National Scholarships Portal

National Scholarships Portal is 1 entry point for enabling many different services such as processing, sanctioning and disbursal of student program and application receipt of different scholarships to students.

This initiative targets in creating a really best and clear services to acquire a quick & efficient disposal of Scholarships applications. The capital become delivered directly to bank account without any loopholes. Inside this guide, we'll examine the details of National Scholarship Portal.

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Aims of National Scholarships Program

Create a transparent database of scholars

Prevent duplication in processing

Harmonization of Special Scholarships schemes & criteria

Benefits National Scholarships Program

The national scholarship is a simplified process for those students. The process begins with a regular application form for several scholarships. A one-time registration is sufficient for your own scholarship. The machine itself proposes plans for the pupil taking under account the eligibility criteria fixed by the board.

The portal is transparent, eliminated copying and releases scholarship level right to bank accounts of students through instant advantage transport. An SMS and E-Mail alerts can be sent on completion of each step of the lecture process.

Let's take and examine the process of registering for the student scholarship online.

Step: 1 : - The student has to first visit to the National Scholarship portal

Step: 2 : - The student must first register himself during the Student registration Page about the National Scholarship portal site.

Step: 3 -- Registration Sort

When the student logs in, he or she would be directed into a registration form in the area where they'd have to fill in the details with regard to the instructions on the portal site.

Step: 4: - Student applying the scholership could be prompted to submit their ID and date of birth to fill in subsequent details.

Step: 5: - Submission Form

After submission of necessary info is completed, registration is complete by clicking the button.

Step: 6: -After the student receives the Permanent Registration ID, he/she would not have the choice to change the details until the Scholarship application processing is complete.

Renewal Process

To have the ability to process a renewal, the student must apply with their bank account no  and date of birth that has been registered with the portal. Students could also use the option "forgot registration identification" to recover their first ID.

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