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How To Sell Ayurvedic Products Online


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How To Sell Ayurvedic Products Online

Presently, India is witnessing the booming alternative medicine market and many entrepreneurs have decided to jump into this pool. There is limited scope of traditional reach of Ayurveda and only those who have express knowledge about the Ayurveda clinics and establishments approach them.

Despite the limited growth of Ayurveda in India, Western countries and tourists and residents of these countries favour Ayurveda and frequently visit India to avail the benefits of Ayurveda. Indian Ayurveda practitioners and clinics have also realized the fact that Ayurveda is going to flourish in the near future.

Ayurveda practitioners and clinics are trying to explore the e-commerce route in order to expand their reach. Although E-Commerce strategy is a good strategy yet this also requires techno legal compliances on the part of Ayurveda practitioners and clinics.

Recently Ministry of health and family welfare of India under Drug and Cosmetic Rules banned the classical Ayurvedic medicines that were sold with prefixes and suffixes. They have imposed the ban to stop the alteration in the classical formulation of Ayurvedic medicines.

The example discussed above is just a single example of the legal compliances that the Ayurveda practitioners and clinics in India are required to comply with.  Ayurveda practitioners and clinics have to comply with additional legal provisions to stay legal if they plan to use the e-commerce model to reach unlimited population.

License Required To Sell Ayurveda Medicine Online

If you are asking from India then simply seller requires the retail license to sell the medicine online or offline.

One can simply register his business with the govt of India as Proprietorship Firm or partnership firm or pvt ltd company and the open a current bank account & after that apply for the retail license

How To Sell Ayurvedic/Herbal Product Online?

One can also build his website for sale and purchase of Ayurvedic products but this process is time consuming and expensive. One can use other common portals (Snap Deal, Flipkart, Amazon etc) to sell his products online. Online sale and purchase of Ayurvedic medicines/Food With the help of online portals those are specially deals in Ayurvedic products, Supplements/Herbal Preparations could also be done.

One has to register his company and products at their website. There customer care executives will contact to that person who has registered his company and will help him in further process. As primary documentation most of online portals will ask for Goods and Service Tax Identification Number and PAN card .Now his products will be displayed at their website. When some one orders it, he has to send to it. Some fees per transaction or as per their term and conditions are charged by online portal.


Get help from an experienced legal adviser. Schedule your consultation at a time that works for you and it's absolutely FREE.

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