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BIS Registration For General Purpose Chairs And Stools - IS 17632:2022


Introduction: BIS Registration for Chairs and tools 17632:2022

A BIS certification and compliance with Indian Standard (IS) 17632:2022 are requirements for all general-purpose chairs and stools under the new Furniture (Quality Control) Order (QCO), 2023. By ensuring quality and safety, this boosts market trust and protects customers. To use the Standard Mark as proof of compliance, manufacturers must have a BIS licence.

The deadlines for compliance for small firms and export furniture have been extended. A safer and more competitive market is promoted by BIS Certification, which increases customer confidence, market accessibility, and product reliability. Application submission, factory inspection, sample testing, and, if all goes well, the granting of a licence to use the ISI mark are all part of the registration procedure.

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The Industry and Ministry of Commerce have an issued a one new rule for furniture’s called the Furniture (Quality Control) Order (QCO), 2023. This rule will come into effect after one year after it is published. The official announcement will be made soon.

Here are the main points of this order:

  • Quality Standards: The all furniture items such as stools and chairs must be meet the Indian Standard (IS) 17632:2022. They must also have the Standard Mark, which shows they meet these quality standards.
  • License Requirement: To get the Standard Mark, manufacturers required a license from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). They must be follow all specific regulations to get this license.
  • Exemptions:
  1. Furniture made for export doesn’t need to follow this rule.
  2. Small businesses, as defined by the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006, have an extra six months (18 months total) before they need to comply.
  3. Businesses registered on the Udyam Portal, with investments in equipment under 25 lakh rupees and annual turnover under 2 crore rupees, are also exempt. These details must be certified by a Chartered Accountant.

The Significance of BIS Sign-up for Stools and General-Purpose Chairs

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) requires general-purpose stools and chairs to be registered for the following important reasons:

Ensuring Quality and Safety

  • Safety requirements: BIS certification guarantees that chairs and stools adhere to strict safety requirements, which is essential to avert mishaps and injuries, particularly in settings where they are often used, such as workplaces, public spaces, schools, and hospitals.
  • Quality Assurance: To guarantee that the furniture is high-quality and dependable for long-term use, the registration procedure involves targeted testing of all durability, material, and design.

Protects the consumers

  • Credibility and Dependability: The BIS certification serves as a badge of credibility, providing buyers or your clients with the assurance that the goods they are buying are validated by national guidelines. Given that general-purpose furniture is frequently used heavily and for extended periods of time, this is especially crucial.
  • Safety and health: Products that have received certification are always devoid of potentially dangerous chemicals and materials, protecting users' health and creating a safer atmosphere for everybody.

Economic Benefits

  • Dependability and Credibility: The BIS certification is a mark of reliability that gives consumers or your clients the reassurance that the products they are purchasing have been verified by federal regulations. This is particularly important because general-purpose furniture is often used extensively and for prolonged periods of time.
  • Safety and health: Certified products are always free of potentially harmful substances and materials, safeguarding user health and fostering a safer environment for all

Market Competitiveness

  • Increased Credibility: Businesses and customers alike view products bearing the BIS certification as more reliable and respectable, which gives them a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Consumer Preference: A lot of buyers preferred goods that were approved by reputable organisations, and a BIS Registration can sway buyers' decisions and boost sales.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Legal Requirements: In order for certain products to be sold lawfully in India, they must have a BIS certification. Manufacturers can avoid legal problems and possible fines by adhering to these standards.
  • Market Access: BIS certification may be required to enter some markets in the modern day, particularly those involving large purchases and institutional government tenders, hence enhancing business prospects.

Standardization and Interoperability

  • Uniform Standards: To guarantee uniformity across products, BIS establishes uniform standards for size, functionality, and design. Interoperability and compatibility are made easier by this standardisation, which is crucial in settings where several furniture kinds are utilised together.
  • Innovation Encouraging: Manufacturers can develop within predetermined bounds when standards are explicit, resulting in better, more sophisticated goods that nevertheless adhere to crucial safety and quality requirements.

What Affects BIS and How Do They Change? Chairs And Stools For Registration Are 17632:2022.

General-purpose chairs and stools are subject to a number of elements that assure their compliance with legal, regulatory, quality, safety, and market standards before being registered with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). An examination of each of these elements is provided below:

Factors Affecting Regulatory Compliance

  • Adherence to National Standards: BIS establishes national standards for a range of goods, such as furnishings. To guarantee the safety, dependability, and high quality of their products, manufacturers are required to adhere to these requirements.
  • Mandatory Certification: In order for some products to be marketed lawfully in the market, the Indian government has mandated that they must have a BIS certification. By doing this, a standard of quality and safety is maintained for all items.

Legal Obligations

  • Legal Requirements: Manufacturers and sellers are frequently required by law to comply with BIS standards. Legal repercussions, financial penalties, or a prohibition on the sale of non-compliant goods may arise from failure to get BIS certification.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property: By guaranteeing that goods adhere to exclusive design and quality requirements, BIS certification also lessens the possibility of fake goods entering the market.

Market Access Requirements

  • Entry into Regulated Markets: BIS accreditation is necessary for procurement for many institutional customers, including those in government agencies and big enterprises. In the absence of this accreditation, firms might not be able to access these profitable markets.
  • International Trade: As a recognised indicator of quality and adherence to safety regulations, BIS certification can make it simpler to enter foreign markets..

Quality and Safety Consideration

  • Extensive testing of materials and design is required for BIS registration in order to guarantee that the furniture satisfies strict requirements for quality. This entails examinations for robustness, ability to support weight, and resilience to deterioration
  • Consistency in Production: Never forget that certification guarantees that every product is produced in accordance with a standard that minimises variability and flaws

Ensuring Product Reliability

  • To ensure that the furniture meets stringent quality requirements, extensive testing of the materials and design is necessary for BIS registration. This involves testing for strength, stability under load, and resistance to degradation.
  • Production Consistency: Always remember that certification ensures that each product is made in compliance with a standard that reduces variation and defects.

Upholding Consumer Safety Standards

  • Health and Safety Regulations: Non-toxic materials, ergonomic design to reduce injuries, and structural integrity to reduce accidents are just a few of the safety measures covered by BIS standards.
  • Protection of the Consumer: Certification guarantees that items are safe for use, protecting consumers. It lessens the possibility of mishaps and injuries brought on by shoddy goods.

Summarizing the Importance of BIS Registration

  • Regulatory Compliance: Guarantees adherence to national standards and legal obligations.
  • Legal Obligations: Preserves intellectual property and keeps one out of trouble with the law.
  • Market Access: Provides access to worldwide and regulated marketplaces.
  • Safety and quality: Assures superior standards for the composition, craftsmanship, and general calibre of the product.
  • Product Reliability: Guarantees enduring toughness and reliable operation.
  • Consumer safety: shields users from dangerous designs and dangerous materials..

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How Do General-Purpose Chairs And Stools Get Registered With The BIS Brief Justification.

Application Submission

  • Standard Identification: Find out all the pertinent BIS standards for stools and chairs.
  • Documentation procedure: Compile information about the product, the manufacturing process, and quality control techniques.
  • Digital Records Submission: Upload supporting documentation, pay the application fee, and submit your application using the BIS site.

Examination and Assessment

  • Factory Inspection: BIS representatives check that the production plant complies with standards.
  • Sample testing is used for testing. Products should be submitted to a lab that has been approved by BIS.

Examine and Assess

  • Test Report Review: To make sure that standards are fulfilled, BIS examines lab test records.
  • Compliance Check: Examine the factory inspection report to confirm that the manufacturing process is compliant.


Registration for general-purpose stools and chairs is crucial for ensure the quality, safety and reliability. It protects costumers or consumers and ensures compliance with regulations, it also enhances promotes standardization, market competiveness and would also provide the significant economic benefits to manufacturers. This certification ultimately supports the creation of a trustworthy and safer marketplace for both business and consumers.

BIS’ process also ensures that the chairs and stools meet quality and safety standards, providing assurance to consumers and facilitating market access.

BIS Registration

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BIS Certification

Bureau of Indian Standards is involved in different activities like standards formulation, certification of products, system certifications, hallmarking, laboratory services, registration scheme and more

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