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What is SUGAM Portal Registration and How to Get Registration?


Unlocking the Potential of SUGAM portal Registration

Are you a manufacturer wondering about the registration process on the SUGAM portal?

If so, you must unlock the potential this platform has in store for you.

As someone, who is navigating the lengthy process of creating an account to the need for document submission registration, the SUGAM portal is exactly what you need. With the user-friendly interface along with the robust features, the SUGAM portal will act as a boon in streamlining your registration process and providing solutions for the same. 

Having this portal acts as a gateway with a wealth of resources or opportunities. It is advisable to not let these registration hurdles take a toll on you. Equip yourself with this guide to discover the potential the SUGAM portal has to portray. It is high time; you acknowledge the registration process and broaden the possibilities arising from it.

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What is the SUGAM Portal?

In January 2016, India’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) instituted the emergence of SUGAM, an online portal for granting the required permissions or approvals, related to drugs or the import of cosmetic products across India. Accordingly, services offered by SUGAM consist of the process of reviewing, submitting and granting the NOC permissions. 

The manufacturers looking to obtain the licenses must register on SUGAM, just by filling out the application form and attaching the required documents. It is only after approval from the CDSCO officials, that you access the SUGAM portal seamlessly and efficiently.

Aim for SUGAM Portal Registration

The main goal of the SUGAM online portal is to provide a unified interface for multiple purposes, in addition to the drug licensing procedures which wish for

  • Ensuring transparency related to the regulatory services in drug licensing
  • Supporting paperless transactions in all the CDSCO-related procedures.
  • Accordingly, they even focus on broadening the scope, by enhancing the quality of drugs.

Unlocking the Potential of SUGAM Portal: A Step-by-Step Guide to Seamless Registration

If you wish to register for the SUGAM portal, the following steps are required to be followed-

Step 1:- Register on SUGAM, log on to “” and click on Login/ Sign up. 

One should register on SUGAM log into and log in/ sign up.  

Within this, the applicants may include importers as well as subsidiaries who have registered on the portal. 

Soon after, you must click on the option of Sign up here, where you are redirected to choose your registration purpose.

Note- Manufacturing units are not permitted to register on the portal directly.  These units may use login credentials from the corporation for SUGAR on its behalf. 

Step 2:- Choose your registration purpose 

After clicking on Sign up Here, click on Registration purpose and you will witness a new window appearing before you.

As per the next step, you must choose the registration purpose and submit by clicking on the Submit button. Also, the user can cancel the registration purpose, by clicking on the Cancel button.

sugam portal registration purpose

sugam portal registration purpose 2nd step

Step 3:- Fill the necessary details

In this step, you will be redirected to the page of the Applicant registration, that is required by you to fill in the necessary information, such as using the corporate email ID, which can be utilised later as well.

  • Make sure that the password is as much as 6 characters long with a one-number, one that is lowercase, with one being the uppercase letter along with the special character. 
  • A user is required to upload the requested documents, such as ID proof details, corporate address proof, manufacturing license or Wholesale License (Form 20B and Form 21B). Alongside, the user is required to upload the requisite documents in a PDF format, before signing up. Besides, there are other important fields as well, with SMS alerts, making sure you wish to receive the registration or verification message on your mobile phone or not.

sugam portal applicant registration

sugam portal applicant registration 2nd step

Step 4:- Confirmation Link

  • Now, once you have clicked on the submit button, a confirmation link is automatically sent to the user's registered email address to verify the registration. 
  • While doing so, the user may activate the account by clicking the link shared on the registration.
  • Now, once the user clicks the verification link shared to the registered email ID, the application is then sent for approval to the required authority (CDSCO officials)
  • As per the status of the application, if it is approved, an email will be shared with the user’s registered email ID. If it is rejected, he will receive the required update.
  • Now, to preview a previous page, one might even click on the option, such as a previous button to recheck or validate the same. 

Therefore, such is how you get to register on the SUGAM portal, in an easy as well as effortless way. 

Benefits of the SUGAM portal 

The SUGAM portal comes with power-packed benefits, launched to ease the complex process of documentation or approvals related to drugs or cosmetic imports. Additionally, being an online platform, it streamlines the tax filing procedures for businesses by simplifying the registration process or compliance procedures. SUGAM in itself ensures convenience for businesses, by assisting them in filing taxes efficiently. 

Besides, let us shift our gaze to the benefits of SUGAM portal-

  • By having the SUGAM portal, processes including the registration document review, and necessary submissions with other tasks such as tracking became relatively easier. 
  • Documents and keeps a record of the applications, based on their level of importance under one platform.
  • Besides specifying the status of the application, it even mentions the time under which the application will be answered by CDSCO. 
  • The SUGAM portal even specifies the feature of New Notifications, mentioning any latest notification achieved within those set of specified days. This section mentions any significant news and updates them accordingly. 
  • The SUGAM portal has even been introduced, something called the New Notification assessment that puts forth any acquired notification, which is one of the tactics for how you get to acknowledge any updates required. 

Who Can Apply for SUGAM Portal Registration?

While applying for the SUGAM portal Registration, the following who are permitted or eligible to do so are-

  • Applicants who can register on the portal are corporate, Indian Agent, Importer, as well as Foreign Enterprise holding Indian subsidiary, 
  • The manufacturing unit cannot register on the portal directly. 
  • Corporate will require the creation of login credentials as per the manufacturing unit, where the same can be applied by them during the login process.

Final Words

SUGAM Portal Registration is one of the Remarkable approaches of the government, which aims to streamline your documentation process and keep you away from any hassle disturbing the process. It has launched a revolution, ensuring that tasks are performed well, with promising efficiency, transparency and convenience. Embrace the potential of digital transformation by experiencing the ease it provides.

Visit the Sugam Portal, to embark on a journey to progress as well as avoid any delay restricting you.

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