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Non-Creamy Layer Certificate


Individuals belonging to a specific group in society get a non-creamy layer certificate, commonly referred to as the NCL certificate. This certificate is particularly for people in the Other Backward Class (OBC) category, allowing them get to reservation benefits in schools and employment. Presented in 1993 by ex-Prime Serve V.P. Singh, this record ensures that OBC people confronting social and instructive deterrents have an indeed opportunity to get to instruction, business, and flourish in the community.

What is Non-Creamy Layer Certificate?

Peoples from Other Backward Classes (OBC) in India are issued a non-creamy layer (NCL) certificate when their family salary falls below an indicated limit, ordinarily less than Rs.800, 000 per annum. This certificate permits people to get to reservation advantages in government positions, schools, and specific grant openings aimed at supporting marginalized communities.

Individuals having a place to Other Backward Classes (OBCs) get a Non-Creamy Layer (NCL) certificate as prove of their qualification for reservations and benefits given by government programs. This certificate affirms that the applicant's income falls below a particular limit, appearing that they do not have a place to the well-off section of the OBC category.

OBC candidates have to meet certain criteria in arrange to qualify for an NCL certificate, not at all like SC or ST candidates. To learn more almost the non-creamy layer certificate, counting its benefits and how to apply, refer to the in-depth blog post given below.

What is the Benefits of (NCL) Non-Creamy Layer Certificate?

The huge Impact of this (NCL) Non-Creamy Layer Certificate has crucial on peoples from the OBC are mentioned below:

  • Get Reservation in Education: Those who belong from the NCL certificate can easily secure places in instructive educate places like schools, colleges, and colleges, upgrading their get to top-high education.
  • Get Job Opportunities: Having a NCL certificate also gives people need for government occupations and the government positions in open segment companies, which makes a difference to progress their chances of being employed.
  • Economic Benefits: Also the certificate can offer assistance people get to distinctive government programs and appropriations that main focused to advance socio-economic development, counting grants, awards, and financial aid.
  • Social Mobility: The NCL certificate make contributes to decreasing in socio-economic incongruities and progressing social versatility inside the OBC community by giving get to instruction and work opportunities.
  • Empowerment: The benefits of this certificate can also related with the NCL certification offer assistance to enabling the OBC community as an entire, permitting people to accomplish a higher socio-economic standing and contribute effectively to societal advancement.

What are the documents are required for the Non-Creamy Layer Certificate?

The documents are required for the Non-Creamy Layer Certificate are mentioned below:

  • Community certificate.
  • School Leaving Certificate.
  • Ration Card.
  • Income Certificate.

How to Apply for a Non-Creamy Layer (NCL) Certificate?

Individual can apply for an OBC-NCL certificate both online and offline. The procedure for both are present in the modes have been discussed below:

Here mentioned Online Process to Apply for an OBC Certificate

Step 1: Go to the social welfare portal or site of your state.

Step 2: Click on the button on “Apply for Caste Certificate”.

Step 3: Create new account and also fill up the online application form with the details required.

Step 4: Upload your documents and submit your details on site.

Step 5: Then you will receive an application ID which you can easily use to track your application’s progress.

Step 6: After the successful verification, you can easily download the certificate available from the site or portal.

Also here mentioned Offline Process to Apply for an OBC Certificate

Step 1: Collect your all application form from a nearby Revenue office.

Step 2: Fill up the application correctly with the information as required.

Step 3: also in case of migration, provide proper and, mandatory documents for the home state.

Step 4: If the presence father is not present, provide a blood relative's caste certificate.

Step 5: Then you have to a sign the self-attestation segment, and attach a passport-size photograph and then submit the form along with the documents.

Step 6: After the all verification and audit process are done, you will get or receive your certificate within 30 to 35 days from submission date.

Who Are Eligible for (NCL) Non-Creamy Layer Certificate?

In arrange to qualify for a Non-Creamy Layer (NCL) certificate, certain criteria must be followed:

  • Citizenship: Having Indian citizenship is mandatory.
  • Income Criteria: The add up to annually profit of your guardians ought to not outperform Rs. 8 lakhs is the income threshold for being considered as portion of the non-creamy layer inside the Other Backwards Class (OBC) category.
  • Parents Employment: One of your guardians needs to have a work as a Gather C or Gather D Central Government worker.
  • Spousal Consideration: Indeed if your companion works for the Central Government and your guardians do not have a dependable salary, you may still be qualified for an NCL certificate.

Who Are Not Eligible for (NCL) Non-Creamy Layer Certificate?

If your caste is not included in the Central Government's OBC list, to be sure if it is recognized as BC or MBC, you will be ineligible for an NCL certificate.

  • Parents’ Employment: You cannot get an NCL certificate if one of your guardians is in a group a benefit position in the Central Government, like IAS, IPS, or IFS.
  • Income increase 8 lakh: If your guardians earn more than Rs.8 lakh every year, you cannot get an NCL certificate.
  • Parent’s Employment category: If your guardians work for Gather I in the State Government or Bunch B in the Central Government, you do not qualify for an NCL certificate.

What Are Importance of (NCL) Non-Creamy Layer Certificate in Education and Employment

NCL certificate Requirement: Individuals or peoples having a place to the OBC category are required to have a Non-Creamy Layer (NCL) certificate also that is in arrange to assist their instruction or look for business in government positions. Several educational educate and government organizations require an NCL certificate to confirm capability for saved seats.

Missing Reservation Benefits: Without an NCL certificate, OBC people may miss out on reservation benefits and may discover themselves competing with common category candidates, indeed if they are really meriting of the saved seats.


The Non-Creamy Layer Certificate (NCL) is significant for people from the Other Backward Classes (OBC) in India as it affirms their qualification for government activities that help the financially impeded individuals of society. Indeed in spite of the fact that it may be difficult to get, the certificate is required for people who need to advance their instruction or apply for government employments. Subsequently, it is vital to raise awareness almost the NCL certificate and rearrange the application handle to guarantee meriting candidates advantage from reservation policies.

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