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FSSAI License For Transporter | FSSAI License For Transport Vehicle


Introduction: FSSAI License For Transporter

In a developing economy like India, it is very challenging to provide food to the growing population of 1.3 Billion hungry people. To aggravate the scenario, add the challenge of providing that food to the people in a safe, secure, and hygienic environment. For this purpose, Government of India enacted legislation in 2006 which is known as Food safety and Standards Act 2006 (FSS Act 2006). For the execution of this FSS Act, a statutory body came into existence by the Parliamentary legislation and came to be known as Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

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It was given the mandate to acquire FSSAI license before organizing, regulating and developing the food business in the Union of India. FSSAI is the regulatory authority for all food business operators and for all kinds of food articles manufactured and sell in India. Even a transporter, who is involved in the business of transporting food articles from one place to another, needs to obtain a FSSAI license. This license consists of three major components –

  • Transport infrastructure that includes vehicles, airports, ports and rail transport
  • Technology pertaining to food handling and various regulations related to storage, warehousing and refrigeration 
  • Depending on demand and varied requirements, adequate supply and source logistics.

Why to apply for FSSAI License For Transporter

It has been made mandatory for all transporters involved in the business of transporting food articles from one place to another to acquire an FSSAI license. This is to ensure that safe practices of food transportation are being followed and necessary certification is obtained.It is imperative for food transporters to follow stipulated safety guidelines in order to acquire a food transportation license. This not only helps in developing but also ensures good hygiene practices that are followed in manufacturing premises.

Many people are not aware of the applicability and coverage of FSSAI Food Operators License and as such, they do not know if it applies to all people. It is clearly told that this license applies to all who are into manufacturing, distribution, and storage of food. It also applies to street food vendors such as meat shops, paanipuri and aaloticki stalls. It also applies to all restaurants and any other small, medium or large food operators.

Procedure of applying for FSSAI License For Transport Vehicle

If you wish to know more about the procedure through which you can apply for an FSSAI license, continue reading further.

  • If you are a transporter and
    1. To operate your business from one state with a single location, you need to apply for a single license to operate.
    2. Operating your business from multiple locations within a state, then you required onelicense for each location
    3. Operating your business from multiple states within India, you require one central licenseplus one state license for each state.
  • To apply online, visit the FSSAI Home Page. Click on the Registration/license tab and choose to Apply for Registration/license from the down menu.
  • This will take you to another page and you are required to fill appropriate and correct details. The next step is to click on Yes if your business premises is located at the airport or seaport of specified cities and No if it isn’t.
  • If your business entity operates for multiple states, select yes and if it operates from a single location, select No.
  • Select the category of business you are engaged in. Depending on the category selected, check the turnover or capacity so as to determine the eligibility for that category.
  • After selecting all these options, you can click on Proceed. As soon as you click on Proceed, you will be redirected to a new page where you need to select the type of business you operate for State or Central license.
  • After selecting the type of business, automatically, a license category will be displayed. Click to apply on each against the license category.
  • After the completion of a pre-check procedure, you will be redirected to the Central Licensing Page if you come under the purview of the Central License category. Here, you are required to fill an application form as per the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006. As soon as the application is duly filled, click on save and next.
  • After completing this step, a new part of the application will appear on your computer screen. Here you need to fill in details like food processing unit, and a variety of relevant business details.
  • You need to fill this form very carefully and only the relevant information needs to populate against each field. The food products you are mentioning in the form must be approved as per FSSAI Act 2006.
  • One can easy add new products by clicking on the select food category.
  • Utmost Care must be taken while filling up the information as it will get reflected on your license.
  • Once all the details and formalities have been completed, you need to make payment on the payment page. It is completely safe and secure gateway.

Might be the procedure is long and drawn out but includes all relevant details about the business and ensures quick acquisition of a Food License. Once this license is obtained, the operators can work with peace of mind. There are few steps where utmost care is important, in order to make the process really simple, CorpSeed helps its customers to obtain FSSAI license for transport at easy and affordable prices.

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