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Procedure To Apply For Rubber Board License | Rubber Board Licence | Rubber Board Dealer License

Procedure To Apply For Rubber Board License _ Rubber Board Licence _ Rubber Board Dealer License - Corpseed.png

Introduction: Rubber Board

For the overall development of the rubber industry in the country Government of India has constituted the statutory body called Rubber board which is responsible for assisting the government for implementation of various provisions of the Rubber Act 1947.Main Duty cover by the rubber board are mentioned –

  • To advise the central Government on all matters relating to the development of the rubber industry, including the import and export of rubber.
  • For participation in any international conference or scheme relating to rubber.

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What are the Types of Rubber?

Rubber are mainly three types Natural, Synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber which is used in various field. Natural rubber is a polymer producer by the plants. Some types of polymer are produced in laboratory also which is known as synthetic polymer.

Which rubber the act covers and why license is important for person who is engaged directly in the rubber business?

The Rubber act, 1947 covers the natural rubber. This rule is prescribed by the government to conserve the natural resources of the country. So for controlling the commodity this act form.

Where to Apply for Rubber License?

RUBIS (e- Governance Web Portal The rubber Board)

Procedure of Application

  • Apply for new License from the Rubber Board e- Governance Portal.
  • Apply according to the type of category.
  • Upload the Documents listed and Submit.
  • Prepare the hard copies and print all the pages in A-4 size paper (two-sided) printing preferred, affix office seal and signature on all pages.
  • Attach all the documents and proof of remittance of fees.
  • Post the documents to the given address.

Types of Rubber Board License


License types



 Address of Issuing Board


Dealer License

(Form – B)

Anyone dealing in rubber need this type of license.



Rubber Board office at Willingdon Island, Kochi – 3, Kerala, 682003




Processor License


License to acquirerubber for processing and selling such rubber.


Manufacture License


This license is required for manufacturing rubber products.





Rubber Board Head Office, Kottayam, 686009




Special Authorization  for acquiring natural rubber

Documents Required to Apply For Rubber Board Licence


Ownership of the firm - Proprietorship/Partnership/Pvt. Ltd./Pub. Ltd./Co-operative society - document for the same.


Photo of the owner of the firm.


PAN Card and Aadhar Card of the owner of the firm. Self-attested.


 If Rubber License held previously - License copy.


From what Date have you been Dealing in Rubber.


Invested Capital or Financial Standing of the Firm.


What was the Total Quantity of Rubber Purchased and Sold by you during the Previous Five Years?  [Rubber Purchased (in Kg.); Rubber Sold (in Kg.)] [If accurate figures are not available approximate figures may be given]

Application Fees For Rubber Board Licence





1. Dealer’s Licence




2. Processor’s Licence




3. Manufacturer’s Licence (a) up to 4 tonnes (b) exceeding 4 tonnes

500/- 1000/-






4. Manufacturer’s emergency Licence




Validity Period of Rubber Board License

There is block period of three years currently 2017-2020 for next three years of block period licenses are required to be renewed.

Incentives/Benefits after Getting Certification

  • Natural Rubber is the controlled commodity of Government of India. For protection of natural resources and species conservation this law comes as Rubber Law in 1947.It is mandatory to get license for everyone who is directly engaged in the process, manufacture and dealer for rubber as a raw material.

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