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How to Apply for Karnataka Pollution Control Board

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The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board for Prevention and Control of Water Pollution is constituted under the Government of Karnataka in compatibility of the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974. The Water Act will accommodate the avoidance and control of water contamination and keeping up or reestablishing of the healthiness of the water. After the establishment of the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 the authorizing obligation was endowed to the above Board. All things considered; the Board was later renamed as the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board in 1985. The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, of 1981 is an order to accommodate anticipation, control and decrease of air contamination.

Supervisions Offered by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board

  1. Consent for foundation submerged (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 and Consent for foundation under Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, in regard of orange and green class ventures (Form-OG).
  2. Consent for foundation submerged (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974, in regard of red class industry.
  3. Consent for foundation under Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, in regard of red class industry.

Procedure for Obtaining Authorization/Consent

  • If any individual needs to establish a mechanical plant or procedure which is probably going to release destructive synthetic compounds, effluents, it is the compulsory necessity of the Board that the individual needs to get the earlier endorsement of the Board.
  • Further, if any individual is setting up any modern plant, which is probably going to release effluents and hurtful synthetic substances in overabundance of reasonable cutoff laid by the Board, the industry needs to acquire earlier consent (NOC) of the Board.
  • Before giving the approval/consent to build up, the Board needs to fulfill itself that the business has the fundamental office to deal with and treat squander released by such the modern unit.

So as to get the consent of the Board, the concerned individual is required to present an application in an endorsed structure alongside important records to the Board and the occupier is likewise required to acquire earlier consent from the Board for taking care of perilous squanders, fabricate plastic convey sacks as gave under different guidelines recommended under the Environment (Protection) Act 1986. The structures with respect to earlier consent are accessible online on the Karnataka contamination board site, and it is likewise accessible at the provincial office.

Categorization of Industries

With the end goal of consent to establish (NOC), the businesses/associations have been classified as follows:

  • Red classification
  • Orange classification
  • Green classification
  • White classification

The term of the approval allowed to an industry relies on the class it falls in. Approval of an Industry falling under Red and orange classification is substantial for a time of five years, though the approval of the business falling under green class is legitimate for a time of ten years. The red and orange classification is of enterprises that are all the more contaminating in this way are required to satisfy extra conditions like having STP plant, web-based observing of contamination, submitting yearly contamination information to the Board and so on.

 In any case, Industries falling under the White classification are not required to get approval before building up, for the reason that they are not heavily polluting industries and along these lines are outside the review of the consent system.

 There are total 57 businesses that fall under this class. The Board has commanded all the enterprises aside from those ventures which fall under the white classification to get consent before beginning any industry.

Documents Required

White Category

  • Document Collection and preparation of reports
  • Online Application Submission
  • Follow up with KSPCB
  • Delivery of archive

Orange and Green Category

  • Authorized Person Pan card
  • The authorized Person's Aadhar card must be connected with refreshed Mobile No.
  • Pan card of the unit if there should be an occurrence of Partnership/Company
  • Authorization letter (aside from Proprietorship)
  • Municipal/Industry permit
  • Factory/Trade/wellbeing Trade License
  • Proof of enrollment of the Unit
  • CA Letter for total venture cost
  • Site Plan.
  • FSSAI Certificate for nourishment organizations
  • Electricity bill
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Water Bill
  • GST Certificate

Types of consent or NOC

Essentially three kinds of consent are applied:

  • Consent to Establish
  • Consent to Operate
  • Renewal of Consent to work

Functions of Board

The Board so as to complete the reasons, for which the Environment Acts came into constrain, it plays out some significant capacities.

  • It plans and actualizes state-wide extensive programs for the counteraction, control, and reduction of contamination and structures rules for the legitimate execution of the projects.
  • It energizes, leads, and takes an interest in studies and research identifying contamination.
  • It can lead an examination of any industry and pass conclusion arrangements or can rebuff defaulting ventures with fiscal fines.
  • Further, it advances conservative and solid strategies for the treatment of sewage and exchange effluents, having respect to the particular states of soils, climatic conditions, and water assets with the goal that appropriate exchange effluents can be used in agribusiness. Development of Effective strategies for removal of sewage and exchange effluents ashore.
  • The board may require any individual or industry worried to develop new frameworks for the best possible removal of sewage and different effluents released by the mechanical unit.
  • Permissible cutoff points for the release of effluents are set by the Board, and it additionally sets norms for the release of effluents and admissible restrictions of the release of effluents.
  • The board may lead an examination of any gear, modern plant or assembling process for the treatment of sewage and effluents and it might likewise give headings to the occupier to make fundamental strides for counteraction, control, and reduction of contamination. It might likewise investigate Air contamination control regions in order to survey the nature of air.

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