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BIS Certifications & Legal Compliance For Import Toys Into India


Introduction: Import for Toys

In this Blog, we shall discuss the Import of toys into India, some essential guidelines and import procedures are going to be discussed in this blog. Also, the legal compliances and certifications that are required to import toys into India

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Mark Zev is an entrepreneur who wants to start their own business importing toys into India. So, he needs all the information related to the process and licensing to grant the import license. Hence, This blog will be beneficial for all the individuals who want to indulge in the import of toys business.

About BIS FMCS Registration for Toys?

BIS FMCS (Foreign Manufacturer Certification Scheme) is a scheme for a Foreign manufacturer who wants to obtain BIS License. The scheme is for certification of products other than Electronic and Information Technology Products. Under this scheme, the BIS license is granted to foreign manufacturers in accordance with the BIS Act, 2016, and the Bureau of Indian Standards (Conformity Assessment) regulations 2018. BIS license defines the standard mark for the manufactured products as well as conforming to all requirements relevant to the Indian Standards. For the Import of toys, the designated Indian Standard is IS 9873 (Parts 1,2,3,4,7,9) and IS 15644.

New Import Policy on Import of Toys 

The testing is done on the basis of consignment according to the quality control order to ensure the import and sale of good quality toys in the country. The toy samples will be picked randomly from the import consignment and will send it to the NABL- accredited labs for testing and custom clearance.

Import of toys in India accompanied with some certificates that are as follows:

  • The certificate of imported toys conforms to the safety standards specified by the Bureau of Indian standards.  
  • The certificate of conformance from the toy manufacturer that an independent national accreditation board has tested the sample of toys imported. 

If the sample of toys shall not meet the requirements of the Indian Standard. So, the consignment will be sent back to the exporter. 

Role of BIS FMCS 

The BIS by its central activities of calibration and quality assessment has been profiting the economy by providing safe and reliable quality products to the consumers which helps protect the atmosphere, by promoting the exports and imports substitutes by proliferating the types, etc. 

It is a well-known certification mark that verifies the quality of an Industrial good in India. BIS FMCS has two schemes of registration one is mandatory and the second is voluntary. 

Documents Required for the BIS FMCS Registration of Toys 

  • Business License:- The foreign manufacturer must permit a business license issued by government agencies that allow Individuals or companies to conduct business within the government's jurisdiction. It is a mandatory license for foreign manufacturers. 
  • List of testing equipment for toys:- All the in-house testing equipment/chemicals must be provided by the manufacturer along with the calibration data and test clause against which the equipment is used. 
  • Layout plan:-  A complete layout plan must be provided for specifying the manufacturing area, entrance, exit, testing room, etc. 
  • Brand Documents:- In case the manufacturer is manufacturing the product for a specific brand. In the said scenario the applicant needs to trademark certificates of all brands if registered. 
  • Test report of toy raw materials:- Test certificate or test reports used to manufacture the final product along with all necessary documents during the registration. 
  • Performance of Bank Guarantee:- The foreign manufacturer needs to submit the bank guarantee of 10,000 USD to the Bureau of Indian Standard which is refundable when the license is surrendered.

BIS FMCS Process For the Import of Toys 

  • Application filling:- Firstly, an applicant has to register at the BIS FMCS online portal to register the import of toys. Prepare all the documents according to the prescribed checklist and document by the Bureau of Indian Standard. 
  • Department scrutiny and Inspection:- After the submission of the online application, The department shall finalize the date of the inspection during which the BIS officials will check and verify all the documents and details. Moreover, the authenticity of the uploaded test reports is checked along with the test results.
  • If the department requires any clarification on the documents. so, the same needs to be furnished before the allotment of inspection dates. Once the scrutiny officer verifies all the documents, an onsite factory inspection is conducted where all the manufacturing and testing procedures are verified.
  • Testing of the Toys:- The sealed packed products of toys will be tested by the BIS-recognized lab as per the applicable Indian Standard. The final test reports of toys shall be submitted to the department for further verification on the application. Then, Suppose the test reports of the toys meet all the requirements mentioned according to the parameters listed under the Indian Standard. In that case, the application will be forwarded for the grant of license and agreement signing. 
  • Grant of License:- Post satisfactory onsite inspection, in which the inspecting officer submits all the inspection reports to the certification officer. In this process, the officer shall validate the online submitted details with the inspection. In regard to that, the final license is granted to the application in the form of a CM/L (Certification of Manufacturing License) number. 

BIS FMCS Registration Fees 

  • Application fee (Non-refundable)- ₹ 1,000/- 
  • Annual License fee- ₹ 1,000/- 
  • Inspection fee (or special visit charges)- ₹ 7,000/- 


In this Blog, we talked about the registration process for the import of toys into India. All the information regarding the same such as the document required, the inspection procedure, and the process of granting the license is mentioned in this blog. 

CORPSEED shall help you in getting the BIS FMCS License for the import of toys. Also, advise you in the whole process of granting the BIS license. Hope, this blog will give you insights into the BIS registration for the import of toys. For more information related to licensing please visit our website corpseed.

BIS Registration

Team Corpseed will help your organization to draft and file application to BIS for grant of registration/certification. BIS has been providing safe reliable quality goods, minimizing health hazards to consumers.

Bureau of Indian Standards FMCS

BIS additionally ensures the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking, and quality certification of products.

BIS Certification

Bureau of Indian Standards is involved in different activities like standards formulation, certification of products, system certifications, hallmarking, laboratory services, registration scheme and more

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