Effluents Standards for Pharmaceutical Industry

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After the Bhopal gas Tragedy 1986 the government of India enacted the Environmental protection Act 1986 under Article  253 of the constitution.  This Act come into force on 19th November 1986, It has 26 sections. The main purpose of introducing this act is to improve, protect environment condition and the matter therewith. The Act is an “umbrella” legislation designed to provide a framework for central government coordination of the activities of various central and state authorities established under previous laws, such as the Water Act and the Air Act.

Procedure for State Pollution Registration
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In year 2009 Ministry of Environment and Forest had issued a Notification

In exercise of the power conferred by sections 6 and 25 of Environment (protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986, the Central Government hereby makes the following rules further to amend the environment (protection)Act, 1986 namely:-

  1. These rules may be called  The environment (protection) third amendment rules, 2009

  2. In environment (protection) rules, 1986, in schedule I-
  1. Serial Number 39 and the entries relating there to, shall be omitted and

  2. In serial number 73 and the entries relating thereto-

  1. For existing heading,  the following heading shall be substituted, namely:-

Pharmaceutical (Manufacturing and formulation) Industry”

  1. For series number i and ii and their entries relating thereto under columns 3 & 4 the following entries shall respectively be substituted namely:

Effluent standard

(i)Compulsory Parameter


Limiting concentration in mg/1 Except for pH

pH        6.0-8.5
oil & grease     10
BOD(3days 27* c)   100*
Total suspended solids   100
Bioassay test     90% survival of  fish after first 96 hrs in 100%* effluent*

(ii)  Additional parameter

Compulsory parameter  Limiting concentration in mg/1 Except for pH
Mercury     0.01
Arsenic  0.20
Chromium 0.10
Lead      0.10
Cyanide  0.10
Sulphides  2.0
Phosphate 5.0
Phenolics 1.0


* The BOD and COD limit shall be30mg/1 and 250mg/1 respectively, if treated effluent is discharged directly into fresh water body i.e. canal, river, steam or lake

**The Bioassay Test shall be conducted as per IS:6582-1971.

  • Parameters listed as additional parameters shall be prescribed depending upon  the process and product

  • Limit for total dissolved solids in effluent shall be prescribed by the concerned pollution control board/ pollution control committee depending upon the recipient water body.

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