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How to Manufacture Electrical Switches



In this Blog, we shall discuss the manufacturing of electrical switches, sockets, and plugs. These are household consumable items. Also, it is required in all public transport such as metro, trains, buses, and for commercial purposes as well. An individual can start electrical switch manufacturing with a small capital investment. This blog will give you all the information related to the manufacturing of electrical switches and what investment is required for the manufacturing and what kind of labor is working on making this. 
Every individual makes use of Electrical switches in their daily life. Moreover, Business institutions and industries are also huge consumers of electrical switches. This will be one of the best business ideas associated with electricity.

The types of electrical switches

Here are the different types of Electrical switches which are used for household as well as commercial purposes.  

  • One-way (single pole) Electrical switch: It is one of the most common use switches. Generally, they are used for light, fans, or other devices from a single location switch. Their simple function is ON and OFF, This is something which is not in any other switch such as in three-way and four-way. A one-way switch generally works as a brake switch. The two terminals of the switch are connected when it is turned ON, and the contact between the two is broken when the switch is turned OFF. 
  • Two-way (Double-pole) Electrical Switch: This type of Switch is generally used in Industrial applications but it can also be used in some home wiring systems. These switches also have ON and OFF markings on them. A double pole switch has four brass terminals instead of two like one-way. This type of switch has a ground terminal that allows you to connect two pairs of hot wires. These are generally used for 30 amps so that they can able to control higher-demand appliances such as motors, geysers, and machinery. 
  • Bell Push Switch: It is generally used in doorbell switches. It can be used at homes, offices guest houses, or at any other place wherever needed. A bell push switch always maintains a broken circuit, even if the button is pressed.

The raw material required for switch Manufacturing

  • Bakelite Powder: It is widely used in the manufacturing of electrical appliances such as knobs, dials, circuitry panels, and even cabinets for radios. Also, it was employed in the electrical systems of automobiles. In the 1930s cast bakelite along with many other competing phenolic reins, enjoyed a vogue in colorful costume jewelry and novelties.  
  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Thermosetting
  • Thermoplastic Resins

The Manufacturing Process of electrical switches and sockets

Manufacturing for a full-scale commercial setup requires securing an area of 200 sq. ft. Moreover, Individuals should have to manage the utilities like water electricity, and skilled labor. Also, they need to arrange a power load of 3 HP for the operation of the machines and procure machines like compressor molding machines, molds, buffer machines, testing equipment, and miscellaneous tools. 

To start with, the weight required for the molding compound. Individuals must have to do the preheating to the molding temperature. Then put it in the heated mold and compressed it with the hydraulic press. Hence, a hardening reaction is held under the pressure. Furthermore, Individuals can take the product to the finishing section and you must have to insert the pins as well as can use one or more cavities in the compression molding process and then remove the bars, and polish them in a buffing machine. In addition to this, a person must have to perform a quality check-up before packaging. After this, Swriches are ready for packaging and dispatching. Electrical switches are generally specified according to the arrangements of contacts in which few are usually open until closed by the operation of the switch, and others are closed and opened by the switch action.

What are the important licenses required to start manufacturing electrical switches?

  • Trade License - It is a document/ certification that allows the applicant to open a business for a particular trade in a particular area or location. However, this does not allow any other trade or business than for it to be issued. 
  • GST Registration - GST registration is mandatory for all those who want to start their new business start-up. If the organization carries on business without registering under GST, it is an offense and heavy penalties will be levied on the person. 
  • MSME/ Udyog Aadhar- It is a 12-digit unique identification Number (UIN). It is offered by the Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) of the Government of India. All the small and medium-scale business enterprises in the manufacturing or servicing industry are eligible for registration under Udyog Aadhar. Applicants can register under Udyog Aadhar by using this link- 
  • ISO Certification - International organization for standardization this is proof that the organization is maintaining all the standards in terms of safety, quality, and efficiency of products and services they are providing to their customers. 
  • BIS Certification - This certification enables the third party to guarantee of quality, safety, and reliability of products to their customers. Furthermore, it is mainly required for the imports of items. It is a mandatory certification for starting a business in India.

Market demand for electrical switches 

The demand for different types of switches and electrical appliances has rapidly increased with the rapid industrialization in urban and semi-urban areas such as government and private offices and seminar/ conference halls. so it leads to an increase in the demand for electrical switches. The need for switches in the market has increased a lot in recent years because of the development in the areas. 


In this Blog, we have discussed the manufacturing process of Electrical switches, their types, and some important licenses required for the manufacturing of electrical switches. Also, While starting the manufacturing of electrical switches one needs to understand their types. Corpseed will help you in starting your switch manufacturing business and guide you in getting all these licenses. I hope, this blog is helpful for you as well as gives you some insights regarding electrical switches. 

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