FSSAI Packaging And Labeling Laws And Regulations In India

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These regulations may be called the Food Safety and Standards (labelling) Regulations, 2011 1.1.2: These regulations shall come into force on or after 5th August, 2011

Following are the mandatory details need to mention on product containers.

  1. Best before date: - means the date which signifies the food to be perfectly safe to consume. However, the food shall not be sold if at any stage the product becomes unsafe to consume.
  2. Date of manufacture: -  means the date on which the food becomes the product as described;
  3. Date of packaging: - means the date on which the food is placed in the direct container in which it will be ultimately sold;
  4. Best for consumption: - age group
  5. Lot number or code number or batch number: - means the number either in numeric or alphabets or in combination thereof, representing the lot number or code number or batch number, being preceded by the words Lot No or Lot or code number or Code or Batch No” or “Batch” or any distinguishing prefix by which the food can be traced in manufacture and identified in distribution.
  6. Non- Vegetarian Food mark: -  On all food products contains whole or part of any animal including birds, fresh water or marine animals or eggs or products of any animal origin, but excluding milk or milk products, as an ingredient;
  7.  Use – by date or Recommended last consumption date or Expiry date means the date which signifies the end of the predictable period under any stated storage conditions, after which the food probably will not have the quality and safety attributes normally expected by the customers and the food shall not be sold;
  8. Vegetarian Food mark on all food items other than Non- Vegetarian Food as defined in point number 6
  9. The Name of Food: The name of the food shall include trade name or description of food contained in the package.
  10. List of Ingredients on product package
  11. Added water shall be declared in the list of ingredients except in cases where water forms part of an ingredient
  12. Nutritional information – Nutritional Information or nutritional facts per 100 gm or 100ml or per serving of the product shall be given on the label
  13. Declaration regarding Food Additives
  14. Name and complete address of the manufacturer
  15. Net quantity
  16. Country of origin for imported food
  17. Instructions for use:
  18. Manner of declaration
  19. Principal display panel: The information required under these Regulations shall be given on the principal display panel of the package or container and such information may be given in the following manner
  20. Specific Requirements/ Restrictions on manner of labelling

Exemptions from labelling requirements

  1. Where the surface area of the package is not more than 100 square centimeters
  2. the 'date of manufacture' or 'best before date' or 'expiry date' may not be required to be mentioned on the package having surface area of less than 30 square centimeters, but these information’s shall be given on the wholesale packages or multipiece packages, as the case may be
  3. in case of liquid products marketed in bottles, if such bottle is intended to be reused for refilling, the requirement of list of ingredients shall be exempted, but the nutritional information still required on bottle.
  4. in case of food with shelf-life of not more than seven days
  5. In case of multi piece packages the particulars regarding list of ingredients, nutritional information, Date of manufacture/ packing, best before, expiry date labelling of irradiated food and, vegetarian logo/non-vegetarian logo, may not be specified.

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