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Trademark Renewal Service in India | Renew your Trademark In Rs 1,999

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India is a developing country. Everyone is here wanting to start up their business with their own unique Brand Name. With this the demand for trademark registration is high and reserving the renewal of trademark registration is a must.

As Oxygen is necessary for human life, trademark Renewal is necessary for the goodwill & brand Value of the goods & Services which we are rendering.

Duration for renewal of trademark

Once the trademark is registered. It has validity for a period of 10 years u/s 25 of the Trademark Act 1999, after that it needs a renewal or may be renewed from time to time.

An application is filed by the registered applicant of the trademark in the prescribed Form and within the Prescribed Time (within Six months before the Expiration of the Registered Trademark) along with the prescribed fee. The registrar renews the registration of the trademark for a period of ten years from the date of expiry of the original registration.

Renewal of Trademark with Surcharge Fee

Before the expiry of the last registration of the Trademark, the Registrar shall serve a notice to the registered applicant of the trademark informing about the renewal of registration. If the conditions on this behalf have not been complied with, the registrar may remove the trademark from the registers.

Further, provided for the restoration or renewal of the last registered trademark, if the applicant filed an application in the prescribed form along with the prescribed fee and with a surcharge paid within six months from the expiration of the last registered trademark.  The registrar renews the registration of the trademark for a period of ten years under Sub-Section (2) of Section 25 of the Trademark Act 1999.

Prescribed form along with the fee for the renewal of the Trademark


Fee Structure (Rs.)




Application for renewal of Registered Trademark


9000/- 4500/- surcharge

Application for renewal with surcharge under Sub-Section 3 of Section 25 of Trademark Act 1999  



Affidavit in support of the statement of the case filed under Section 40(2)


It is advisable that you take the help of any professionals, to protect the registered trademark and for the renewal of the registered trademark.

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