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How To Get FSSAI License For Tea | FSSAI Standards For Tea

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Introduction: FSSAI Guidelines for Tea Products

FSSAI Guidelines for Exporting / Importing tea, tea product labeling/packaging, approval, fees, and compliance requirements

The food industry is one of the biggest industries in India as well as in the entire world, to maintain food safety standards, it is important to implement the regulations effectively. FSSAI is the highest statutory authority that is created to regulate, check and implement science-based standards for the different food products that are manufactured, processed, packed, stored, imported, and distributed in the country. FSSAI ensures the availability of a healthy and safe products for the consumption of end customers.

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Consumers are now more inclined today to product quality and prefer to consume products with the best quality. FSSAI has created an incredible trust in the consumer minds., now a day’s consumers don’t take too much of time while making buying decisions if a product is FSSAI certified. This quick buying decision is because of the trust and credibility created by FSSAI in the Indian market. Tea is a food beverage that is broadly sold across the whole country and sold by several manufacturers under different brand names.

As per food regulations, ‘Tea” falls under the beverages group and is mainly are of three types

  • Tea, Kangra
  • Tea, and
  • Green Tea.

TEA means tea other than Kangra tea that is derived from the leaves, buds and tender stems of plants of the Camellia sinensis or Camellia tea that are grown in Kangra and Mandi valleys of Himachal Pradesh. It might be in the form of black or oolong tea. The product must not include living insects, dead insects, molds, insect wreckages, and rodent pollution that is visible to the naked eye. The product shall be free from artificial coloring, hazardous substances, and inessential matter.

The tea must comprise natural flavors and natural flavoring ingredients, which are acceptable for human consumption. The tea must be sold under two different categories, Kangra Tea and not. Kangra.

Green Tea means the tea that is derived exclusively and produced by suitable processes which would be suitable for human consumption.

Ingredients used in the manufacturing of the flavored tea must conform to the standards of tea. Also, tea comprising added flavor needs to have a proper label declaration the details of the ingredients. If the food business operator is providing flavored tea, then he must register business with the Tea Board before marketing flavored tea.

Regulation 7.3.11- Restriction on sale of the Kangra Tea- Kangra tea shall be sold or offered for sale only after it is marked and graded in accordance with the provisions of the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act, 1937 (1 of 1937) and the regulations made thereunder.

Regulation 7.3.12- Condition for sale of the Flavored Tea- Flavored tea shall be sold or offered for sale only by the registered manufacturers, registered with the Tea Board. It's mandatory to mention the tea Board license number on the label of the package. Flavored Tea must be sold only in packed conditions with a label declaration as mentioned in the regulations.

The tea manufacturers must make sure that the tea is packed and labeled in accordance with tea board and FSSAI regulations. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), is now very strict on the regulatory norms related to the labeling standards of the products. FlavoredTea Manufacturers must be very careful to ensure fulfilling all requirements or otherwise, they might be liable for penalties mentioned under the FSS (Packaging and Labelling) regulation, 2011.

The labeling of the product is very important and the label must contain all the relevant information before it is ready for sale in the market. The package must contain below mention labeling requirements:

Name of the Product, Name, and address of the manufacturer, Date of manufacturing, Expiration Date and Best Before Date, Net Weight of the content by volume, weight or count, Ingredients details with additives, Packaging Codes/ Batch Number, Country of origin for imported food

The content on the label must be clear, prominent, and easily readable by the human eye. The label of the product may not contain or describe any information that is false, or misleading or is likely to generate a wrong impression of its character in any respect.

Product Testing and Approval

  • NABL labs test
  • Product approval (FSSAI Approval) is mandatory for the tea manufacturers before selling it in the public.

There are numerous requirements, rules, and regulations mentioned under the FSSAI, which continue to update over time. Therefore, it’s advisable for the manufacturers to consult with a professional consultant, who can guide manufacturers with the current regulations, and compliances and help to get the required registration, certifications, and licenses for starting a Tea retailing or manufacturing Business. These consultants have complete knowledge of the rules and regulations of FSSAI. These consultants help in the end-to-end procedure of, initial consultation, document preparation, application drafting, product testing, approval, and submitting of the application. They take care of all the essential details and offer excellent service at a very cost-effective price plan. If you want any assistance in obtaining a license, registration, or product approval through FSSAI. Consult a food professional to help you, so that you can focus on your core area. 

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