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Compliances Required to Start an Online Grocery Business in India


Introduction: Online Grocery Business

Everything today can be operated by the click of a button and not just over a phone but with the help of the internet. Anything that was manual has found its place to the web and has successfully achieved the idea of an ease to conduct business. Just like other necessities, our daily grocery store can also be operated online. From staples to home care, everything at the department stores is available online to be ordered and delivered to the doorstep. The on-demand economy has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. In the consumer sector, grocery delivery is a very popular and in-demand service. To better serve their clients, grocery chains and retailers are compelled to enter the online grocery market. As a result of people's hectic schedules at work and the rising popularity of internet shopping, the grocery business is profitable today. The online grocery business will expand daily as a result of the rise in smartphone usage and the increase in consumer trust. Starting an online business does not require any extra compliance but more or less the same of that an in-person restaurant.

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Is Online Grocery a Profitable Business? 

The Covid-19 pandemic was one of the major reasons for all markets around the globe to go online and as a blessing in disguise, everyone during this time were at some level technologically aware and as the practise continued, today convenience to operate online is rather preferred. An Offline grocery store needs a lot of space to display all the available items whereas at an online grocery store, all the grocery items are listed down individually into different categories so that customers are able to select their product conveniently. Further, vendors can also promote their merchandise to a much larger audience thanks to online grocery stores. Their enterprises expand as a result of these facilitations increases their sales and that’s how they make more money.

What Are The Compliances Required To Start An Online Grocery Business?

  • Private Limited Company Incorporation using SPICe

Through SPICe (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically) incorporation process, an online Company name can be reserved. Only one name may be requested for approval when using the SPICe form for name requests. However, the application may be resubmitted twice more with different names if the first name filed is refused.

  • Reservation of name through RUN

A simple web-based program called RUN (Reserve Unique Name) can be used to reserve a company name. The name authorized through the RUN Process is valid for 20 days following the date of authorization. Under the RUN process, only one name may be requested for approval. If the application is denied, it must be resubmitted with a new filing fee.

  • GST Registration

In order to collect taxes on behalf of the government and claim input tax credits for taxes paid on his inward supply, any business entity that registers under the GST Law must get a special identification number from the appropriate tax authorities. Without first registering, a person or business cannot claim an input tax credit for taxes they have already paid on their own behalf. Therefore, if a company has registered for GST, it is legal for it to supply products and services.

  • Trade Licence

A trade license is a licence or certification that enables any business to operate. It makes sure that all safety standards specified by the State Municipal Corporation are followed when conducting business or engaged in commerce. It safeguards locals from any health risks.

  • MSME Registration

The Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) sectors are able to take advantage of a range of government initiatives aimed at promoting their expansion thanks to MSME Registration. India is a developing nation whose economy depends heavily on the MSME industry. Along with the nation's economy, these sectors grow. These companies are also referred to as small businesses.

  • FSSAI Registration

Whether online or offline, the body responsible for regulating and governing food safety in India is the Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI). Any industry involved in the selling, production or overall trade of food needs to mandatorily obtain an FSSAI Licence. Having a license can benefit the food industry legally, increase reputation, ensure food safety, increase consumer awareness, and help with business growth. Additionally, it aids in the regulation of import food manufacturing, storage, distribution, and sales.

  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

DSC is a well-known digital tool for data storage and document signing. The usability and essential features of DSC have been relied upon by numerous Government agencies and other service industries for electronic document signing. It provides many levels of cyber security assistance for sensitive data transmission and numerous online transactions. Any tax returns, registration forms, and electronic procurement must all be submitted in accordance with the Information Technology Act of 2000 of the Government of India and bear digital signature certifications. This confirms the identity of the signer and guarantees that the provided information has not been changed or altered.

  • Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Article of Association (AoA)

A MoA is necessary for any business, regardless of whether it is registered as a private, public, or one-person entity. Therefore, the start-up must draft the MoA before submitting an application for registration if it intends to register as a company under the Companies Act, 2013. One may learn a lot about a corporation from its articles of association. This covers how shares are issued, how much is paid to divide, how to check financial records, and how voting rights are granted. It acts as the main resource used by authorities to evaluate and assign the firm a different legal personality from its stakeholders.

  • Permanent Account Number (PAN)

A PAN card reduces the likelihood of tax evasion by assisting the Income-tax Authority in keeping track of all financial transactions that may be necessary in determining an individual's or company's tax due. Irrespective online or offline, any business started in India must hold a PAN Card registered in its name.

  • Trademark Registration

Trademarks are distinctive characteristic signs that are used to distinguish products or services coming from a specific business. They might be patterns, images, signs, or even facial emotions. It is crucial since it sets your items apart from those of your rivals. It might be connected to your company or a particular item. Trademark Registration are protected from infringement since they are considered to be intellectual property. The Trademark Act of 1999 protects trademarks and their rights.


Since they are the source of food, contribute to taxes, and provide jobs, grocery stores are revered as the lifeblood of Indian communities. These days, the world has changed thanks to smartphones and tablets. Almost anything we can conceive of buying is accessible for purchase on the Internet, from clothes to apartments, from food to furnishings. Customers' attention has notably shifted from physical businesses to the eCommerce sector or online stores during the Covid 19 pandemic. Hence for any business to run, its essential that all compliances be duly followed.

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