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EPFO Unified Portal – EPFO Employer Portal Services 2019


Introduction: Employees Provident Fund

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is a social security system for workers in India. Employers are needed to abide by the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) regulations and get PF registration on engaging 20 or even more staff members. To improve convenience of doing business, all services relating to provident funds like PF registration, PF return filing as well as settlement of PF contribution has been offered online through the Unified Web Site. Additionally, all employee-related solutions like account transfer, EPF account balance check as well as claims have been brought under UAN and the Unified Web Site. In this post, we provide details on Unified portal services, benefits, procedure & registration.

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Unified Portal Online services

  • Fill in the mandatory details and get authorization pin on mobile number.
  • Fill in the mandatory details and get status of your UAN
  • Put your registered mobile number and generate OTP for verification
  • File Death Claim as a Beneficiary

Other Unified Portal Online services

  • Member Passbook service
  • Aadhaar Based Online Claim Submission
  • Other frequently used services are available.
  • EPFO services are now available on the UMANG (Unified Mobile APP for New Governance). Anyone can download the UMANG APP on iphone or android by giving a missed call on 9718397183. The APP can also be downloaded from UMANG official website. Erstwhile EPF mobile services are being discontinued
  • One Member - One EPF Account can be availed after login under Online Services.

Benefits of Joining the Unified Portal

On becoming member on the Unified Portal and linking UAN with your Aadhaar number, you will be able to do the following activities:

  • PF Balance Check: - Employees registered on the Unified web portal with a UAN that is linked to a KYC can simpaly check their PF available Balance at anytime through app, online or by giving a missed call to 9718397183.
  • Download/Print your Updated Passbook anytime:- Members enrolled on the Unified Portal can themselves download/Print their updated passbook anytime – anywhere on the Unified Portal
  • Download / Print Your UAN Card:- Members enrolled on the Unified Portal can themselves download UAN Card anytime – anywhere on the Unified Portal.
  • EPF Account Activity: - The employee would receive SMS notifications about credits/debits to their EPF account.
  • Submit Claims Online ;- Employee who have Aadhaar linked UAN can submit their claims directly with EPFO. There would be no requirement to go to the employers for claims verification. Additional, all application for the EPFO services can be submitted by the employee online.
  • Update KYC Information:- Employees enrolled on the Unified Portal can update their KYC details or mobile number at anytime. Further, all the employer IDS can also be listed under the UAN on the Unified Portal to consolidate the accounts.

Universal Account Number (UAN) Overview

The Employee Provident Fund has actually released the Unified Site to simplify and also streamline all facets of provident fund for both companies and also for employees. Employees that have actually the newly allotted UAN can make use of the Unified Website for various other services.

For a worker to access the Unified Website, a Universal Account Number (UAN) will certainly be needed. Previously, each of the establishment having actually PF enrollment made use of to release a unique id to the worker for PF functions bring about numerous workers having numerous PF. With UAN an employee will have a single recognition under provident fund throughout companies. Thus, if an employee that is currently allotted Universal Account Number (UAN) signs up with a new company, he/she has to utilize the exact same UAN to allow the company to in-turn marks the new allotted Member Identification Number (Member Id) to the currently allotted Universal Identification Number (UAN). Additionally, the worker KYC details will be mapped versus the designated UAN instead the member id thereby removing the redundancy.

Instructions For New Users

Please create your permanent login id and password of your choice after the first login.

In case you have forgotten the password/login id, use Forgot Password link to get the same through SMS on your registered mobile number.

In case your account is locked due to repeated use of wrong password, use Unlock account link.

How to Get UAN Online Through Unified Portal

A new employee can collect UAN after making the very first contribution. After collecting the new UAN, the person can activate various online services offered by Unified Portal by visiting the member services web page. In your dashboard, you can see all your KYC information like Aadhaar number, Savings Account & PAN together with a listing of all previous EPF account numbers to activate Unified Website services.

Process Flow for Filing Online E-Nomination Form on EPF Portal  

Following are the pre-requisite of e-Nomination on unified web portal

  • Universal Account Number (UAN) should be activated
  • Verified Aadhaar should be linked with Universal Account Number (UAN)
  • Your registered mobile number should be linked with Aadhaar
  • Photo of member should be available in profile on unified web portal

Step by step Procedure For Filing e-Nomination on Unified Portal

  • Click on Manage>>E-Nomination
  • Put permanent and current address and save it.
  • After saving permanent and current address, system will prompt message “Having Family: Yes/No”. If your input  is “yes”, then system will ask to enter family details. You can add all members of your family by “Add New” button. Aadhaar number and photo of all the family members are mandatory. If  your input is “No”, then system will directly prompt to PF Nomination details.
  • Uploading your photographs on space specified on portal.
  • After adding the family details, click on “save Family Details”.
  • After this step, select EPF nominations details from the family members, provides the percentage of EPF share you want to allocate and click on “Save EPF nomination” button.
  • Completion of EPF nomination, system will prompt for EPS nomination in case family (Wife/Son/Daughter) is not currently available. Afterwards member has to complete nomination by e-Sign.
  • For e-Sign, digital id is required. Digital ID can be generated by checking out UIDAI official web site.
  • After e-sign effectively, you can view election information in pdf.

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