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How To Download GST Certificate Online?


What is GST Certificate?

A Goods & Services Tax certificate acts as proof that a business is registered under India's Goods and Services Tax system. It| allows businesses to collect GST from customers and claim tax credits on purchases. This certificate is essential for businesses exceeding a certain turnover threshold or those mandated to register under GST. 

Goods and Services Tax Certificate is issued to persons who are registered under GST. Those who have a GST certificate must display the registration certificate in a prominent place at their place of business. Getting a GST downloadable Registration certificate is a fairly simple process. This article discusses the process of downloading the GST certificate online from the GST portal.

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Steps Involved To Download GST Registration Certificate Online

Access to your GST account is required to download GST certificate. Once you have your GST Portal account details, follow the steps below

STEP 1: Open the GST India Portal

STEP 2: Click on Login to access the Username and Password page

STEP 3: Enter the correct "Username" and "Password" credentials and captcha in the required field and click "Login".

STEP 4: Click Services -> User Services -> View/Download the GST Registration Certificate.

STEP 5: Click the Download button on the screen to complete the download of the GST Registration Certificate pdf. The certificate contains all information about tax traffic.

How To Amend The Changes In GST Registration?

If the details in the uploaded GST Registration are incorrect, the taxpayer can make the change in the main field of the GST portal. Tax office approval is required to change the principal sector. Once approved, the GST certificate can be uploaded with the new version. Some of the key fields in the certificate are:

  • Changes in the legal/business name of the company that does not change the PAN
  • Headquarters
  • Other places of business (except change of state)
  • For Partners/Karta /CEOs and Whole Time Director/Board of the Society addition or withdrawal of members/board/CEO or similar etc.

Changing the main field can be started by following the instructions below:

  • Go to the GST Portal.
  • Log in to the GST portal with valid credentials.
  • Click the Services > Registration > Change basic registration fields link.
  • Update necessary changes to some mandatory fields.
  • On the Confirmation tab, check the Confirmation box. 
  • Select an authorized signatory from the Authorized Signatory drop-down list.
  • Enter the name of the location in the Location field.
  • After completing the registration change application, the application must be digitally signed using a digital signature certificate (DSC)/e-signature or EVC. 

Once the application has been modified, the applicant will receive a text message and an email stating that the application has been accepted or rejected. Once the application is accepted, the applicant can view the acceptance order (REG 15) and can also download the order from the GST portal. In addition, the portal also has the option to download the GST registration certificate, which contains the modified information of the certificate. 

Sample Registration Certificate Of Goods And Services Tax

A sample registration certification of GST is reproduced below for reference. This is the format you'll find in your GST registration certificate download PDF.

Sample Registration Certificate Of Goods And Services Tax

Validity Of The Registration Of GST Certificates

GST certificates issued to ordinary taxpayers have no validity period. Therefore, it remains valid until the GST authority surrenders or cancels the GST registration. However, in the case of casual taxable GST registration or non-resident taxable GST registration, the validity period is limited to a maximum of 90 days. The taxable person may extend or renew the validity period of the certificate after its validity period has expired.


Obtaining a downloadable GST registration certificate is a simple process that helps businesses effectively comply with tax regulations. By following the steps in this article, you can easily upload your GST certificate and ensure that your business remains compliant with the law. Using this solution saves time and promotes transparency in tax administration. Take advantage of the opportunity to download GST certificates and simplify your tax procedures today.

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