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EPR Authorization for Equipment having Electrical and Electronic Components

EPR for Equipment having ElectricalEPR Authorization is mandatory for Equipment having Electrical and Electronic Components

Category: EPR Authorization

Product Code: LIW2

This category covers various lab equipment that uses electricity to operate. All these devices used in a laboratory are considered e-waste at the end of their life when their intended use is over. These electrical and electronic lab machines need to be disposed of in an environmentally safe and sound manner. The producers, manufacturers and importers need to get EPR Authorisation for equipment having electrical and electronic components before they can sell these products in the market. EPR Registration is performed through the online portal of the Central Pollution Control Board and it implies a duty to the producer to follow the EPR compliance for e-waste. The compliances make it mandatory for producers to recycle, refurbish and dispose of e-waste caused by their business and contribute to a circular economy.

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