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Manufacturing Process of Pakku Mattai Plates or Areca Palm Leaf Plates


Introduction: Pakku Mattai Plates Manufacturing Business

Nowadays, the importance of bio-degradable materials is very high since polythene and plastic pose severe threat to the universe. The disposable plates and food packaging materials are manufactured from easily available areca nut palm leaves Also known as Pakku Mattai Plates. It is one of the best substitutes for disposable polythene, plastic containers, and paper plates. There is an ever-increasing demand for these plates. In India, it’s grown in Karnataka, Kerala, Assam, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and some parts of Tripura.

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Pakku Mattai Plates refer to the plates which are used for eating and serving food in temple gatherings, parties, and functions mainly because of their simplicity. It is one of the perfect substitutes for Plastic based as well as Paper-based products which the entire world is concerned about. 

Areca Leaf Plates are made from naturally fallen leaves of Areca tress. Further, these fallen leaves are made into plates that are biodegradable, 100% natural, and environment-friendly. The manufacturing process of the Areca Leaf Plates is purely organic and natural. The use of disposable plastic not only leads to pollution in the environment but also pollutes the oceans/rivers and creates problems in the marine ecosystem. 

Now, People around the world are shifting towards these biodegradable plates which is one of the best suitable options. Areca leaf plates are playing a crucial role in favor of saving the environment, Consumers choose areca leaf plates as an eco-friendly alternative over disposable plastic food plates and thermocouple plates. 

Manufacturing Process of Areca Palm Plates 

The manufacturing process of Areca leaves plates is different from others. As areca palm plate manufacturing is 100% natural.  

Manufacturing Process of Areca Palm Plates

Collection of Raw material

The foremost step in the manufacturing of Areca plates is collecting raw material which has gained significant importance and obtained commercial value. Firstly, Farmers collect the sheaths and separate them from the leaf. After the completion of the separation, farmers send the sheaths to Areca leaf merchants. 

India is the leading producer of Areca nuts, In India, Karnataka has the highest number of Areca palm trees cultivation. Other countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia also produce Areca nuts.  

Drying Areca Sheaths 

The next step after the collection of raw material is drying the sheaths, this process is mainly done to remove the moisture from the sheath. Drying sheaths is important to avoid molds and fungus from the sheaths, it ensures that they are adequately dried. After completion of the drying process, sheaths are then tied into bundles of 25 and after it is ready to send to the Areca leaf manufacturer. 

Cleaning The Areca Sheaths

In the factory, workers clean the sheaths in the freshwater for at least 15-20 minutes. Further, sheaths will scrub by using a soft brush to remove the sand and dust particles. After cleaning and draining, sheaths will press into the Areca leaf plate-making machine. 

Areca Leaf Plate Making Machine

The Areca leaf plate-making machine is popularly known as Pakku mattai machine in Tamil. It is one of the important pieces of equipment for making Areca palm plates. 

The plate-making machine has two pressing heads- upper and lower one. The upper one is fixed to an upper channel while the lower one moves up and down. The up and down movement of the machine helps in pressing the sheaths. Both the pressing heads consist of the coil in it. The hat of these heads is controlled by the thermostat. 

Pressing the plates

After heating, the sheaths will place in the machine in between the hot pressing heads and pressed tightly. The heads need to press tightly against each other to get the desired shape. The pressing heads also contain cutting blades in the edges which cut the plate out from the sheath. In the Areca plate manufacturing process, No chemicals or synthetic binders are used it is a purely natural and organic process. 

Sterilization Process 

It is one of the most important processes. For avoiding contamination and growth of any micro-organisms, The Pakku Mattai Plates undergo sterilization. Heat drying and air cleaning are initial processes of sterilization. It is done to ensure the proper quality of the plates is maintained. Secondly, UV treatment for all the areca leaf plates. Once, the product is sterilized, it is ready to be sealed and packed. 

Waste Sheaths 

After the pressing and cutting of the sheaths, waste from the sheaths is collected. Rather than, wasting the leftover pressing and cutting sheaths it is shredded into powder and further this powder will be used as animal fodder. All the waste collected is considered agro-waste. 

Grading Of Areca Leaf Plates 

The last and most important step in Areca plate manufacturing is to grade the Areca palm plates. This step is done manually.

After grading, The Areca palm leaf plate edges are smoothened with sand to give it a smooth and beautiful finish. This process helps in removing all the dust and dirt from the Areca leaf plates.

At the end, before packaging leaves are left to dry, ensure that it is free of moisture. It includes curing plates by using UV lights. This impedes the molds and microbe growing on the surface of Areca palm leaf plates.

Market Demand For Pakku Mattai Plates

The areca plates are demanding all over the world, generally, its target market is social events that include buffets, parties, etc. A rising number of multinational service restaurants worldwide are leading the demand for plates like Areca leaf plates. Today’s restaurant trend is shifting towards disposable one because everyone is preferred eating with disposable and eco-friendly utensils rather than plastic. Also, it helps restaurants reduce labor costs as well as support customers. 

India is exporting their Areca leaf plates to many countries. North America, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Oceania, Middle East, and Africa are the leading countries that are using these plates. Also, share some benefits and their experience of these plates on online shopping websites.

Documents Required To Start Areca Leaf Plates Manufacturing Business

Compliances and Approvals: Proper permission from the respective local authorities is mandatory. Paperwork like appropriate power connection, water supply, provision, business, registration, obtaining GST, Trademark, Udhyog Aadhar, etc. 

There’s not much documentation required to start the Areca leaf plate manufacturing plant. A few requirements are mentioned below.

The main thing is that always rural areas are chosen to generate employment. This is more useful for the labor and the manufacturing shed will be available at less cost. 

Compliances Required For Industry Start-Up Of Pakku Mattai Plates  

Udyog Aadhar: It is a 12-digit unique identification number (UIN). It is offered by the Ministry of Micro small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) of the Government of India. All the small and medium-scale business enterprises belonging to the manufacturing or servicing industry are eligible

for registration under Udyog Aadhar. Applicants can register under Udhyog Aadhar by using this link-  

GST registration: Goods and services tax (GST), People who start their new business start-up GST registration is mandatory for them. If the organization carries on business without registering under GST, it is an offense and heavy penalties will apply to the person. 

Trademark: It is a type of intellectual property that differentiates your product and services from other competitors in the market. Trademark allows individuals exclusive ownership rights and prohibits others from using the mark, favoring the owner of the registered mark. 

Trade license: Trade License Is a Permit that defines the regulating area of any business. This license certifies that the manner and location of a specific business are in accordance with the rules, standards, and safety guidelines enforced by the relevant Department. It is also mandatory If an Individual wants to start a business in West Bengal.

Subsidies From The Government

Subsidies Are a Matter Of Central Government also Sometimes State Government. To know and apply for subsidies applicants can contact the district Industrial center of your area, Government Can give subsidies to according to current Government Schemes and Programs.

Advantages Of Pakku Mattai Plates

The utilization of different types of plastic products has harmed our planet. Due to the growing environmental concern, many people come forward to discourage the usage of plastic products and the adoption of Eco-friendly products such as bone china plates, bowls, food containers, etc.

Pakku Mattai Plates is one of the best disposable plates which can be easily used at parties, weddings, events, etc. Also, they can disintegrate into the soil without harming the earth.

So, we all should have to move from the daily use of plastic plates to Areca palm leaf plates. 

1. It Is Made From naturally-sourced Materials

 Pakku Mattai Plates are made from 100% natural material. This is a naturally fallen leaf obtained from the Areca palm trees. In addition to this, the manufacturing process of these disposable plates is free from all chemicals.

2. The Plethora Of Styles Are Available On These Plates

These plates are available in different shapes and sizes. Also, it is available in a wide range of offline and online stores. So, people can choose according to their event requirements and promote the usage of environmentally friendly products on special occasions. 

3. These Products Are Super Handy

These plates are durable, light in weight, easy to use as well as carry relatively to plastic and other products. Because of the durability, these plates' demand is quite high in the market.

4. These Products Are Microwave Safe, Compostable, And Recyclable

Areca leaf plates can easily use in the microwave, safe from the heat. Also, it is leakproof and easily recyclable. It has Thermoregulation properties which enable plates to withstand low and high temperatures.

5. There Are Numerous Uses Of Area Palm Leaf Plates

These plates are safe for packaging food such as in parties, events as well as in restaurants. Moreover, these plates do not alter the taste of food, unlike plastics container. Also, people can easily serve hot, cold, oily food in these plates.


From What has been discussed above it is clear that Pakku Mattai Plates are one of the best eco-friendly alternatives to plastic and other disposable plates. Also, it helps in reducing Environmental Pollution. Hence, It is believed that Pakku Mattai Plates can be used for serving to package food items.

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