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How To Start an Acrylic Blanket Manufacturing Business in India?


Ever heard of Acrylic blankets?

Or think about snuggling in the cosy blankets and channeling that warmth. It is worth a sigh! Isn’t it?

Acrylic blankets are one of the famous household choices, where the material is weaved from synthetic acrylic fibres. It comes in an Array of colours and styles and is designed to mimic the look and feel of natural fibres like wool or cotton. These exceptional features make it extremely popular and a desired choice in the eyes of the people. You may even find high-quality acrylic blankets suppliers at market prices. 

However, if you are a budding entrepreneur or Businessman looking to establish Acrylic Blanket Manufacturing Business in India, Then we have you covered. 

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What Are The Features of Acrylic Blankets?

The features of the Acrylic Blanket are as follows-

  • Comfort:- Acrylic blankets are famous for their properties such as; comfort and soft texture. It is remarkably cosy and comfortable. The acrylic material seems squishy enough for snuggling, which makes it a perfect choice for winter.
  • Lightweight:- Acrylic blankets are highly durable and lightweight, which makes them easy to carry for long journeys or travel. It is portable and well-suited for camping and is a lighter blanket. 
  • Care:- Acrylic blankets require easy maintenance and care. It is washable and easy to clean. As a Cherry on the cake, it dries faster than other materials of blankets. 
  • Affordability:- Acrylic blankets are affordable and worth the purchase, especially for those looking for cost-effective options. 
  • Allergic-free:- Our skins are usually prone to allergic reactions from specific materials. But don’t worry; acrylic blankets are less likely to cause irritations or skin allergies. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to common allergens. This quality makes it High-in-demand among its consumers. 
  • Highly Durable:- Acrylic is long-lasting and highly durable. These blankets are meant for regular use and maintain quality and appearance over time. They are resistant to; wrinkles, fading, and pilling and will stay in good condition for many years.

How To Get Started With Acrylic Blanket Manufacturing Business In India: A Step-By-Step Guide

We offer a comprehensive guide to establishing an Acrylic Blanket Business in India. With the ever-growing needs and demands of the people, setting up a blanket business can be a lucrative venture that can be rewarding. We will walk you through each step in helping you with your business.

  • Market Research:- Before starting a business, Conduct market research to determine the demand for acrylic blankets in different parts of India. Identify the customer preferences and needs while analyzing their buying behaviors. Have a close eye on your competitors including; manufacturers and artisans to understand their minus points.
  • Have A Business Plan:- Planning is a must and lies at the heart of every venture. By creating a mission and objective, you can set a roadmap to achieve long-term goals.  Develop a plan to outline your manufacturing process, target market, marketing strategies, financial projections, and future growth. Explain your unique selling proposition (USP) and pricing strategies.
  • Legal and Regulatory Requirements:- The firm needs to fulfil legal and regulatory requirements in aiming towards the operation of the manufacturing business. Register your firm as a legal under legal entity and gather the required permits. A few are VAT registration and compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Location and Infrastructure:- First and foremost, you need to look for the location of your manufacturing place. After that, consider factors such as the accessibility of raw material suppliers and the potential of the labour force. Establish the necessary infrastructure, including storage facilities, office space, and other utilities.
  • Raw Materials and Equipment:- Hunt for high-quality raw materials from suppliers. Encourage partnerships & collaboration with them to ensure a smooth demand-supply. Look for types of equipment like sewing machines or quality control equipment.  
  • The manufacturing process:- One should ensure a smooth manufacturing system.  Implement measures of quality control to ensure that your blankets live up to industry standards and customer expectations. Constantly monitor and improve your manufacturing process
  • Distribution & Marketing:- Identify distribution channels you wish to target. It might talk about wholesalers or e-commerce platforms. Encourage partnerships with retailers, who give you a clear insight into the market effectively. Strategize your brand and products, with the proper means of advertising. Utilize digital channels to create awareness about your brands and generate leads.
  • Financial aspect:- While setting up a business, you may opt for bootstrapping or investment from investors. Manage your expenses and ensure a smooth cash inflow. Organise and maintain financial records while periodically evaluating your performance financially. In addition, such a process can help you make informed decisions. 

How to Market Your Acrylic Blanket Business Online?

In the era, where digitization sits on the throne, online activities can be oriented in the right direction. As for the Acrylic blanket manufacturing business in India, the following is how you may get started-

  • Step 1:- You should have inventory or store.
  • Step 2:- Have an online store with a website.
  • Step 3:- Have a unique business name that is memorable and easy to remember. Install a logo that is visually appealing, and talks about your brand's ideas while making it customer-friendly. 
  • Step 4:- List your products on e-commerce platforms with other specifications like product description, features, pricing or payment methods. 
  • Step 5:- Promote your products through social media or marketing tactics like Social Media, word of mouth, influencer marketing, etc. 

If you wish to sell your acrylic blanket online, then these are the best strategies to help you get started. With the change in the advertising needs of today, online marketing has tended to become even more famous and has the potential to drive maximum traffic. So when you start with the blanket business, focus more on the brand promotions online. 

What is the Market Size of the Blanket Industry?

With the ever-changing weather conditions, it is wise to acknowledge the consumer needs or wants. With the growth in consumer awareness, there will be a hike in the production of high-quality blanket businesses. In addition, the blanket business is a booming Industry and is assumed that Global Blanket Market was valued at USD 7.36 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 10.63 billion by 2029, registering a CAGR of 4.70% during the forecast period of 2022-2029. If it continues to work at this pace, it will increase consumer expenditure and enhance the demand for goods in the Blanket industry.

What is the Capital Requirement Acrylic Blanket manufacturing business in India?

On starting an acrylic blanket business in India, you would surely have capital requirements and cannot do without it. Let us help you know more about it- 

  • Acquire land:- Initially, you require land within the industrial area that needs to follow the rules and regulations of the state to avoid complexities. The location needs to have accessibility in terms of raw materials and labour. 
  • Machinery and raw materials:- The raw material required is acrylic sheet and packaging material and acrylic sheet cutting machine, drilling machine, containers, etc.
  • Test lab:- The testing processes in manufacturing need to be done via proper procedures to ensure safe production and whether it conforms to the quality standards.
  • Concerned Authority:- The entire process will be supervised by the Person-in charge to see whether the work is processed; according to the procedures.

What is Legal Compliance for Acrylic Manufacture Blanket Business?

For the Acrylic Blanket Manufacturing Business in India, you need to adhere to BIS, which provides quality certification and ensures the reliability of goods for users. ISI mark is provided by BIS to ensure that a product fulfils the quality standard set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Under this certification scheme, BIS puts forth a license to use the ISI mark on products that match Indian standards. In addition, ISI certification will help you conform to the standards for the orderly growth of firms and for maintaining industrial output efficiency. It carries an ISI mark which constitutes compliance for industrial products in India.


Establishing an acrylic blanket manufacturing business in India requires a Plan of action. You should conduct comprehensive market research while ensuring legal requirements and better marketing strategies. You can form a successful business in this growing industry. You should stay aware of market trends, encourage strong relationships with manufacturers and grow your business. Embark on your entrepreneurial journey today and live the benefits of creating high-quality acrylic blankets that serve as a source of warmth to consumers.

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