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Business Domain Name | How to Register a Domain Name | How to Purchase a Domain Name

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What is Business Domain Name

A domain name is an exclusive name that individuals or businesses register with a domain registrar to claim their own cosmos on the internet. A registered domain name can be utilized as the name for a website, for an email or both. A domain name is required by a web host to broadcast your website. If you have already registered your business, the next thing you need is a domain name, we recommend that you get one IMMEDIATELY.

Parts of a Domain with Example: Let’s us take an example of our own domain name. In order to reach our website, internet users can type the domain name (web address) on their browser. We also have business emails for everyone on our team ending in our domain (e.g.

How to Register a Domain?

Domain names are controlled by ICANN or the “Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.” You can book your domain through an accredited list of domain registrars on the ICANN website. The fee depends on which registrar you choose.

Here are the steps for registering a domain:

Finalize your registrar or web hosting service. Note: To check their hosting policies and pricing. ICANN has a list of reputable domain registrars.

  • Search for a domain name: Your selected registrar must have an availability checker, such as the one from Limehosting, which you can use to define if a domain name is available. The benefit of the availability checker is that it will give you recommendations for other domains if yours is already taken.
  • Fill out the forms: You will be asked for your personal info and contact details to complete your profile for the “WHOIS” database. Select whether you want your profile to be public or private.
  • Pay for your domain: Costs for the domain will display up during the availability check. Subject to which web host or registrar you select, you may be able to get your domain for free by purchasing a hosting package. Post payment, you can use your domain name or park it until you’re ready to launch your own website.
  • Link domain and website: With the help of the domain manager, submit the name of your web host’s primary and secondary servers into your registrar’s settings.

Benefits of Choosing a Unique Domain Name

  • Your unique online identity: it reflects your business identity to the world and shows who you are
  • The easiest way to find you shop online: domain name Helps your visitor/customers find you online 
  • Your domain name explains who you are and what you do
  • The domain name is your business unique identity that your customers/visitors will follow
  • Booking a domain name is the first and foremost step to start with, even after designing or building your website
  • It is the best strategy to secure and protect your brand online


Website vs. Domain Name


A website is a group of web-pages assembled together for a single purpose. A domain name is the website address that a website proprietor needs to register before clients can access the site. The web address or domain name is what visitors will have to enter on the address bar of their any browser to access to your website. One can register a web domain and prefer not to do anything with it, A website can’t be accessed without a domain.

If you don’t have a website, read our corpseed can help you with a stunning and creative website. We believe you need more than a developer; you need a “Partner” with business sense and depth IT skills. Our diverse knowledge in the business modeling and development of solutions makes it easy for you.

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