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Eshram Portal for Unorganized Workers


Eshram Portal for National Database of Unorganized Workers

The Ministry of Labour & Employment is developing the eSHRAM site in order to create a National Database of Unorganized Workers (NDUW), which will be seeded with Aadhaar. Name, occupation, residence, occupation type, educational qualification, skill types, family data, and other information will be included in order to maximise their employability and extend the benefits of social security systems to them. It's the country's first national database of unorganised workers, including migrant workers, construction workers, gig and platform workers, and so on. After registering in this scheme, the beneficiary would be given a 2 lacs accidental insurance cover through the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY). In the future, all unorganised worker social security benefits will be distributed through this website.

The e-Shram portal, developed by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, is designed to generate a nationwide database of unorganised employees that is seeded with an individual's Aadhaar number. The information contains names, occupations, addresses, educational qualifications, skill kinds, and family information, among other things, in order to better assess their employability and extend the advantages of social security systems to them. It's the country's first national database of unorganised workers, including migrant workers, construction workers, gig and platform workers, and so on.

Objectives of Eshram

The main goal is to create a centralized database of every construction worker, migrant worker, gig and platform worker, street vendor, domestic worker, agriculture worker, and so on so that social security services can be provided to them and their information can be shared with various stakeholders for the delivery of welfare schemes.

The next goal is to make social security and welfare payments portable for migratory and construction workers, as well as to provide a comprehensive database to the federal and state governments for future national crises.

Employees must have an Aadhaar number, an Aadhaar-connected cellphone number, and a bank account number to register for the e-SHRAM portal, according to the e-Shram website. Here are some major objectives of this scheme:

  • Aadhaar will be seeded into a centralised database of all unorganised workers (UWs), such as construction workers, migrant workers, gig and platform workers, street vendors, domestic workers, and agriculture employees.
  • Improving the efficiency with which social security services for unorganised workers are implemented. Integration of Social Security Schemes for UWs operated by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, as well as those run by other ministries.
  • Sharing information about registered unorganized employees with other stakeholders, such as the Central and State Governments' Ministries, Departments, Boards, Agencies, and Organizations, via APIs, in order to deliver various social security and welfare plans.
  • Migrant and construction workers' social security and welfare benefits are portable.

Providing a comprehensive database to Central and State Governments for tackling any National Crises like COVID-19 in future.

Who Can Register?

Any worker who is a home-based worker, self-employed worker, or a wage worker in the unorganized sector including a worker in the organized sector who is not a member of ESIC or EPFO or not a Govt. employee can register. Unorganized workers are those who work from home, are self-employed or are wage workers in the unorganized sector who are not members of ESIC or EPFO. The unorganized sector consists of businesses or entities that produce or sell products or services but employ less than ten people. ESIC and EPFO do not apply to these units. Some basic requirements for the registration are given below:

  • You should be between the ages of 16 and 59.
  • Not an EPFO/ESIC or NPS member (Govt. funded)

Status of Unorganised Sector in India:

The Ministry of Labour and Employment has categorized the unorganized labour force under four groups:

  • Occupation: Small and marginal farmers, landless agricultural labourers, sharecroppers, fishermen, animal husbandry, beedi makers, and others are all affected.
  • Nature of Employment: This group includes attached farm labourers, bonded agricultural labourers, migrant workers, and contract and casual labourers.
  • Specially Distressed Category: Toddy tappers, scavengers, carriers of head loads, animal-driven vehicle drivers, loaders, and unloaders are some of the jobs available.
  • Service Category: Midwives, domestic workers, fishermen and women, barbers, fruit and vegetable vendors, newspaper vendors, and so on.

According to the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS 2018-19), 90 per cent of workers, or 419 million out of 465 million, work in the informal sector. Because of the seasonality of their employment and the lack of a formal employee-employer connection, informal workers in rural and urban areas have been the hardest afflicted by the pandemic.

What is a UAN number?

  • After registering on the site, each unorganised worker is assigned a 12-digit number that is unique to them.
  • Once assigned, it will be a permanent number that will not change for the rest of the worker's life.

Documents Required

Employees must have an Aadhaar number, an Aadhaar-connected cell phone number, and a bank account number to register for the e-SHRAM portal, according to the e-Shram website.

  • Applicant must have a valid Aadhar Card
  • Applicant must have his/her Bank Passbook which represents his bank account.
  • Applicant must have a registered Ratio Card.
  • Applicant must have Electricity Bill as his residence proof.
  • Applicant must have a mobile number that is linked with Aadhaar.

How to Register for an E-shram Card 

Registration can be done for the e-shram card in 3 easy ways:

  • Self-registration can be done through the e-shram portal by the website:
  • Also, registration is done through Common Service Centers.
  • the regional offices of the state government in the districts/sub-districts are also doing the Registration.
  • It is necessary for the workers to have an Aadhar card, a mobile number linked with Aadhaar, and a bank account to register on the e-shram portal.

Benefits of E-Shram card

  • Employees who register with the e-shram portal will be eligible for a Rs 2 lakh insurance payout. The Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana is responsible for this.
  • A payment of Rs 2 lakh is paid if the worker dies in an accident or becomes entirely physically crippled, and Rs 1 lakh is paid if the worker becomes partially disabled.
  • The Yogi government has promised to provide everyone who registers for an e-shram card Rs500.

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