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Key Highlights of the 53rd GST Council Meeting


Finance Minister Serve Nirmala Sitharaman declared a few key measures among the 53rd GST at the meeting Chamber assembly held on June 22, 2024. The assembly, gone to by state back priests, secured different assess corrections and work activities pointed at making stalk charge compliance and facilitating monetary burdens.

Here are the primary points:

Aadhaar-Based Biometric Authentication

Biometric-based Aadhaar authentication is set to be an implement out covering all over India. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has been announced, "This is an important step is aimed at curbing fraudulent practices such as fake invoices. It will help us deal with fraudulent input tax credit claims made through fake invoices.

Uniform GST Rate on Drain Cans

The GST Committee a chosen on a uniform GST rate of 12% for all drain cans, notwithstanding of whether they are made of steel, press, or aluminium. This standardization is planning to streamline assess treatment for these products or goods.

GST on Petrol and Diesel

The central government again and its major purposeful to bring or carry petrol and diesel below the GST management. In any phase, this steps need to agreement among states on the relevant charge rate. The point is to accomplish uniform tax assessment of fuel all over the country.

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GST Exclusion on Railroad Services

To ease and the budgetary burden on travellers, the chamber given allowed a GST exception on platform tickets. This choice is portion of broader attempt to make railroad management and then it’s become more affordable.

Reduced GST on Carton Boxes

The GST rate on various types of carton boxes was minimize from 18% to 12%. This kind of changement is predict to benefits both producers and consumers or customers by taking down the fetched of these fundamental bundling materials.

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Exemption for Hostel Accommodation

The services related to hostel convenience exterior instructive educate purpose are presently liberate from GST up to ₹20,000 individual per month. This exception points to make hostel convenience more reasonable for those who are non-student residents.

Central Back and Conditional Credits to States

Finance Minister Sitharaman emphasized the Union Government’s commitment to supporting states through convenient charge devolution, Fund Commission gifts, and GST recompense settlements. She highlighted the ‘Scheme for Uncommon Help to States for Capital Investment,’ noticing that whereas most credits are unhindered, a few are conditional on states actualizing citizen-centric changes and particular capital ventures over segments. States are energized to fulfil these criteria to use the loans.

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Extended GSTR 4 Recording Due date for Little Taxpayers

To offer assistance little citizens, the committee suggested amplifying the due date for outfitting subtle elements and returns in the frame GSTR 4 from April 30 to June 30. This expansion applies to returns for the money related year 2024-25 onwards.

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Waiver of Intrigued and Punishments for Non-Fraudulent Cases

The GST Chamber described the postponing fascinate and punishments for request to takes note issued beneath Segment 73 of the GST Act, given the cases do not include extortion, concealment, or misstatements. This waiver points to decrease the budgetary burden on citizens in non-fraudulent cases.

New Money related Limits for Recording Appeals

To make less government case, the GST Board set modern money related limits for recording offers by the division in different courts. The limits are ₹20 lakh for the GST Re-appraising Tribunal, ₹1 crore for Tall Courts, and ₹2 crore for the Preeminent Court. These edges are planned to streamline the lawful handle and diminish the number of cases in higher courts.

These surveys are portion of the government's continuous attempt to progress charge compliance, rearrange the GST administration, and bolster both states and taxpayers.

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