required attachments or by submitting hard copies of the application in Form-I along with required documents, the applicant is required to check all the documents before filing.
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Verification of Application For EPR:

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) or State Pollution Control Board may verify and investigate the given information within 25 days of receipt of application.

Documents Required For Extended Producer Responsibility EPR Online Application:

  • Details of producers/manufacturers/dismantlers/recyclers/refurbishers 
  • Details of the Authorized person
  • Details of producer Responsible Organization
  • Details of EEE placed on the market year wise during the previous 10 years
  • Details of the estimated generation waste of electrical and electrical equipment.
  • Details of Estimated Collection Target
  • Extended Producers Responsibility Plan
    • Approx  Budget for Extended Producers Responsibility and allied initiative to create consumer awareness
    • proposed awareness Campaign
    • Direction  for Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Compliances(If applicable)
  • Copy of Authorization from the related ministry/Department for selling their product.
  • Copies of agreement with collection Centers.
  • Copies of agreement with recyclers/dismantlers
  • Copies of agreement with Treatment Storage and Disposal  Facility (TSDF)
  • Copy of Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) license /permission(If applicable)
  • Self-declaration on RoHS
  • Copy of Agreement with Producers Responsibility Organization (PRO)

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Seeking and Grant of Authorization

Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB) or State Pollution  Control Board (SPCB) after verifying the given documents and satisfied with the Extended Producers Responsibility(EPR) Plan shall grant extended producers responsibility authorization in form no 1(aa) within a period of one hundred and twenty days from receipt of application. The Extended  Producers Responsibility (EPR) authorization shall be valid for a period of Five Years.

Responsibilities of producers

  • The producer is accountable for the collection and channelization of e-waste generated from “end of life” or “end of life” products with the same electrical and electronic equipment code
  • Producers make a mechanism used for channelization of e-waste from “end of life” products including wasted collected from distributor and authorized service centers.
  • The producer is  responsible for disposal in treatment, storage and disposal facility, a pre-treatment is necessary for hazardous substances such as mercury and lead
  • Producers make arrangements for collection of E-waste from the electrical and electronic equipment placed on the market earlier, such as through distributor, Picking Shed, Producers Responsibility Organization, by way of buyback arrangements, exchange scheme, deposit refund system in EPR plan.
  • Producers provide contact details such as address, email id, toll-free telephone number or helpline number to consumer or bulk consumer through their website
  • The producer has to organize awareness programme and create awareness through media, advertisement, publication, poster or by any other means of communication and product user documentation accompanying the equipment.

Annual Compliance for EPR

The producer authorized under the provision of specified rule shall maintain records in Form-2 and shall file annual returns of its activities of previous year in Form-3 to the Central Pollution Control Board on or before the 30th day of June of every year.

Details required for Annual Compliance Of Extended Producer Responsibility EPR India 

  • Name and Address of the producer 
  • Name of the Authorized person and complete address with telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address
  • The total quantity of e-waste collected or channelized to recyclers or dismantlers for processing during the year for each category of electrical and electronic equipment listed in the act by producers.
  • Quantity of e-waste collected by Bulk consumer
  • Quantity of e-waste collected by Refurbisher
  • Dismantlers
    • Quantity of e-waste processed
    • Details of materials or components recovered and sold
    • Quantity of e-waste sent to the recycler 
    • Residual quantity of e-waste sent to treatment, storage, and disposal facility
  • Details of Bulk consumer
  • Details of Refurbisher
  • Details of Dismantler
  • Type and quantity of materials segregated or recovered from e-waste by dismantler, bulk consumer, and refurbished

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