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Reliance Becomes First In India To Use Chemical Recycling For Circular Polymers


The New Innovation Is A Testimony To The Company’s Commitment To Reducing Plastic Waste & Supporting Circular Economy In India

The curtain rises on a groundbreaking discovery as Reliance Industries emerges to become the First Indian Company to chemically recycle plastic waste-based pyrolysis oil into international sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC)-Plus certified circular polymers.

This innovation is a testament to Reliance’s commitment to reducing plastic waste and encouraging a circular economy in India. As a recent revelation, Reliance Industries Limited had shipped its first batch of ISSC-Plus certified Circular polymers named CircuRepol (Polypropylene) and CircuRelene (Polyethylene). Likewise, RIL welcomes the advent of a newer technology, which aims to recycle plastic waste by converting this waste into special Circular polymers, as an environmentally conscious decision. By inspiring others in pursuit of a greener future, these efforts are smart alternatives to eliminate plastic waste

Reliance Industries’s innovative products, such as CircuRepol™ and CircuRelene™, are at the forefront of the circular economy movement. With their exceptional design and functionality, they are the perfect choice for those seeking sustainable solutions. 

Moreover, RIL’s Jamnagar refinery has secured itself as the first refinery to acquire ISCC-Plus Certification, demonstrating its commitment to producing circular polymers. In the same way, ISCC-Plus certification ensures that circular polymers are made in accordance with the rules and regulations.

With RIL establishing prominence in technology or otherwise, it can turn the different types of plastic waste, ranging from single-use to multi-layered plastics into pyrolysis oil. To increase its impact, the company is collaborating closely with reliable partners to enhance oil production by utilizing Circular Polymers. To expand its impact, the company is collaborating closely with reliable partners to enhance oil production through the utilization of Circular Polymers, according to the press release.

Accordingly, chemical recycling comes with various benefits, just as turning plastic waste into high-quality materials for new plastic. For instance, these materials are utilized for packaging, which caters to food products.

What is Chemical Recycling?

As the most sustainably profitable subject, chemical recycling is a new technique, where plastic waste, which is not mechanically recyclable, can be chemically recycled by cracking long polymers into pyrolysis oil chains. Unlike, those processes where the pyrolysis is based upon the thermal route, giving poor-quality of Pyrolysis oil. RIL steps in as a saviour, which conducts continuous catalytic pyrolysis technology offering higher yields of good quality pyrolysis oil generated from plastic waste. As a result of which, this process is extensively and successfully demonstrated. 

About Reliance Industries

Reliance is deemed to be India’s largest private sector company, having consolidated revenue of INR 9,74,864 Crores ( US$118.6 billion ), cash profit of INR 1,25,951 Crore (US$ 15.3 Billion) and a net profit of INR 73,670 Crore (US$9.0 billion) for the year ended March 31, 2023.

As a cherry on the cake, RIL comes across as India's largest private sector company to be featured in Fortune’s Global 500 list of World’s Largest Companies for 2023.

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