FSSAI Registration Process - Documents Required


FSSAI Registration Procedure


FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India that is a company that monitors and modulates the food industry in India.

It's accountable for the licensing and registering of the food industry operators (FBO) in India and it lays out the regulation and rules for conducting the food industry in India.


What's FSSAI Registration Required?


Every food business proprietor involved with the production, processing, storage supply and sale of all food items should compulsorily obtain FSSAIRegistration or License. FSSAIRegistration differs from FSSAILicense from the sense that determined by the dimensions and character of the company, FBO should get the essential registration or permit.


It's a 14digit enrollment or a permit number that is published on all of the food packages. This registration process is aimed to make more liability on the FBO to keep the essence of the food goods.


FSSAI registration or permit is based on the company volume and assumptions. Determined by the installed capability or turnover or place, applicant assumptions are qualified for the permit for example central permit, state permit, registration, railroad etc..


FSSAI Registration is a simple license and it's necessary for all of the FBO involved with the small food enterprise. This class covers the next company.


Petty merchant dealing in food items.


Any person who produces or sells any food post by himself.


Food sale is achieved by the temporary stall holder.


Any person who distributes meals in almost any spiritual or social gathering except a caterer.


Process for Getting FSSAI Registration.


FSSAI enrollment is initiated by submitting Form A (program ) to meals and security section.


This program could be accepted or it might be refused by the Department within seven days from the application date and the truth needs to be intimated to the applicant in writing.


In case the program is approved, then the department will give a registration certificate together with the registration number along with the photograph of the candidate.


FBO must prominently display the certificate of registration in the place of business during the company hours.

Procedure to FSSAI | Food License
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Proof of ownership of assumptions (eg. Rental Arrangement ).


For many other FBO aside from small scale organization, FSSAIlicense needs to be accessed. FSSAILicense can be categorized into two classes i.e. Condition FSSAI License and Central FSSAILicense dependent on the magnitude of their company whether it's a moderate scale or large scale enterprise.


Normally, FBO that are big producers, importers, exporters working in large scale food industry have to attain FSSAIregistration from central authorities and FBO with little to moderate sized production components, transporters, marketers, dealers, etc., need to accept FSSAIregistration in the state authorities.


Form B completed and signed.


The strategy of this processing unit showing the measurements and operation-wise region allocation.


Name and listing of equipment and machines used with the amount and set up capacity.


List of food class to be produced.


Authority letter from producer chosen a responsible person address and name.


Analysis report of water to be utilised in the procedure to validate the portability.


Remember strategy wherever applicable.


NOC and replicate of Permit from producer.


Food security management system program or certification.


Declaration form.


Form B completed and signed.


Strategy of this processing unit showing the measurements and operation-wise region allocation.


Name and listing of equipment and machines used with the amount and set up capacity.


List of food class to be produced.


Authority letter from producer nominated a responsible individual address and name.


NOC and replicate of Permit from producer.


Food security management system program or certification.


Any registered or accredited individual below the FSSAIhas to stick to the principles and law under the FSS Act, 2006. Food security officer normally conducts the review of the food business operator's facility and explains the amount of compliance with the law utilizing a checklist. Depending on the compliance level, the food security officer summarizes it .


Based on the above mentioned, the food security officer could issue an improvement notice where required each Sec 32 of their FSS Act, 2006.


The decision thereon could be contested through attractive to Food safety appellate tribunal/high court.


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